SONC State-Level Award Nomination Form
Thank you for taking the time to nominate someone in your program for a state-level award. All nominations will be reviewed by the local program coordinator as part of the awards process and then final selections will be made by a volunteer committee.

Awards Categories are as follows:
Athlete of the Year Award: An athlete who has demonstrated the true spirit, courage, sharing, and joy of Special Olympics. The Special Olympics athlete must have attended at least one competition during the year. Please note that we are now considering all athletes who have been selected as an athlete of the month as well as the nominations submitted.

Family of the Year: Family member(s) – including parents, group home parents, brothers, sisters, etc., of current athlete(s) who demonstrated unique and outstanding support of Special Olympics athlete(s).

Coach of the Year: A coach who best demonstrates the high degree of technical skill, sportsmanship, and personal commitment needed to motivate and train Special Olympics athletes.

Coordinator of the Year: A local program coordinator who best demonstrates exceptional leadership in the running of the Special Olympics program in their county.

Volunteer of the Year: A volunteer who has exhibited the best example of voluntary action to improve the quality of Special Olympics at any level. The volunteer should have provided a full year of service.

Business/Organization of the Year: A corporation or organization (school, non-profit, civic group) which has helped to improve the quality of SONC through contributions made (financial, services, or volunteer time).

You can also send supporting letters, photos, etc. to accompany this nomination to Lindsay Waldron at Thank you for helping SONC recognize the many people who make this program a great experience for the athletes and all involved!
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