Indian Feminism Project
Dear Feminist,

Wouldn't it be great to have a free, easily accessible, yet rigorous online resource which documents the progress that women have made in driving social change in India? Somewhere to get a quick insightful read about everything from women's efforts to demand reproductive health care to their role in shaping identity politics ?

It was just such a thought which inspired the search for a follow up to Radha Kumar’s wonderful book ‘The History of Doing: An Illustrated Account of Movements for Women's Rights’. There was a realisation that not only was there a gap in popular public resources but also in scholarly work when it came to a comprehensive documentation of the history of women's movements. The best response seemed to be an online resource built on contributions, open to suggestions and edits to both content and structure on a continuous basis and for all inputs to be acknowledged.

We are writing to invite you to be part of such a resource. Because this project concerns all of us in order to ensure that our work is understood not just by other feminists but those who aren't yet committed to the cause of gender justice.

The webpages are to be hosted on the Zubaan website and will be cross linked to each other where needed. We are looking for contributions to individual articles along these themes. The word limit is about 500 words but flexible. We would also greatly welcome any photographs. Volunteers to check sections would be very very appreciated. Attached to this email is the list of themes we are considering and they are in the order we would like to receive contributions in to keep things manageable.

Suggestions for topics missed out or comments would be most helpful. We also attach below the link to the google form which solicits contributions for the theme of the month. This can also be found by navigating on the Zubaan website. Please do forward/share/disseminate this request.
We look forward to your support.

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