Summer Free Speech Advocacy Institute Financial Aid Application
For students who anticipate difficulty paying the full cost of the program ($1000), this form is available to request need-based financial assistance from PEN America to cover partial or full tuition.

We do not require you to present any documentation as evidence of need, however we ask students and their families to complete this form on the honor system so that we can accommodate as many scholarship needs as possible. PEN America strives to uphold firm principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and your honesty helps us maintain the accessibility of the program. If you have any specific questions, please send them to

Applications are due by July 2, 2020. Admission decisions and financial awards will be announced beginning on June 29, and tuition will be due in full by July 6.
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PEN America gives need-based aid ranging from $250-$1000 to be put towards the total cost of attendance ($1000). Please be honest about the amount of aid you need to attend as we have limited scholarship funds and must allocate them to increase accessibility for as many students as possible. How much need-based aid do you need to attend the Institute? Please enter a dollar amount. *
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Thank you for applying to PEN America’s Summer Free Speech Advocacy Institute. When we announce admissions, you will be informed concurrently about financial aid.
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