2020-2021 MURPHY MS ORCHESTRA PARENT'S SIGNATURE PAGE (Keep in mind the Covid-19 makes a big portion of this fluid. I will update when I know more information)

Release of Liability for Student Participation in
School-Sponsored Trip(s)

Murphy Middle School
2020-2021 Activities
Grades 6,7,8

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I agree that the electronic digitized signatures I apply on this document are representations of my signature and are legally valid and binding as if I had signed the document with ink on paper in accordance with the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-SIGN) of 2000.
I understand and consent to the responsibilities outlined in the Distict's Student Code of Conduct. I also understand and agree that my child shall be held accountable for the behavior and consequences outlined in the Student Code of Conduct at school, and at school-sponsored or school-related activities. Students involved in extracurricular activity are held to a higher standard of conduct. PISD views participation in extracurricular activities as a privilege not a right. I understand that any student who violates the Student Code of Conduct shall be subject to disciplinary action. This includes any misconduct, regardless of time or location that would reflect negatively upon representing Plano ISD in the Murphy MS Orchestra Program.
Travel Release
I desire that I, my son/daughter will be allowed to participate in the activities and travel with the Murphy MS Orchestra to and from the activities listed on the Murphy MS 2020-2021 Orchestra Calendar.

I fully understand that transportation to and from the events attended by the group listed could create risk to my health or safety. I, the undersigned, assume full and complete responsibility for any injury or accident that may occur to me while traveling to or from the activities in transportation provided by the District. In consideration of Plano Independent School District allowing me to participate in the activities of the above-referenced group and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is acknowledged, I hereby release and waive all claims that I may have against the Plano Independent School District, its Board of Trustees, employees, agents, and representatives resulting, in whole or part, from me traveling to and from the events attended by the group listed above while traveling in transportation provided by the District. The release and waiver will be binding on my heirs, legatees, administrators, and assigns.
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Concert Attendance
Concerts are the pinnacle of much hard work for all parents, teachers, and students involved.If parents or students are unable to attend a concert event, all attempts should be made to give notice 2 weeks prior to the event. Students should NEVER get dropped off and left at a concert! *
Parent Volunteer
Please contact me to help with an event presented by the MMS Orchestra. I will help if I can.
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