YPI Training Request Form
**Please submit this request form at least 4 weeks before the requested training date!**

Thank you for reaching out to YPI to provide a training!

The two training courses we offer are LGBTQ 101 and Trans 101; each is about an hour and presented by one or two knowledgeable facilitators. LGBTQ 101 covers the basics such as proper terminology and a working vocabulary with definitions, current issues in the LGBTQ community, and how to be a good ally. Our Trans 101 covers terminology, pronouns, hones in on the difference between gender and sexuality more intently, highlights the Trans experience and how that differs from coming out in other ways, and how to be supportive.

When our trainers reach out to requestors to solidify the details of the training, they will get a better sense of what the training needs/goals are and can supplement additional information or topics as they see fit/are requested.

Our standard rate is $150 per one hour training.

If you are still interested in moving forward with a training, please submit this request form and we will be in touch.
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