Kanaeokana Project Idea
Aloha mai,

Kanaeokana's most successful efforts have been projects that meʻe like you throughout Kanaeokana have decided to work on together. It's awesome that you (and your hui/kula) have a project idea you're thinking of putting out a kāhea for across Kanaeokana!

This is meant to be a quick, easy set of questions. Your brief responses are appreciated. This is also NOT a form to seek "approval." It's intended to help you garner the kōkua needed to make your idea happen in collaboration with others across Kanaeokana.

Please keep these purposes in mind as you answer the questions.  
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Email *
1) Your Kanaeokana kula or organization *
2) Your name *
3) Mailing Address *
4) Phone *
5) Your role in your organization *
Name or Working Title of Project *
Brief summary of the project *
Please include a very short summary or overview of your project idea.
6) WHAT:  What sort of project are you envisioning? (choose the best fit) *
7) WHO:  Who would you see as the primary participants or learners that this effort aims to connect with, support, engage, teach, etc.?  (Even if you hope to reach diverse participants, please pick the highest priority participants you hope to engage.) *
8) WHAT:  What is the envisioned project goal? What do you hope to achieve with the targeted participants or learners? What would success look like? *
9)  WHAT:  What type of resources would be needed for your project? And where do you anticipate needing some kōkua? *
If this isn't available from others, the project couldn't happen, and I and my hui/kula would have a really hard time acquiring this
If this isn't available from others, I and my hui/kula could hustle to acquire this
The project would benefit from this, but it's not absolutely needed
I and my hui/kula could provide some of this, but we still could use some help with this.
I and my hui/kula have this part covered. OR This isn't needed for the project.
Facilitation, organization, coordination
'Ike Hawai'i expertise, kōkua
'Ōlelo Hawai'i expertise, kōkua
Technical support related to media
Publicity, awareness building
Access and use of physical space(s)
Data management, analysis, reporting
Extra hands for general labor
10) If you selected funding as one of the kinds of resources you are hoping to receive, about how much were you imagining would be needed?
11) If you'd like to share your idea via a video clip, please include a link to it here. (Optional)
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