Transportation Request Form
All students who will be riding JLAS buses will need to be registered and assigned a stop and a seat on the bus. Masks are required to be worn on buses. Hands should be sanitized upon loading and unloading.


~ Students will be allowed ONE pickup and ONE drop-off address - either at home or at a caregiver located within the Johannesburg-Lewiston Area Schools district on a regularly scheduled bus. Batch pick up and drops will occur as they have in the past.

In the case of shared custody, arrangements may be made for additional stops if the locations are
within the district boundaries with approval from the transportation office and on a regular schedule.

~ A responsible party must be at home when a child in K-1st grade is dropped off after school. This person must be visible to the bus driver.

~Students will not be allowed to ride buses that they are not assigned to for any reason.

~All students will have an assigned seat, set by the transportation department. This will allow staff to set seats based on drop off and pick, limiting the number of people students are in contact with. Students will be required to sit in their assigned seats. This will also allow the district to quickly identify students within a certain area if needed.

~Students who pick up the bus to Johannesburg from the Lewiston School will not be allowed inside the school to wait for the bus in the morning due to health and safety measures.

~Parents are encouraged to be present with their child waiting at bus stops.

~Bus times will be slightly different due to health and safety measures at school. Drivers will contact parents with approximate pick up and drop off times.
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