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Tues., Jan 7, 9:30-11.30 AM: Community Doula Program
Tues., Jan 14, 9:30-11.30 AM: Qigong for Healthy Aging
Tuesday, Jan 21, 9:30-11.30 AM: Stressed Out? What Is Happening with Your Body and What Can You Do about It
Wed., Jan 22, 1:30-3.30 PM: Buddhism…Modern…
Tuesday, Jan 28, 9:30-11.30 AM: OSU Research Forests:
Tuesday, Feb 4, 9:30-11.30 AM: Safe Camp at UCC
Wednesday, Feb 19, 1:30-3.30 PM: The Social Ecology of Wisdom
Tuesday, Feb 25, 9:30-11.30 AM: Narrative Crossroads: Climate Justice at Intersections of Power & Imagination
Tuesday, Mar 3, 9:30-11.30 AM: The Founders Confront Executive Power (and Impeachment Too)
Tuesday, Mar 10, 9:30-11.30 AM: The Leatherman Story
World Cultures: Indigenous Cultures
Registration for the World Cultures Dinner is done by using the Pay Dues and Event Fees button on the ALL homepage.
Tuesday, Jan 7, 1:30-3.30 PM: The Power and Influence of Indigenous Peoples
Wednesday, Jan 8, 1:30-3.30 PM: Environmental Issues Facing Indigenous Peoples
Tuesday, Jan 14, 1:30-3.30 PM: Engaging with Iran in the Era of Trump
Wednesday, Jan 15, 1:30-3.30 PM: Understanding Indigeneity Through Music-Dance
Tuesday, Jan 28, 1:30-3.30 PM: The Culture & History of Cambodia
Tuesday, Feb 4, 1:30-3.30 PM: Traditional Ecological Knowledge
Tuesday, Feb 11, 1:30-3.30 PM: Native American Flute
Thursday, Feb 20, 1:30-3.30 PM: Indigenous in Africa: Struggles for Human Rights, Identity, and Power
Tuesday, Feb 25, 1:30-3.30 PM: Autochthonous North Africa: From the Berbers to the Tuaregs
Tuesday, Mar 3, 1:30-3.30 PM: Asserting Tribal Sovereignty through Tribal Resilience Efforts
The March 11 class, Learning Robotics through Origami, is limited to 25 attendees and has a fee. If you register online for this class, the registration will not be complete until you pay the fee using the Pay Dues and Event Fees button on the ALL homepage. If the limit has not been reached, your payment and registration will be accepted and will also be acknowledged by email. If the limit has been reached, your payment and registration will not be accepted. A wait list will be maintained. If you wish to be on it, you must contact the ALL Program Coordinator either by email or telephone voice-mail.
Wednesday, Jan 8, 9:30-11.30 AM: How a Dare Initiated the Corvallis Mural Project
Wednesday, Jan 22, 9:30-11.30 AM: You Wrote More Than 300 Kids Nonfiction Books?
Wed., Jan 29, 9:30-11.30 AM: Driftwood Woodworking
Wednesday, Feb 5, 9:30-11.30 AM: Varieties of Judaism: Movements and Pluralism Through History and Today
Wednesday, Feb 19, 9:30-11.30 AM: Fostering Creative Community: The Art Center
Wednesday, Feb 26, 9:30-11.30 AM: Benton County Benefits from the Oregon Cultural Trust
Wednesday, Mar 4, 9:30-11.30 AM: Celebrating Beethoven at 250: An Exemplar of Humanity
Wednesday, Mar 11, 9:30-11.30 AM: Learning Robotics through Origami $ [Class Limited, payment required to register.]
Thursday, Jan 9, 9:30-11.30 AM: Forecast for Oregon State Legislative 2020 Session
Thursday, Jan 16, 9:30-11.30 AM: Power in the Telling: Grand Ronde, Warm Springs, and Intertribal Relations in the Casino Era
Thursday, Jan 23, 9:30-11.30 AM: Utopia
Wednesday, Jan 29, 1:30-3.30 PM: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Trump Administration
Thursday, Feb 13, 9:30-11.30 AM: Population Change, Policy, and Poverty in the 21st Century
Thursday, Feb 20, 9:30-11.30 AM: Ishi: A Century Later—Part 1
Thursday, Feb 27, 9:30-11.30 AM: Ishi: A Century Later—Part 2
Thursday, Mar 5, 9:30-11.30 AM: President Woodrow Wilson: War and Peace
Wednesday, Mar 11, 1:30-3.30 PM: Where Did the Real Republicans Go?
Thursday, Jan 9, 1:30-3.30 PM: SOIL: What It Is and How it Works
Thursday, Jan 16, 1:30-3.30 PM: The Ocean Soundscape: Quantifying Sound Sources in the Global Ocean
Thurs., Jan 23, 1:30-3.30 PM: First People to Settle in America
Thursday, Jan 30, 1:30-3.30 PM: Gene editing in agriculture and forestry: Why the fuss?
Thursday, Feb 6, 1:30-3.30 PM: Last Child In the Sagebrush?
Thursday, Feb 13, 1:30-3.30 PM: In Sickness and in Health: Studying Coral Symbiosis in the Age of Climate Crisis
Thursday, Feb 27, 1:30-3.30 PM: Effective Climate and Energy Policy: Physical and Social Science Perspectives
Thursday, Mar 5, 1:30-3.30 PM: Marine Iguanas of the Galapagos
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