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We're collecting images of jerseys! They'll be displayed on and sortable by team, year, etc. :)

You can post a photo of a jersey that belongs to a team you've played for, or a jersey that you traded to get! You can also submit this form multiple times to add more jerseys.

Show us your jerseys!! We'll put them up on

(Cover image by Joni <3 )
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Show us the jersey! We need at least 2 photos (one of the front, one of the back) in order to put it into the gallery.
You will need to upload your images somewhere and include links below. I recommend using which is free and does not require a login. You can also use dropbox, google drive, etc.; as long as it's somewhere I can click the link and download it, I'm good with that!

By putting a photo link in here, you confirm that
1) you have the right to share this image with us, and
2) we have permission to share this image publicly on our website.

A good jersey photo is clear and well-lit. You can wear the jersey or set it on the ground/a table. We're not going to photoshop anything, so if you don't want your face or background to be visible please crop or blur the image yourself.

If you would like us to credit your photos to you, please enter your name at the end. This is optional.
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What year is this jersey from? (Your best guess if you can't remember) *
Was this jersey made for a particular tournament?
Who designed this jersey? (If you know)
Who manufactured this jersey? (Owayo, Vimost, etc.)
Is there anything else you want to say about this jersey?
What is your name? (We need this to credit your photos to you, but it is optional)
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