Eckerd College Summer Science Splash Student Statement
Your registration for Summer Science Splash Camp at Eckerd College will not be complete until we receive a Student Statement from you. The Student Statement is a requirement to participate and must be submitted within two weeks of receipt of your registration or your registration may be cancelled.

In order to prepare teams for the camp, we want to know a little bit more about you. In a short paragraph (no more than 8 sentences), describe a school project you worked on that you are proud of. You can talk about a project in any subject (sciences, history, literature, mathematics, music, art). Questions you might want to answer: What was the project? Why are you proud of it? What did you like about your work on the project? Was it an individual or group project? What was hard about the project? What was easy about it?

When you have completed your statement, CLICK at the bottom to submit.

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