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Are you interested in training an open-source reference model on a Cloud TPU Pod? *
These tutorials feature some of our most popular reference models: Additional reference models are available in multiple subdirectories here:
If your ML model is not similar to one of the reference models linked above but is close to other published work, please provide relevant arXiv links here:
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Is the ML model you would like to train on Cloud TPU Pods currently training on individual Cloud TPUs? *
Since you can run the same code on individual Cloud TPUs and on slices of Cloud TPU Pods, developing and debugging your model on individual Cloud TPUs is the best way to prepare to scale up on Cloud TPU Pods.
Have you profiled your model on a single Cloud TPU device? *
Cloud TPUs come with in-depth profiling tools that you can use to understand and optimize your model's performance before scaling up with Cloud TPU Pods. Further details available here:
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