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Hey love, this is your chance to share your intentions in mentoring with me in Quantum Ascension Mastery - to support you in amplifying your impact, deepening your legacy work, and expanding your capacity to receive success, love, support and miracles into your life.

Doors to Quantum Ascension Mastery are open, so please share your interest in joining this intimate one-on-one experience and to receive more information on this mentorship.

As spaces are limited for one-on-one mentorship, those aligned will be contacted with more details on an initial consultation call.

With love,
Phoenix Amara
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What tugged at your soul in seeing this opportunity to create magic with me....? What exactly did you feel in your body + soul in coming across Quantum Ascension? *
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This private mentorship is a high-level investment into your energy mastery. Are you ready to commit to the investment of $5,000 USD (or 4x monthly installments of $1500USD) for this VIP support and mentorship?
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