Open Letter from Labour Party members to Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of The Labour Party, on opposing Brexit
**In 72 hours, we have reached 5000 signatories and are now no longer publishing any new ones as our small team of volunteer moderators need a rest and time with their families! We believe that we have made our point and that the leadership of the Labour Party has heard us. Now we will continue to keep up the pressure in other ways, and encourage you to do the same.

Thank you to all members who have signed and shared. Our signatories truly represent the length and breadth of the Labour Party. We are clear that we represent members from across the 'broad church' that is our party, and we are only concerned with changing the leadership's current policy on Brexit, and nothing else. If we can stay united on this, we can succeed. Again, thank you for your support.

Labour Against Brexit committee**

Dear Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party,

We are all Labour Party members. We are from all corners of the UK, and have a range of backgrounds and ages. Some of us have been members for decades, and some of us have only recently joined. Some of us are frequent activists, and some of us have little time to be actively involved but support wherever we can. In short, we are the grassroots that you have always been keen to represent.

All of us share core Labour values of equality and opportunity for all, and we share a belief in fighting for social justice. And while we may differ in our beliefs and feelings with regards to your leadership, we are nevertheless united in our belief that you and your leadership team have made the wrong call on the party’s policy on Brexit.

The membership of the Labour Party is not, and has never been, pro-Brexit. The party has a long history of supporting membership of the European Union. We had an official policy of supporting and campaigning for Remain during the referendum campaign.

Polling suggests that around 70% of Labour Party members voted Remain, and a similar proportion continue to believe that leaving the EU would be the wrong thing to do. Similarly, Labour voters are not, on the whole, pro-Brexit. Polling here suggests that approximately two-thirds of Labour supporters voted Remain. We are an outward-looking, tolerant, internationalist and forward-thinking party. Supporting Brexit therefore goes against our very soul.

We know now that when Theresa May says ‘Brexit means Brexit’, she means ‘Brexit means Hard Brexit’. It is ‘hard’ as in leaving the Single Market and Customs Union, but also ‘hard’ in that ordinary people will be hit hard by its impact, and the poorest and most vulnerable in our country will be hit the hardest.

The backs of our Labour Party membership cards state that “by the strength of our common endeavour, we achieve more than we achieve alone”. This goes for our membership of the European Union, as well as working together in the UK. A great many of the campaigns that Labour has spent over a century fighting, both in government and in opposition, have been aided by our membership of the EU and are being seriously threatened by Brexit.

These include ensuring that we have a health service that is of a high quality and free for all, full employment with good wages and proper employment rights, and an excellent and well-funded education system that spurs aspiration and drives social mobility. More recent campaigns too are under threat due to Brexit, most significantly the need to protect our planet for future generations.

You identify yourself as a ‘democratic socialist’. As the noun here is ‘socialist’, this means that a socialist is what you are first and foremost. However, supporting Brexit is a betrayal of your socialist values, because you know that the people who will be hurt the most by it are the people you have spent your entire life seeking to represent and support.

Our party elected you as our leader because many of us have admired the way that you have always adhered to your principles, and been willing to fight for them, even when they have proven unpopular with some or they have meant you stood alone. Now is the time to truly make your mark in Labour history by showing yourself as the great leader that the party needs, by standing up and doing what the country needs you to do in opposing Brexit.

We understand that there is a concern about being seen to follow ‘the will of the people’, fulfilling the ‘democratic’ part of your ideology. But neither the Leave campaign nor the ballot paper specified the ‘type’ of Brexit that would be sought, and therefore there is no democratic mandate to pursue a ‘hard’ Brexit. In fact, recent polling suggests that even a majority of Leave voters favoured continuing with membership of the Single Market. While it is true that we will lose some voters by taking a stand, we will equally gain some – perhaps many. And we will be on the right side of history.

So if Brexit were nevertheless to happen, despite our not supporting it, when the economy worsens at least voters will be able to ‘come home’ to Labour because we opposed it. But if we support the government now, in future voters will have no reason to trust us over the Tories. We will simply have strengthened the belief in them that ‘all the parties are the same’.

Additionally, many of us voted for you as our leader because of your desire to make the Labour Party more democratic, with policy being set by members. At Labour Party Conference 2016, it was resolved that “Unless the final settlement proves to be acceptable, then the option of retaining EU membership should be retained. The final settlement should therefore be subject to approval, through Parliament and potentially through a general election or referendum.” We believe that this exemplar of democracy within the party should no longer be ignored. Let us speak with one voice, as democratically-made by our members.

In summary, we the undersigned call on you, as leader of our great party and leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition, to vote against the triggering of Article 50 and to encourage all of your MPs and peers to do the same.

For the reasons described above, not to do so would go against the Labour Party’s core aims and values, and our very reason for being.

Thank you.

