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Thank you for your interest in renting space for your audition at BAX! Our pricing is based on a number of details, so please give us some more information to help assess a rate and appropriateness for our space.
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We have polished wood floors and protect them getting scuffed or marked in any way. Therefore, we only allow thin-soled ballet and jazz slippers in our studios as an alternative to bare feet. With this limitation, is our space still appropriate for your work? *
What types of activities will the audition entail? Please be as specific as you can. Links to your work are welcome. *
Does your work require any particular amount of space? Mirrors? Other props? Please explain.
Does the work involve live music of any kind? If yes, how many and what type of instruments? (Please note that due to the nature of our space we are unable to accommodate some types/volumes of live music) *
Will you be serving snacks or refreshments of any kind?
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Will all attendees enter and leave the space at the same time, or will people be waiting in the hallway to enter or take their turn?
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