Bike Racks for Destinations in Town Centers
The Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition (LTBC) and Tahoe Fund are teaming up once again to purchase bike racks for businesses, public agencies, schools, and other destinations within 1/2 mile of designated Town Centers. Recipients will receive FREE or LOW-COST bike racks! The project is designed as a partnership where the cost of purchasing a bike rack is offset by the funding from LTBC and Tahoe Fund. LTBC and Tahoe Fund will be responsible for all ordering, shipping & handling, and professional installation. Before you get started with the survey, please check out for more information on eligibility and this year's program.
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Screening Questions
Why do you feel your organization/location should receive a bike rack(s)? Justification may be demonstrated by explaining benefits to multiple businesses/destinations/etc., surrounding community, identifying nearby bicycle-related attractions, photos, support letters, etc. *
Is your organization a member of the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition? *
We may not have enough racks for everyone so we are asking potential recipients to indicate if they can provide match funding. Match funding is not required but applications with match funding will be ranked higher. Are you willing to contribute funding toward the cost of your bike rack(s)? As an added benefit, applicants providing match funding will become members of the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition (a $100 value). *
If yes, how much can you contribute? (skip if answered "no" above)
Clear selection
Do you have legal access to the site where the rack(s) will be installed? *
If no, please explain how you will demonstrate legal access to the installation site?
How many bike racks are you requesting? Each "rack" has space for 2 bicycles. Note: we may not be able to provide the number of racks you're requesting. *
What type of bike rack(s) are you requesting? Specs, space required, and information on each type of rack can be found here: *
Can you or someone at your organization be available the week of September 14-18, 2020 to oversee professional installation of your rack(s)? *
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