Jonathan Proctor North Tyneside CLP
Emma Brennan Exeter CLP
Christabel Edwards Sleaford & North Hykeham CLP
Paul Sceeny Northern Ireland
Teresa brayshaw East manchester CLP
Darren White Holborn and St Pancras CLP
John Battye Oldham East and Saddleworth CLP
Sue Scholan South east Cambridgeshire CLP
Dawn Hollingworth Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
S Hall Cheadle CLP
Andrew McQuoid Warrington South CLP
Ben Attwood St Helens South CLP
Charlie Kiss Poplar and Limehouse CLP
Richard Rawles Edinburgh Northern and Leith CLP
Brenda Williams Stoke on Trent North CLP
Alexandra Lubin Westminster North CLP
Julie Heron Streatham CLP
Simon Haydon Erewash CLP
Alexandra Brownrigg Belfast
David Melvin Stalybridge and Hyde CLP
Rebecca Fitchett North West Hampshire CLP
Caroline Eaden Penistone and Stocksbridge CLP
Craig Howat Melton and Rutland CLP
Tatiana Moreira de Souza Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Kas Graham Islington North CLP
Judi Sutherland Bishop Auckland CLP
Kate Marzillier Oxford East CLP
Carol Lawrence Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Barbara Bridger Stroud CLP
Jean McGaw Burton & Uttoxeter CLP
Leon Berger Erith & Thamesmead CLP
Peter Trewhitt Derbyshire Dales
Natacha Kennedy Eltham CLP
Peter Allan North Devon CLP
Tahlee Johnson Lambeth CLP
William Lyon Tupman South Cambridgeshire CLP
Holly Anderson-Ross New Forest West CLP
Michael Pilling Oxford and District
Jean Phillips Ogmore CLP
Alison M Dunning South East Cambridgeshire CLP
Jennifer Noakes Harwich and North Essex CLP
Kevin O'Neill Islington South and Finsbury CLP
Thelma Jones Carmarthen West CLP
Linda Hammett Beckenham CLP
Toby Godden Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP
Bill Lees Birmingham Hall Green CLP
Ian Potter Penistone & Stocksbridge CLP
Will Allen Sevenoaks CLP
Brian Latham BrIghton Pavilion CLP
Suzanne Clark Oxford CLP
Margaret Ranger Congleton CLP
Gary Litchfield Cannock Chase CLP
Lynda Froud Milton Keynes CLP
Nicola Murdoch Richmond Park CLP
Fiona Lund Norwich South CLP
George Frei Kensington CLP
Elaine Chalus Wells CLP
Amanda Little Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Kesiena Boom Worcester CLP
Pete Taylor South Suffolk CLP
Karin fuchs Lewes CLP
John Peake Congleton CLP
Janet O'Malley Mid staffs
Pawel Olszanski Putney CLP
Claire Gordon Hammersmith CLP
Thomas Stennett Broughton and Blackley CLP
Garry Hemming Nottingham CLP
Richard Williams Gower CLP
Sean O'Leary Wolverhampton South East CLP
David Webster West Suffolk CLP
Roisin Porter Wavertree CLP
Jaqui Benjamins Peckham CLP
Laura Barton-Fox Oxford CLP
Sonya leeming Ribble valley CLP
Heath Watts-Robinson South Staffordshire CLP
Tracey Garrett Nottingham city CLP
Elizabeth Veasey Bosworth CLP
John Rayment Hornchurch & Upminster CLP
Gabriela Augustynowicz-Casey Derby South CLP
Richard tunney Broxtowe CLP
Steve Berry Hertford & Stortford CLP
Gary Dillon West Suffolk CLP
Susan Fowler Islington North CLP
Kate Noyes Torfaen CLP
Mario Cavalli Streatham CLP
Cathy Gorman Tottenham CLP
Kirstie Reavell Broxtowe CLP
Pauline Lowrie Weaver Vale CLP
Sue Tribe Nottingham East CLP
Tom Winter Bournemouth CLP
David P Mander Derbyshire Dales CLP
David Humphreys Forest of Dean CLP
John Paul Capstick Wisbech and North Cambridgeshire CLP
Anthony Hayward South Cambridgeshire CLP
Blair Bidmead Erith & Thamesmead CLP
Ross Cranham Isleworth CLP
Mary Gregory St Helens North CLP
Ben Hall Hereford and South Herefordshire CLP
J. Ford-Knubley East Ham CLP
Roy Gregory St Helens North CLP
Laura Dempsey Darlington CLP
Adrian Williams Clwyd South CLP
Suzanne Johnson Affiliate member via Christians on the Left
Guinevere Glasfurd-Brown South East Cambs CLP
Peter Jordan-Turner Burton & Uttoxeter CLP
Michael Baldwin Keighley CLP
Sharon Matthews Ealing Central & Acton CLP
Mark Rosher Tate and Thornbury CLP
Christopher Maw Walthamstow CLP
Kate Quinlan Winchester CLP
TIm Woolley Northampton CLP
Matt Coathupe City of Chester CLP
Jack sandle Newham CLP
David Gilbert Leeds West CLP
Sharon Cook Wantage CLP
Steve Martin Worcester CLP
Keith Metcalf Newcastle upon Tyne East CLP
Deborah Moore Warwick & Leamington CLP
Alison MacLeod Suffolk Coastal CLP
Dr Viv Pointon Grantham & Stamford CLP
Paul Thomason Salford and Eccles CLP
Maxine Taylor Ripon and Skipton CLP
Alison Shorrock Skipton and Ripon CLP
Jane Mickelborough Rossendale and Darwen CLP
