Papusa Tango Cita💞Welcome!
01.10.2021-03.10.2021 Registration open 🦋
Faustin-Mennel-Straße 1, 88450 Berkheim (Kloster Bonlanden)
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The monastery has about 100 beds. We try to accommodate as many as possible there (subject to availability). Please understand, if it doesn't work, we'll help where we can. All room bookings exclusively through us. Please select an option (all prices per person): *
Couples have to register separately adding the partner´s name. When registering in couples both have to complete the payment to have the final confirmation. Any changes have to be accepted by the organiser. The marathon price 150 € p/p includes 5 milongas, 2 x brunch and 2 x dinner, snacks, cakes, water, coffee and tee (all other drinks must be paid separately). Accommodation has to be paid additionaly. Nice to see you soon!
Que bien estar aqui con vosotros!!!!!!💞
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