Craftproducers Vermont Art and Craft Festivals
This is the application for the three Vermont juried shows in Bennington, Manchester, and Stowe. Here are dates and locations.

Southern Vermont Art, Craft, Food Truck, and Music Festival, Camelot Village, Bennington, VT, July 31, August 1 & 2
Manchester Fall Art and Craft Festival, Riley Rink, Manchester, VT, October 2-4
Stowe Foliage Arts Festival, Topnotch Field, Stowe, VT, October 9-11

The Southern Vermont Show is outdoor spaces, with optional 10x10 tent rental.
The Stowe Foliage Show is tented.
The Manchester Show is inside Riley Rink.

If you are inside our tent or Riley Rink power is provided. There is no power available at the Southern Vermont show.
You provide your own tent for outdoor booths at the Stowe and Manchester Festivals, tent rental is optional at the Southern Vermont Festival. You may be able to get power for a tent outside, if it is available; the price is $50.00.

At the Stowe Festival we allow the option of a Perimeter or Center location. A Perimeter is on the outside edge of the tent. A Center is one of the interior aisles. If you request this on the application, we will do our best to honor it. If you require it, you can guarantee it for $50 fee.


The show prices are as follows:

Southern Vermont Art and Craft Festival

10x10 $350
15x10 $400
20x10 $450

10x10 with tent rental and set up $475

Sponsor - starting at $750

There is NO POWER at this show.


Manchester Fall Art and Craft Festival / Stowe Foliage Arts Festival

10X10 Booth - $645.00
15X10 Booth - $875.00
20x10 Booth - $1025.00
10X10 Specialty Food or Personal Care Product Booth- $475.00
15X10 Specialty Food or Personal Care Product Booth- $625.00
20X10 Specialty Food or Personal Care Product Booth- $775.00
15X10 Outdoor Booth: $575.00
Corner- $100

Sponsor - starting at $750


$150 deposit is required with your application. This payment can be made by check, or submit payment through PayPal:

For information about the shows, please read our complete Facts and Procedures: or find links to our Festival Notes:

If you have any questions, please email or call us 802.316.5019.
We look forward to seeing you at our shows.

Please read our complete Facts and Procedures:

Need a paper application? Download the 2019 Festival Application PDF:
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