Terry Fagan Luton South CLP
Rebecca Moore Cardiff North CLP
Rachel B Edwards Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Simon Day Wimbledon CLP
Jack Stanton Derby North CLP
Cllr Catherine Salter Telford CLP
Lucy Welsh Congleton CLP
Phil Tonge Wallasey CLP
Linda Clarke Chesterfield CLP
Jacqui Williams Lincoln CLP
Alice Simmons Devizes
Andy Yuille Lancaster and Fleetwood CLP
Cate Hawke Tiverton and Honiton CLP
Neil Finegan Ellesmere Port and Neston CLP
Greg Rooney St Albans CLP
Jo Lott Hove CLP
Brendan Delaney Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Margaret Whitehead Richmond North Yorkshire CLP
Mary West Bexhill and Battle CLP
Tania Hebert Warwick & Leamington CLP
Robert Park South West Surrey CLP
Mal Morris Barnet CLP
Silke Vanbeselaere Hackney CLP
Rachel ferguson Tooting CLP
Carolyn Buxton Pudsey, Horsforth, Aireborough CLP
Alice Rees Bridgwater CLP
Steve Doyle Filton & Bradley Stoke CLP
Jennifer Evans Ogmore CLP
Clare Way Hayes and Harlington CLP
Adele Barnett-Ward Reading East CLP
Robin Hunter Twickenham CLP
Edmund Barnett-Ward Reading East CLP
Julia Hunter Twickenham CLP
Lawrence Paulson Cambridge CLP
Jeremy Baker * Union Affiliate* Unite Member
Marcella Campbell gosport CLP
John Logsdon Withington CLP
Sam Hussain Middlesbrough CLP
David Brennan Streatham CLP
Mireille Escande de Messieres Ceredigon CLP
John Burn Skipton and Ripon CLP
Virpi Kettunen Skipton and Ripon CLP
Claire Keith Congleton CLP
Sarah Harris Neath CLP
Ann Hill Epping Forest CLP
Stephen Spall Chester CLP
Felicidad Fernández Maidstone and the Weald CLP
Gareth Jones South Dorset CLP
Chris Taylor Brighton Kemptown CLP
Rosalynne Birch Oldham East & Saddleworth CLP
Virginia Newman Newcastle under Lyme CLP
Greg Rooney St Albans CLP
Chris Jenkins Windsor CLP
Debby Golden Tottenham CLP
David Brennan Streatham CLP
Yvonne Richardson Blaydon CLP
Karl jenkins Lewisham East & Penge CLP
Philip Painter East Bristol CLP
Matt Jones Brighton Kemptown CLP
Madeleine Bradbury Rance Coppetts ward, Barnet CLP
Sue Edmunds Islywn CLP
Nicholas Gladden Altrincham and Sale West CLP
Edmund Barnett-Ward Reading East CLP
helen goldward hampstead and kilburn CLP
Martin Ellis Colchester CLP
Kieren Coates Orpington CLP
Edmund Barnett-Ward Reading East
Kathryne Watson Berwick upon tweed CLP
Martha Carslake Enfield Southgate CLP
Nikki Dudley Tower Hamlets CLP
Dan Bailey Fife CLP
Antony Hawkins Sheffield Hallam CLP
James Mercer Harrow East CLP
Caroline Mayow Lewisham East CLP
John Cunnison Stoke-On-Trent South CLP
Paula Derry Skipton and Ripon CLP
Andrew Langan Isle of Wight CLP
Sarah Boothby Exeter CLP
Simon Forward St Ives CLP
Karen Henderson Labour International
Jordan Royce Stockport CLP
Nigel Peet Lewisham West and Penge CLP
David Stewart Tottenham CLP
Claire conlon West Dorset
Alison Bean Tottenham CLP
Caroline Bolingbroke Torbay CLP
Bob Rogers Torfaen CLP
Andy Davice Oxford CLP
Stephen Boyd Davis Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Chris Ingold Leeds North East CLP
Duncan Townson Carrick and Doon Valley CLP
Jacqueline Beech aylesbury CLP
Ron Alpe Hertford and Stortford CLP
Sasha Garwood Lloyd Sheffield Central CLP
Rachel Aydin Skipton CLP
Robin Hall Lewisham Deptford CLP
James Hope Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Margo Campbell Wilson Rossendale CLP
James Fishwick Oxford West and Abingdon CLP
Sarah Bradbury Lichfield CLP
Roz Kaveney Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
Evan Hayles Gledhill Tottenham CLP
Duncan Clough Redbridge CLP
Jill Stephenson Jill Stephenson CLP
Beryl Lewis Torfaen CLP
Peter K Jones Swansea West CLP
Mairin Valdez Reading East CLP
Tom Field North East Cambridgeshire CLP
Patrick Ardagh-Walter Hitchin & Harpenden CLP
Ian Smith Chesterfield CLP
Sandra Easton-Lawrence CheltenhamCLP
Stuart James Dudley South CLP
Jane Whittaker Staffordshire Moorlands CLP
Carolyn Graham Chester CLP
Stephen Brimble Exeter CLP
Stuart Bruce Elmet and Rothwell CLP
Jo Hart Gravesham CLP
Matthew Billsborough Buckingham CLP
John Erskine Rother Valley
Lisa Power South Cardiff & Penarth CLP
Holly Morris St Ives CLP
Jamal Ahmed Rochdale CLP
Garry Brough Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Ian Woodall Stafford CLP
Taahir Abass Rochdale CLP
Heinz-Dirk Kriete Colne CLP
Joe Grace Leyton & Wanstead CLP
Tom Hammersley Lichfield CLP
Peter Coles Cardiff West CLP
Richard Desmond Bethnal Green & Bow CLP
