Speakers, Activities and Workshop Application | Off Grid Festival 2018
Hello and welcome to Off Grid Festival's application form for speakers and workshops in 2018.

Our audience have really enjoyed the festival contributions and we have so much gratitude to our previous participants over the last few years and want to welcome past and new participants to apply.

Please be aware that Off Grid is a 500 person capacity One Planet Community Festival and is a volunteer led gathering. Off Grid Festival is organised by the Association Of Resilient Living. We welcome participation from everyone involved and would like to invite you to visit our website to understand the values and ethos of the festival:

As such, we are only able to offer a selection of speakers and workshop facilitators tickets with expenses only possible for these in exceptional circumstances.



We will particularly welcome workshops/speakers and activities in the realm of:-

Eco Build and Practical Skills Demos * Permaculture-related Disciplines * New Economics * Systems for Change * Science and Practice of Well Being * Deep Ecology * Renewable and Alt Tech * Low Impact Lifestyles * Electronic build and prepare * Tool repair * Small Holding skills

We are specifically looking for people with skills to share for the following topics:
Blacksmith Using Pit Forge * Shoe making * Nutrition * Parenting skills * Neuroscience, Kindness and Meditation * Parenting Communication Skills * Traditional Craft Skills * Wild-crafting Skills * Foraging * Wild Foods * Husbandry *Woodland Management * Story Telling * Land Rights

Van Conversion Workshops. This year we are also looking for applicants with the following skills to the following workshops to deliver workshops/ demonstrations of components of designing and building a Luton Van conversion. The van will have a permaculture design to follow. All materials provided all locally sourced and some from recycled scrap. Some extra tools will be useful: * Woodburner installation * Sink fitting and plumbing * Kitchen Fitting * Bed building * Cupboard building * Shelf building using a pole lathe * Insulation fitting * Door building and fitting * Veg oil conversion * Used veg oil sieving

Kids & Teen workshops/ activities: we are looking for a variety of workshops/ activities. We would like facilitators that can facilitate kids playground building sessions.
If you have any questions regarding kids/ teen workshops please contact Dan Best danbest@sylvanadventures.org

In accordance with our local resilience strategy we particularly welcome applicants from the South West of England but also welcome applications from Wales, the South East, the North of England, Ireland and abroad.

First round APPLICATION DEADLINE June 14th 2018. Most applications will be responded to within a week.

This year we also require our workshop facilitators to note the number of participants that attend each workshop as well as asking participants to complete a simple workshop satisfaction chart. This information will be recorded to provide evidence of the learning that participants did at the festival and to explore any patterns in the attendance of each session. This will be recorded in the annual report for the 'Association of Resilient Living' and provide evidence that may help the organisation with funding opportunities to deliver future training programs throughout the year. Tracking this participant feedback will also be beneficial for facilitators to learn how they can improve their session.

This year, in your application, we also want to know what you expect from the session and what outcomes the participants gain from your workshop/ talk/ activity. This is to ensure that we chose the sessions that will advance the education of our participants and so we can measure what the participants will learn for our annual report. We also want to find out a bit about you, know what 'makes you tick', why you want to contribute and what you hope to gain.

We look forward to receiving your application and will be in contact to confirm whether your application has been accepted as soon as possible. If we can't accept your application this year it is because we have planned for a different educational or experiential process this year or someone else has applied with a similar workshop/ talk/ activity/ demonstration.

For full event details including information on every venue, please visit:

Thank you for your interest. We'll be in touch as soon as we can.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch via admin@offgrid-festival.co.uk if you have any further questions.
*Note if you are using a phone: On the rare occasion that you have difficulties with completing this form using a phone you should find no problem if you switch to a laptop or PC device.

Contact Info
Please give us your basic contact details. We will never sell your data and we promise to keep your details safe and secure. We'll hold your personal information for as long as necessary for the relevant activity, but you can request to remove it at any time. We may use some of the data anonymously to write our annual report about what happened at the festival to keep with our ethos of transparency and to celebrate our collective work. You can change your mind at any time by emailing admin@offgrid-festival.co.uk . “We” includes the social enterprise the 'Association of Resilient Living' and its strategic networks. We will use this data to shape the future of the 'Association of Resilient Living' and to improve our membership network and services.

We’d like to keep in touch with you about the work we do to support leadership in the field of 'resilient living', our membership scheme and opportunities to support us, as well as the activities organised by the Association of Resilient Living members in the South West of England and soon into other parts of the UK.

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Please let us know everything we need to know to book your place and allocate tickets effectively.
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Family tickets
Do you require an additional ticket for your partner, and do you intend to bring children or teenagers to Off Grid? If so, how many?
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About you
As well as being built around practical education and awareness Off Grid is about community and resilience. That's why it is important to us to build a relationship with our participants.
Tell us about yourself *
why do you want to do this workshop at Off Grid 2018? What do you get out of teaching/ demonstrating this skill/ speaking about this topic? What do you (hope to) get out of teaching in a festival environment?
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Outcomes for attendees *
Please give a bullet pointed list on what the person attending the workshop/ talk/ activity will learn/ achieve by the end of your session. This can also be personal outcomes like building confidence, inquiry skills or other forms of personal development as well as topic specific learning outcomes and practical skills. These outcomes will be recorded in the Off Grid Festival's annual report for the 'Association of Resilient Living'. It can also provide evidence that may help the organisation with funding opportunities to deliver future training programs throughout the year. Please note that for those workshops that will go in the Resilience College program (formally Off Grid College) and Nourish Tent program (formally Thrive) this list will also be used in workshop description.
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Added learning value for attendees
What will the participants get from your session?
(If applicable) Name of the organisation/s you are representing
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Please include a link to your/ your organisations website if you have one.
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Content description for our website *
Please describe the nature of your talk, activity or workshop. Why would this content be appropriate for Off Grid? Why is this exciting or unique?
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Video for website
Please insert a weblink you have a if video that we could link to your workshop/ talk/ activity that you want us to show on our website. We may not be able to put a video for every accepted applicant.
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Other links
Please include links to videos for the program coordinators may want to view when making decisions about the program or any other relevant information.
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Festival site requirements
Please describe the nature of your talk or workshop.
Tech requirements
*If* you need to show a power point presentation, videos, web pages or other digital media, make sure you tick "Projector screen" box to ensure you are situated in a suitable screening location. We recommend you bring your own equipment (laptop / projector) to ensure software/hardware compatibility and familiarity when you are setting up. Please tick any of the following equipment that you will require.
Will you need a flipchart stand?
Is your workshop likely to be messy? *
Probably some of the art based workshops might be!
Pitch Dimensions & Space Info
DROP IN WORKSHOPS ONLY. Please describe the nature of your space, including dimensions and any requirements for vehicles (strictly limited) to be integrated. If you are an information/ campaign stall we have some spaces inside the barn. Alternatively if you have an outdoor structure/ table we need to know about that too. If you demonstrating using fire or anything hot please describe it.
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Onsite Vehicle Passes
DROP IN WORKSHOPS ONLY. Do you require any onsite delivery passes for Off Grid? Will you be driving a car or a van? Please be aware it is unlikely you will be able to park with your stall/pitch unless absolutely essential to secure heavy/ valuable equipment. If it is essential for you to have your vehicle in the main arena please discuss this with us.
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About you
What other skills or content could you provide which might be relevant?
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Any other information
Is there anything else we should know?
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