It's only a dream, right?
Cymbals are crashing. Recording equipment tumbles.

You weren't expecting that!

You open your eyes, expecting something...something other than what you see. Where are you? You don't recognize your surroundings. This is not your bedroom! This certainly isn't your house!

Sleepily, you rub your eyes again and think, "Surely, it must have been a bad dream!" You open your eyes. No changes. You still don't know where you are. You rub your eyes again and your surroundings start to come into focus.

Wait a minute! As you look at your surroundings closely, you see someone vaguely familiar. You're shocked and think your eyes must be playing tricks on you. Surely it can't be... ELVIS PRESLEY! You squint your eyes to get a better look. It is Elvis and you've just crashed your way into Sun Records! Standing beside Elvis you see Jerry Garcia, Freddie Mercury, and Peter Green.

The men begin to approach you. You vigorously rub your eyes because this simply can't be real! At least, you don't believe it's real until Elvis addresses you:

"Hey there, Cool Cat! We've been looking for you and need to make sure we've got the right person. To make sure, let us know your email address. Don't worry, Cool Cat, your email address is safe with us! Once we know we've got the right person, we'll explain everything."
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