Pete Stuart Renfrewshire South CLP
Farah Mendlesohn Stoke Central CLP
Alistair Alexander Lewisham West and Penge CLP
Edmund Barnett-Ward Reading East CLP
Paul Wilmshurst Islington south CLP
Alison Baker Brighton Pavilion CLP
Kate Santon Dwyfor Meirionydd CLP
Susan Cole Croydon Central CLP
Gwilym Bowen Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Joan Roberts Central Suffolk & North Ipswich CLP
Ian Foster Luton North CLP
Caroline Mullan Ilford South CLP
Rosie Edwards Sheath Warley CLP
Cllr Paul Wilkinson Gedling CLP
Steve Cox South Swindon CLP
Ambrose Musiyiwa Leicester South CLP
Fiona Moore Runnymede and Weybridge CLP
Ian Williams Ealing North
Kevin Hay Plymouth CLP
Martin King Chesham & Amersham CLP
Tony Lloyd Sheffield Heeley CLP
Mary Boyle Oxford East CLP
Jozendra Knox Skipton CLP
Asad Rizvi Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Edward James Stoke-on-Trent Central CLP
Sarah Rees Jones York Outer CLP
Michael Booth Chippenham CLP
Linda Knox Skipton and Ripon CLP
Michael Knox Skipton and Ripon CLP
Jamie Knox Skipton and Ripon CLP
Miriam Orr Islington North CLP
John Mochan South Cambridgeshire CLP
Drusilla Cole Bishops Castle CLP
Franck Schmidlin Chester CLP
Ruth Forrester Brecon and Radnorshire CLP
David Bailin Hove and Portslade CLP
Bruce Waite Gedling CLP
Pete Jordan Hull East CLP
Nicky Adamson Streatham Wells CLP
Cyril Fitzgerald Torfaen CLP
Eva Litzenberg Finchley and Golders Green CLP
Joe Buckley Milton Keynes North CLP
Jean Eason Huntingdon CLP
Neil Nerva Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Mike Cobley Cunninghame South CLP
Rosemarie Greenbank Chester CLP
Jenny Eckersley Berwick on Tweed CLP
Dr J Harrison Southwark and Old Bermondsey CLP
Jill Bronnert Stockport CLP
Estelle Hargraves Liverpool West Derby CLP
Joanna Kellond Brighton and Hove CLP
Christopher Davison Braintree CLP
Kathryn Shanks Durham City CLP
Samantha Chisnall Sheffield central CLP
Revd Alan Jenkins Colchester CLP
Sandra Worger City of Chester CLP
Stéphane Goldstein Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
peter kelly Lambeth CLP
John Croft Erith and Thamesmead CLP
Steve Maddox Cardiff Central CLP
Debbie Shine Kingston & Surbiton CLP
Elisabeth Mary Andover & North West Hampshire CLP
Björn Weiler Ceredigion CLP
Dave Boorman Bexleyheath CLP
Wendy Brandmark Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Chris Plant Brecon & Radnor CLP
Karen Plant Brecon & Radnor CLP
Miriam Binder East Brighton CLP
Philip Jenkins Lichfield CLP
Robert Chapman Towcester CLP
Martin Hoare Reading West
John Middleton Liverpool Riverside CLP
Ingrid Cleaver Islington North CLP
Eleanor Platt Mitcham and Morden CLP
Gary Robertson New Forest East CLP
Jen Leighton Canterbury CLP
Roger Cannon Cardiff & Penarth CLP
Carolyn Neilan Colchester CLP
Astrid Walker City of Chester CLP
Yvonne Atkinson Exeter CLP
Rosemary Scott Chester CLP
Romy Fursland Norwich South CLP
Paul Matthes Ashford CLP
Louise Lomas Amersham CLP
Steve Andrews East Bristol CLP
Manne Ohrstrom Lewisham CLP
Jan Whitworth Suffolk CLP
Charlotte Richardson Andrews Kingston CLP
Philip Kitson Clydebank and Milngavie CLP
Indira Singh Newham CLP
Richard Cooper Rugby CLP
David Ross Colchester CLP
Tim Hilborne Lewisham Deptford CLP
Brian Wakeling Shipley CLP
Margaret Masterman Boston and Skegness CLP
Allan Third Derby South CLP
Randal Smith Poplar and Limehouse CLP
Penelope Evans Skipton and Ripon CLP
Julie Robertshaw Lewisham West and Penge CLP
Michael Plane City of Chester
Jan Whitworth Suffolk Coastal CLP
Hugh Terry Reading CLP
Axel Billingsley Kingston upon Hull North CLP
Kenneth Hollingsworth Gedling CLP
Cathy McCluskey Cambridge CLP
Luke Power Richmond Park CLP
Ben Price North East & Highlands and Islands CLP
Neville Walker Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
Joan Twelves Vauxhall CLP
James Johnson St Albans CLP
Ron howell Vauxhall CLP
Stewart Rust Stretford CLP
David Hodgkinson Cardiff West CLP
Stephen browell Hexham CLP
Wendyl Harris Tower Hamlets CLP
John Oliver Bournemouth East CLP
Sam Llewellyn Leominster CLP
John Wall Chingford & Woodford Green CLP
Warren Oates Brighton Pavilion CLP
Janie Seal Sefton Central CLP
Kimberlee McCarrick Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP
Heidy Kempe-Bottcher Manchester-Withington CLP
Joseph Bailey Enfield North CLP
Chris Hatton Chichester CLP
Richard Dunn Easington CLP
