2019/05/27 Scouting PUGs Application (Players, NA)
Minimum Requirements: 4.3k SEASON 16 PEAK SR + experience in at least one of the 2019 OD PLAYOFFS or higher*

*Meeting these requirements does NOT qualify you for the PUGs, participants will be hand-picked, requirements might rise depending on the amount of sign-ups

Email address *
These PUGs will take place on 27 May, 2019, at 7pm EST, 4pm PST. *
If you sign up for these PUGs, get accepted and cannot show up, please give us 48 hours notice if you are unable to attend the event. If you do not give us notice of your absence within this window, your ability to participate in the next session of Scouting PUGs may be severely limited *
Discord ID *
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Main Account Battletag *
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Role *
Current SR *
Please enter the current SR of your highest account on which you play the just selected role
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Season 16 Peak SR *
Please enter your peak SR for Season 16 of your highest account on which you play the just selected role
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Career High SR *
Please enter the highest SR ever achieved on any of your accounts
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SR-Proof *
Please upload screenshots of your career profile for both your career high and Season 16 current and peak SR to a third-party website of your choice and link them here. For the current SR, please make sure to EXPAND THE DROPDOWN MENU and scroll down to where it states your last played season before the current one.
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Highest Tier of Competitive Play over the past 6 months *
Please check the option that states the highest Tier of play you've taken part in over the past 6 months.
Teams and Results - Past 6 Months *
Please list all the teams from one of the aforementioned Tiers that you played in over the past 6 months as well as the results, eg: Team Elo Hell - Top 16 OD 2/19 NA, Team Esports - Contenders Trials 1/19 NA
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Team Proof *
If you play on a team at the moment, please provide a screenshot, person of contact or link proving that you are currently part of this team. If you are not on the team anymore but have been until recently, please provide proof for that instead.
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Resume *
Please either link or write down a resume that will be passed on to Scouts upon their request. There is no requirement in minimum length, be as thorough or brief as you wish to be.
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