CRAG Survey
This survey will allow CRAG - the Central Council Review and Action Group to gather data
about what ringers may want from a future central ringing body, how they think it should
relate to them and how it might be different to the current Central Council.

Background to the survey

The current Central Council is made up of about 225 members, the majority of whom are
elected by their local guilds or associations or else by non-territorial societies such as the
College Youths or Cumberland Youths, University Societies and so on. There are a small
number of additional of life members who are elected by Central Council members
themselves. The officers of the Council are elected from within the Council membership as
are the members of the Council’s Committees which “do the work” of the Council. It is
possible for experts to be appointed as advisory consultants to committees but the
overwhelming majority of the work of the Council is done by the representative members.
In the questions in this survey we wish to explore your views on two sets of related changes.

• First, changes in how the current Council, which we call “Central Ringing Body” (CRB)
simply to differentiate it from the currently structured Central Council described
above, should function.

• Second to see whether you would be interested in having more influence over what
the CRB does by becoming an individual member. This would be organized
something like the National Trust or the UK Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA). In both
cases the day to day work is guided by a central executive but there are opportunities for all
members to get involved in the work of the organization and to have a say in setting priorities via the AGM and other means of engagement. They can be described as “Direct Membership Organisations”.

Before these questions, we ask you for a small amount of demographic information, and
then invite you to participate in quick-response focus groups (which will help us as we refine
our proposals).

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