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Want to help new chemistry majors to successfully integrate into the program, while developing your leadership skills? Sign up to be a mentor in the new Chemistry Mentorship Program! You are encouraged to be detailed in your responses, as this is a deciding factor in the mentor-mentee pairing process.

Requirements: You must have completed at least one year in UBC Chemistry. While having diverse academic background is an asset (Co-op. research, etc.), we are aiming to represent the diversity of the student body at UBC Chemistry and encouraging you to tell us more about your extracurricular activities, such as sports, volunteering and student clubs. Keep in mind that this program requires commitment and you will be asked to attend mandatory mentor training, as well as mentor meetings throughout the year to ensure that you are fully equipped to be the best mentor for your mentee.

Please note: The number of mentees you will be assigned would depend on the total number of mentors and mentees, and you might be asked to take more that one mentee (probably between 2 and 5 students per mentor).

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