Stephen Bradley Luton South CLP
Janie Seal Sefton Central CLP
Cllr Alana Davies Bridgend CLP
Alison Finlay Islington North
Stephen Jones Oxford East CLP
Reubs J Walsh Sevenoaks CLP
Matthew Dillon Sheffield Central CLP
Carolyn Magson Bristol East CLP
Katherine Baria Brent Central CLP
Beryl Randall Kingston & Surbiton CLP
Kevin Mcveigh Morecambe & Lunesdale CLP
John Herson City of Chester CLP
Alistair Grant South West Bedfordshire CLP
Cllr Andy Fitchet North West Hampshire CLP
Justine Lattimer Edgbaston, Birmingham CLP
Nathanael Young York Central CLP
Steve Potz-Rayner North East Hants CLP
Sandy Hughes Evesham CLP
Martyn Winters Gower CLP
Paul Stakounis Liverpool, Walton CLP
Tracy Burge salisbury CLP
Cllr Meredith Lawrence Gedling CLP
Steve Duffy Clwyd West CLP
Chris Pickering Weetwood, Leeds CLP
C Kelly Liverpool Riverside CLP
Jackie Reilly Castle Point CLP
Geoff.Etheridge. basingstoke CLP
David Pinto Hammersmith CLP
John Herson City of Chester CLP
Samuel Matuszewski Guildford CLP
Joanna McMahon Lewisham CLP
Michael Fenwick Birmingham Edgbaston CLP
Melinda Waugh Caradon, SE Cornwall CLP
Martin Gordon West Wirral CLP
Nicola Murdoch Richmond Park CLP
Karen Lucas Broxbourne CLP
Susan Chivers Filton and Bradley Stoke CLP
Andrew Meakin Newcastle-under-Lyme CLP
Sally annett Bedford south CLP
Anna Johnson Garston and Halewood CLP
Alan hughes Mid Worcester CLP
Louise Le Cornu Enfield Southgate CLP
Sylvia Rothschild Orpington CLP
Pauline Phillips Stoke-on-Trent Central CLP
Melinda Waugh Caradon, SE Cornwall CLP
Simon Myerson Leeds North East CLP
Steve Morley Cunninghame South CLP
Stuart Toomey Swansea West CLP
Alison Finlay Islington North CLP
Stuart Glover Sheffield Central CLP
Cllr. Bob Collis Gedling CLP
Sharon Ibbotson Lewisham East CLP
Peter King Nottingham South CLP
Annabelle Harries Hove CLP
Melinda Waugh Caradon, SE Cornwall CLP
Krystyna Brundell Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP
Hannah Sawtell Nottingham East CLP
Tris Bayliff Burnley CLP
Julian Bryant Dartford CLP
Anita Bickell Torridge and West Devon CLP
Adam Williams Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Jenni Hill Barking CLP
Jackie Reilly Castle Point CLP
Richard Parker Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP
Lynne Marlow Sherwood CLP
Susan Wright Worcester CLP
Wesley Grant Harlow CLP
Richard Vyse Doncaster - Central CLP
Stephen Biddle Dereham and District CLP
Duncan Parsons Sheffield Central CLP
Mohammed Siddiqi Tooting CLP
Elizabeth Voice Clwyd West CLP
Joe Catcheside Exeter CLP
Tim Messenger Wigan CLP
John Plange Gainsborough CLP
Ranjan Vasudevan Cambridge CLP
Nicole Malcolmson Gainsborough CLP
Karen Wiltshire Broxbourne CLP
Alexander Petheram Brighton Regency CLP
Neil Gardner Croydon CLP
Carol Bulman Congleton CLP
Philip Jones Glossopdale CLP
Bree Merritt Rushcliffe CLP
John Rutherford Croydon North CLP and GMB
David Ayrton Hendon CLP
Bea Schirmer Glossopdale CLP
Annette Riddle Blackheath and Westcombe CLP
Jane Stoggles East Worthing & Shoreham CLP
Paul Erdunast Pinner and Hatch End CLP
Tom Wardle North-East Hants CLP
Anne-Marie Asgari Isle of Wight CLP
Alan Barkway Lewisham Deptford CLP
Paul Anders Brent Central CLP
Linda Harris North East Bedfordshire CLP
Simon Moss Dartford CLP
Sunil Varma Chelsea and Fulham CLP
Fleur loveridge York Central CLP
Karen Davies Windsor CLP
Phil Rees Walthamstow CLP
Jon Naden Ruscliffe CLP
Emma Wiberg Swansea East CLP
Darrell Mills Gravesham CLP
Tom Richards South West Norfolk CLP
Madeleine Pearce Walthamstow CLP
Kevin Chesson South West Surrey CLP
Amy Bristol North West CLP
Lionel Burch Staffordshire Moorlands CLP
Mark Astbury Calder Valley CLP
David Chidgey Braintree CLP
Gareth Abbit Beckenham CLP
Morris Stemp Rossendale CLP
Chris Borgars-Smith Chester CLP
Eliabeth Dray Ashford Kent CLP
Mark Turnock Leyton & Wanstead CLP
Bill Kerr Withington CLP
Julian Church Barnsley East CLP
Brian Nabney Montgomeryshire CLP
Jamie Patrick Shepway CLP
Catrin Lewis Hackney South CLP
Beryl Oldroyd Barnsley Central CLP
Cathy Gorman Tottenham CLP
Claire Mayes Old Bexley and Sidcup CLP
Mark Grayling North East Derbyshire CLP
Tracey Unsworth Gedling CLP
Mark Thompson Bristol West CLP
Kate Culshaw Wavertree, Liverpool CLP
Susan M Jones Shrewsbury and Atcham CLP
Neil S. Hopkins Nuneaton CLP
Sarah Clelland Cambridge CLP
Charlotte Ryland Oxford East CLP
Hubert Hinsley High Wycombe CLP
