Kanaeokana Project Idea
Aloha mai,

Kanaeokana's most successful efforts have been projects that meʻe like you throughout Kanaeokana have decided to work on together. It's awesome that you (and your hui/kula) have a project idea you're thinking of putting out a kāhea for across Kanaeokana!

This is not a form to seek "approval." It's meant to help you flesh out your project idea and to share it with others in Kanaeokana, especially those who may want to jump on board. It's intended to help you garner the kōkua needed to make your idea happen in collaboration with others across Kanaeokana.

Please keep these purposes in mind as you answer the questions.
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1) Your Kanaeokana kula or organization *
2) Your name *
3) Mailing Address *
4) Phone *
5) Your role in your organization *
6) WHAT: What sort of project are you envisioning? (Select all that apply) *
7) WHO: Who would you see as the primary participants or learners that this effort aims to connect with, support, engage, teach, etc.? (Even if you hope to reach diverse participants, please pick the highest priority participants you hope to engage.) *
8) WHAT: What is the envisioned project goal? What do you hope to achieve with the targeted participants or learners? What would success look like? *
9) WHY: Why is this effort needed or desired? What does it fulfill or address? *
10) HOW: How would you describe, at a high level, the work plan for your project? *
11) HOW: How would you describe the roles of others joining your potential project team? How would you and/or your organization play a role in the effort? *
12) WHAT: What resources (human, in-kind, monetary) would be needed to fulfill the vision for this project? What resources are you and/or your organization contributing? What resources are you hoping others might contribute? What resources would you hope Kealaiwikuamo'o might provide? *
13) WHEN: If a project team were to come together around this effort, what would be the general timeline of the work (start, end, times of intensity, average anticipated time commitment, etc.).
14) WHO: Is any other hui engaged in similar work that you hope to partner with or seek the support of before going forward? If so, who do you have in mind? And have you already established a working relationship with them for this potential project?
15) Is there anything else that you'd like folks to know about as they consider whether they would want to get involved in a hui papahana for this effort?
16) If you'd like to share your idea via a video clip, please include a link to it here.
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