Proof Twitter Bounties Registration Form
Twitter - 7000 PRFT

Welcome to the Proof Twitter Bounties Account Registration Form. Here you can register for the Proof bounties program. There are some pre-requisites for each post and account listed below so please read these carefully before submitting:


Follow us on Twitter
Must have at least 500 followers
BitcoinTalk can be of any rank
Your Twitter accounts must have at least 90% real followers
You must make 5 tweets about Proof using the hashtag #Proofsuite within the week period. Only 1 per day will count.
Tweets must be in English.
For each Weekly cycle, tweets must occur by Saturday 3:00 UTC.


1 Stake for 1 Tweet account
1 Stake for 1 Retweet of official Proof Account


For 1000+ followers: 1 Stake extra per tweet or retweet

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