James Hawkins Waltham Forest CLP
Jonathan Eason Huntingdon CLP
Margaret Brinkley Broxbourne CLP
Rosie Rechter Dover and Deal CLP
Sam Elfer Hove Park CLP
Hazel Mayow Withington CLP
Debbie Robertson North Tyneside CLP
Maeve Middleton Riverside CLP
Sally Stephens Carnforth & District CLP
Charlotte Clarke Brighton and Hove CLP
Emma Wiberg Swansea East CLP
James Eller Somerton and Frome CLP
Susan Roberts Alfar North Cornwall CLP
Ross Hold n Aylesbury Vale CLP
Kristianna Roberts North Cornwall CLP
Carli Harper-Penman Greenwich & Woolwich CLP
Luis Alfar North Cornwall CLP
Jessica Jung Newcastle East CLP
Kevin Kerrigan Tunbridge Wells CLP
Susan Spence Welwyn Hatfield CLP
Anne Redmond Hackney CLP
Victoria Tree Marc Patrick Greene CLP
Jason Goh Nottingham CLP
Fiona Murray Halesowen and Rowley Regis CLP
Stuart McRae Twickenham CLP
Trevor Brighton Wyre forest CLP
Kieran Markham Manchester, Withington CLP
Alison Coathupe Chester CLP
Bob Widdowson North Herefordshire CLP
Gus Cairns Hackney North & Stoke Newington
Margaret Webber Warrington North CLP
Barbara Campbell Berwick CLP
dr c bonardi Rushcliffe CLP CLP
Mary Talbot Sunderland Central CLP
Ebrel Peters Exeter CLP
Caroline harper Islington North CLP
Lynda Robertson Dewsbury CLP
Beverley Wright Sheffield Heeley CLP
Tim Eastwood Lewisham Deptford CLP
Margaret Williamson Twickenham CLP
Rosie Rechter Dover and Deal CLP
Elaine Winstanley Bridgend CLP
Jenny Wilton Peterborough CLP
Majid Azam Sutton CLP
Mark Ludmon Vauxhall CLP
Roy Langmaid Holborn & St Pancras CLP
John Whitty Oxford CLP
Maryam Pasha Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
John Shillabeer Plymouth Moor View CLP
Mel Hudson Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Alexander Beattie East Surrey CLP
Rebecca McCormick Penistone and stocksbridge CLP
John Windsor Bristol North West CLP
Mary Bowers New Forest West CLP
Lou Bell Bristol West CLP
David Jones Knighton and Preisteigne CLP
Pamela Newman Torridge and West Devon
Kevin Weaver South Derbyshire CLP
Rosie Rechter Dover and Deal CLP
Ray Ansbro Stockport CLP
Ed Foley Surrey Heath CLP
Gerard Sagar Finchley & Golders Green CLP
Chris Counsell Salisbury CLP
Joanne Kemp Twickenham CLP
Eleanor West Bristol North West CLP
Mary Leneis Wantage CLP
Carrie Dunn Finchley and Golders Green CLP
Nev Bann Liverpool Riverside CLP
Nicholas Atkinson Tottenham CLP
Anita Roy Skipton and Ripon CLP
melanie isaac montgomeryshire CLP
Barnabas-Francis MacPhail Bethnal Green and Bow CLP
Margaret Masterman Boston and Skegness CLP
Sarah Perks Hereford CLP
Dr Gabriel Bodard Twickenham CLP
Laurie Marks Harrow West CLP
Karen Jones Sutton Coldfield CLP
Gina Birch Islington North CLP
Sarah Buldum Lewes CLP
Eleanor West Bristol North West CLP
Josie Jammet Lewisham North CLP
Mary Kipling Copeland CLP
Couze venn Totnes, Devon CLP
Ian Stephens Bristol West CLP
Gretchen Fisher Ealing CLP
Victoria Kitchiner Hitchin and Harpenden CLP
Cllr Bob Rudd Ellesmere Port & Neston CLP
Malcolm Fletcher Erith and Thamesmead CLP
Marion N Pritchard Plymouth Sutton CLP
Luke Hodgkin Islington North CLP
Adam Ingleby Hove CLP
Oliver Gray Winchester CLP
Scott Piercy Wirral West CLP
Tim Macpherson Bexhill and Battle CLP
Richard Delacour Brighton & Hove CLP
Jenny Foggin Leeds North East CLP
John McConville Walthamstow CLP
Roy Douglas Bristol East CLP
Cllr Bernie O'Neill Forest of Dean CLP
Anna Lynch Hackney South & Shoreditch CLP
Alison BAMONTE Braintree CLP
Andrew Sillis Stourbridge CLP
Leonie Hackett Bromley CLP
Gillian Rennie-Dunkerley Mid Suffolk CLP
Elizabeth Alway Taunton Deane CLP
Steve Harper Finchley & Golders Green CLP
Álvaro Herrera Esher & Walton CLP
Steve Mack Finchley & Golders Green CLP
annabel mednick Central suffolk and north ipswich CLP
Andrew Whibley Bethnal Green & Bow CLP
Joyce Chu Holborn CLP
Chris Copeland Andover CLP
Michael Airey Hertsmere CLP
Margaret Briggs NILP
Rosalie Douglas Bristol East CLP
Peter Coupe Broadlands CLP
Rachel King Exeter CLP
Andrew Sloan Derby North CLP
Gillian Cannon Mid Derbyshire CLP
Jacquie Wilson Wythenshawe and Sale East CLP
Nigel Harrop Altrincham and Sale West CLP
Gillian Cannon Mid Derbyshire CLP
roger sensier Southport CLP
Sarah Tyrer Holborn CLP
Stephanie TJ Whitehead Wycombe CLP
Jennifer Bellamy Bradford West CLP
Angela Corner North Herefordshire CLP
Sarah Tyrer Holborn CLP
sue crockford islington north CLP
A. Duffy Staffordshire Moorlands rural CLP
