COCA Stigma Reduction Campaign I Testimonials
This form is for any Berks County, PA resident who would like to be a part of the upcoming campaign testimonials.

Should you have any questions, contact Jennifer Kirlin at 610-685-4475 or
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When you or a loved one were actively using drugs, what was the drug (or drugs) of choice? *
When you or a loved one were actively using drugs, how long were you/they using? *
How long have you/a loved one been sober or in recovery?
What led you/a loved one to get help for substance use disorder? *
Did you ever feel or experience judgement due to you or your loved one’s substance use? If yes, please explain. *
How did the stigma surrounding addiction affect you? *
Have you or a loved one experienced relapse? If so, how did the stigma impact you at that time? *
Was the drug NARCAN® ever administered to you or a family member? If so, please describe the situation.
Do you feel a negative perception exists surrounding the use and/or administration of NARCAN®? *
Since recovery, how has your life changed for the better? *
What advice would you give to a person struggling with substance use disorder, afraid to ask for help? *
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