Personal Plot Submission
Please fill out the following information and be informative and succinct. If there are backstories or plots you are referencing to, please give as much specific detail as possible.

We can only run materials from back stories of DR OR players, and, we can only run plots and stories that originated from the Oregon chapter.

Try to put together your story after reading the Dystopia Rising world materials, considering how you would want the story to feel, and consider what people you want involved in this story. The fact of the matter is that for every player who is added to a localized plot, the more details and experiences you have that you can share with one another. If it is a story for one or two people, we can only assign resources and time equal to the number of people involved. If it is for your entire gang, we can really invest in it.

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What month would you like this module to happen? Remember you need to give us at least 2 weeks.
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What times are good for the plot? *
We will work your plot into one of the shifts you choose, if able. The more room you give us for scheduling, the more likely we can run your story. DON'T choose when you have signed up for NPC shift.
Please list the names of all PC players/characters that you are looking to involve in this story.
Contact those people you want involved before hand. Try to involve at least 20 people in the story. If it involves less, we will work to involve more players in the story to share the experience.
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Does this story tie into a submitted character back story? If so, who?
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Has the NPCS involved in this story ever entered play before?
Please give as much information as possible in bullet points if this story has come into play before.
If possible please name the people who portrayed NPCs, what team members involved, and the over all information in bullet points.
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What is the focus genre of this module? *
What emotional themes are you looking to touch on? *
EX: discovery of the unknown, conflict from the past, deadly direct combat, tense cloak and dagger combat, emotional catharsis, closure of an open relation, building of an enemy, etc...
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Give us the general guideline of what you are looking for. *
Feel free to give us bullet points on how you would like the story to ramp up, who you would like involved, how you would like the confrontation or climax to occur, and suggestions on how you might want the story to end.
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Would you like to opt into any of the following:
What physical location on the camp site do you want this plot to start at? We will set a plot delivery window with you, but we need to know where you will be.
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I understand that the staff will work hard to make this story come to life, but, depending on the timing, demand, and specifics of the story I acknowledge that my submitted story might not happen... and I am OK with that. *
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