Virginia Waterhouse Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Martin Clay South east cornwall CLP
David Hardman Newcastle upon Tyne East CLP
Anney Bulbeck Isle of Wight CLP
Leigh Caldwell Central Devon CLP
Graeme Douglas Vauxhall CLP
Giorgia disarn Witney CLP
David Cannon Mid Derbyshire CLP
Stephen Eales Cardiff North CLP
Laura Gilbert Stoke Newington CLP
Mike Short Elmet and Rothwell CLP
Jake Love Soper St Albans CLP
Andrew Robinson Peterborough CLP
Axel McFarlane Brent CLP
Ross Armour Corby and East Northants CLP
Justine Paton Lambeth CLP
Stewart Brown Labour International
Cllr Michael Inkpin-Leissner Brighton Pavilion CLP
Sarah Tyrer Holborn CLP
Linda Burnip Stratford-on-Avon CLP
Bill Lawson Southport CLP
Sue Dalessandro St Austell CLP
Gareth Nash Fylde
Mitchell Theaker Pontypridd
Steve Holroyd Gosport
Kerry Bolster Hampstead and Kilburn
John Wynne Camberwell and Peckham
Ruby Davies Bassetlaw
Steve Holroyd Gosport
Stephen Bitti Holborn and St. Pancras
Nev Bann Liverpool Riverside
Moira Rfferty Leamington Spa
Llyr Roberts Carmarthenshire
Jon Laurie Ipswich
joanna spikes Ceredigion
Keith Geddes Dunfermline and West Fife CLP
Karl Cumings Wirral west
Giti Garthwite Dulwich and West Norwood
Christine Smith Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Maureen James Richmond( Yorks)
Angus Ferguson Tynemouth
Nev Bann Liverpool Riverside
Kian de la Cour Newton Abbott
Jenny Shipley
Margaret Leigh Nottingham East
Rowan Thomas Cambridge
Matt Plen Finchley and golders green
Ian Chalmers Newcastle East
Anita Russ Rochford and Southend East CLP.
Elaine Williams Vale of Clwyd CLP
Graham Hughes West Derby CLP
John Medhurst Hove
Martine Large Brighton Pavilion
Sam Hardman Leicester South
sean Griffin bermondsey & old southwark
Patricia Ehrmann Hammersmith
Emilie Murphy Bexleyheath and Crayford CLP
Andrew Bloor Canterbury
Sue Moss North Cornwall
David Abramson Hove
Lucy Grig Edinburgh Southern
John O'Keefe Halton CLP
Robert searson Peterborough
darren maurice leicester east
Keith Johnston Scarborough and Whitby
Jackie searson Kettering
Andrew Bell Lewisham East
Stuart Wyatt Central Devon CLP
adam mccluskey south lakeland
Jan Lennon Shipston on Stour
Bradley Jones York Central CLP
Cllr Peter Fookes Beckenham
Lydia sadd Cardiff central
Jan Share Tottenham
Mary Waite Reading East CLP
Dr R Rathbone Brecon and Radnorshire.
Alison Lee Chippenham CLP
Ron Burns Mid-Dorset and North Poole
Emily Morgan West Dorset
Richard Ducker Hackney North
Mark Tilton Hackney North & Stoke Newington
Louise Cassidy Barnsley
steve waite Reading East
Dan Civico Newcastle Upon Tyne
Deborah Doble Bristol West
Mark Tilton Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Barend C Breet Eccles
Joy Trpkovic Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner
Julian Martin Mid-Bedfordshire
Heather Staines Greenwich & Woolwich CLP
Dr Winifred Stack Newcastle East
Carol Bootle
Jocelyn Pye Copeland
Christopher Herd Reading East
Jessica Lewis Harwich and North Essex
Margherita Bigonzi Waltham forest
Matt Clarke Stretford and Urmston
Alan and Jillie Mowle Durham City CLP
David Owens Cardiff West
Moira Rafferty North Leamington
Dan Tallack Hastings
Chris Powell Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport CLP
Thomas Martin-Wells East Worthing and Shoreham CLP
Sarah Anne Mogridge South Hams
Avi Freeman Finchley and Golders Green
Amy Cannon Hereford and South Herefordshire CLP
Rob Bates Gedling
Jeremy Williams Rhondda
Helen Gledhill Pudsey CLP
Bruce Newton Louth
Emma Robinson Tottenham
Rachel Somers Twickenham
Joanna Hays Twickenham
Jill Hays Richmond
Julie Bozza Reading West
Victor Fraga Holborn and St Pancras PLC
Kim Shahabudin Reading West CLP
Geoff Lindsay Southampton Test
Gill Silversides Bath & NE Somerset
Pedro A. Ferrao Welwyn -Hatfield
Jaap Moot Makerfield
Anne Mills Wolverhampton South West
E Stratton Leyton
Mark Drew Beverley and Holderness
Jessica Mason Redditch
Peter Rivet Lancaster & Fleetwood
Lisa Nelson Richmond
Rachael Ellis Gedling CLP
Rachel Currie Sheffield Central
David Furlong Wythenshawe & Sale East CLP
Andrew Humphries Windsor & Eton CLP
Jennifer Holliday Wirral South
Sarah Featonby Loughborough / Charnwood
Judith Walker Faversham
Geo Meadows Wyre Forest
Angela Smith Bolton North East CLP
Megan Bradbury Norwich South
Eileen Allen Dover and Deal
Barbara Cumbers Northwood, Ruislip & Pinner
