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Luxus Chocolate
Address: Latvia, Riga, Balta street 1B (head office)
Office Hours: 9:00 - 18:00 Monday to Friday (UTC+2 or UTC+3 during DST)
Phone: +371 29277364
Answers to this survey are constructed on a scale from 1 to 5 where 1 is generally something disappointing and 5 is something very positive
The prices are acceptable *
No, your products are expensive :(
Yes, they are in line with the market :)
I understand what products you produce *
No, I'm still confused :(
Yes, website made it crystal clear :)
Production and delivery time is acceptable *
No, too long :(
Yes, totally adequate :)
Our product line covers my current needs (you do have a product that I'm interested in) *
No, you don't have what I need :(
Yes, you do have what I need :)
It is problematic for me to pay by bank remittance *
Yes, that's inconvenient :(
No, no problems :)
It is problematic for me to pay on "100% advance payment" basis *
Yes, that's inconvenient :(
No, no problems :) website is easy to navigate *
No, I find it difficult :(
Yes, very easy :)
I'm fine with that fact you are not in my home country and that it implies shipping expenses *
No, this is an obstacle for me to place an order :(
Yes, as long as you can make and deliver what I need :)
I have nothing against Belgian chocolate (the one that we use in production) *
No, it does not meet my criteria :(
Yes, that's respected quality chocolate :)
I understand what is a set-up cost and acknowledge it's common in businesses where products are custom made *
No, that's something new to me, I don't like it :(
Yes, I understand its necessity :)
I don't want or don't have time to get into technical details of artwork files and their formats *
Yes, I don't have the files to send :(
No, I have the files which I can send without a problem :)
I understand your products may contain dairy products (milk), gluten and nuts and this is not a problem *
Yes, it is a problem :(
No, it's not a problem :)
How likely is it that you would recommend Luxus Chocolate to a friend or colleague? *
Not at all likely
Extremely likely
(optional) I am from this country
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(optional) I don't order anything from you because (in case if you actually don't):
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(optional) Any other comments which have not been addressed by above questions. Write anything you wish
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