Christopher Allen Dover and Deal
Simon Wreford-Howard International Labour
Tina Browne NW Leics
Margaret Roblin Neath CLP
Mike Bullivant Milton Keynes
Jen Cooke Preston Park
Richard Boardman Newcastle upon Tyne
Stephen Clayton Hazel Grove
Paul McLean-Thorne Finchley & Golders Green
stuart Cox Dover/Deal
Martin Bowen Tiverton & Honiton
Neil Coombs Clwyd West
Andrew Goring Leeds West CLP
Lynne Segal Highbury East
Janet Waterworth Newcastle upon Tyne Central
Nicola Zussman Hove CLP
Karon Hollis Loughborough CLP
James Eller Somerton and Frome
Carole McBay Coventry North West CLP
Valerie Pinto Leeds East
Pippa Carson Bristol West
Andrew Whiles Tamworth
Carole Cockwell Neath
Vivienne Seymour Clark Totnes CLP
Helen Drake Battle and Bexhill
Jayne Marcia Edwards Clwyd West
Mike Bullivant Milton Keynes
Susana Medina Brent
Alex Peacock Delyn
Frederick Antonio Gallucci Bassetlaw
Cathy Gorman Tottenham
Emma Ahmed Liverpool West Derby
Melanie Landells North Cornwall
Peter Fowler North Cornwall
PILMAR Smith East Lothian CLP
Geraldine Bridgewater Brighton and Hove
John George Birkenhead
Carole Cockwell Neath
David Woozley Eastbourne
James franks Filton and bradley stome
Charlotte Holden East Lancashire
Sally Moore East Vevon CLP
Elizabeth Sarah Stephenson Ceredigion
Peter Rose Aylesbury CLP
Oliver Catchpole Stroud
Jacqueline Jones Workington
Alan Jones Workington
John Edginton Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire
Cllr Chris herries Norwich south
Garry Hirons Tamworth CLP
Daniel Roberts Buckingham
Sophy Krajewska Liverpool Riverside
Susan Chivers Filton and Bradley Stoke
Helen Sutherland Glasgow Southside CLP
Graham de Max Gedling
Wendy Dant Loughborough
Graham Stocks Loughborough
Rachel Bourne Milton Keynes North
Jon Welsh Darlington CLP
Adam Recht Islington North
jan Coppinger Hereford
Saheera Hagedorn Cambridgeshire
Lesley Parks Loughborough
Rachel Perry Bath
Eleanor Hill Cardiff West
Roxana Caporicci Eastbourne
Katie Clark South Suffolk
Seán McGovern Tottenham CLP
Sean Gainford Tottenham
Phelim McDermott Twickenham
Kenneth Lynn-Miller Islington North
Jean Francois Doyle Lewes CLP
Henrietta Doyle Lewes CLP
Gen. William J Taggart III ..AdDip.Prof.Con.Phys.CertIT Wokingham
Sadie Roberts Arundel & South Downs
Sibyl Ruith Hall Green
Dee Barnfield Chesham and Amersham
Mick Davis Lewisham East
Dee smith Harrogate
Angela Thomas Kenilworth and Southam
James Kelly North Hull CLP
Steven Kingston Newbury
Leandros Taliotis Hampstead & Kilburn
Matthew Hussey Bedford and Kempston
Stephen Hine Fareham
Emma Telford Hereford & South Herefordshire
Igor Cusack Edgbaston CLP
Julia Owen Greenwich and Woolwich CLP
Rory Hine Fareham
Graham de Max Gedling CLP
Katharine Shaw Tamworth
Hilary Burrage Liverpool Riverside CLP
Tony Burrage Liverpool Riverside CLP
Kenneth Lynn-Miller Islington North
Deborah Alma Montgomeryshire
Eleanor Gillett Bexhill & Battle
Helena Ashton North Somerset
Cllr Christopher Wellbelove Vauxhall
Grace Davis Brecon and Radnorshire
Caroline Osborne Gosport
Stephen Osborne Gosport
David Newland Cardiff North
Chris Lovett Mole Valley
Ali Day Croydon North
Barrie Fairbairn Leicester South
Cllr Steve Rimmer Chippenham
Jeannie Conley York Outer CLP
Scott Lydon Exeter
Patricia Lingley Cardiff Central
Charlotte heaps Warwickshire
Kelly Llewellyn Tunbridge Wells
Pamela Davies Bedfordshire
Edward Kingsley Wallasey
Ian Meikle Heywood and Middleton
Paul Swift Broxtowe CLP
Gina Birch Islington North
Sheleagh llewellyn Cardiff west
Gina Birch Islington North
Michael Lee Stockton North
Brigitte morton Dereham
Laura Hargreaves Pendle
Suzanne Thomas Wyre and Preston North CLP
Caroline Holliday Hornsey & Wood Green
Gina Birch Islington North
Nick Bradley Swansea West CLP
Brendan Islington North
Henry Wilton Cambridge
Joe Tunmer Brighton Pavilion CLP
Darren Cowell Torbay
Roma Arnott South Herefordshire
James Howley Bambury
Richard Wallace Wirral West CLP
Kelly Hingley Stretford and urmston
Andrew Murdy Rugby CLP
jamie simmonds Camden
Michael Airey Hertsmere
Mike Bullivant Milton Keynes
Johnny nolan Hampstead and kilburn
Debbie Martin Wealden
Martin Holt oxford east
Vivienne Redman Hillingdon
Jill Vincent Loughborough
Peter Martin Baggett Newbury CLP
John Sheard Wakefield
Mervyn Gardner Worthing West CLP
Susannah Lord Norwich South CLP
Alain Lewis Tunbridge Wells
David Urwin Associate member Unite
William Tray Coventry North West CLP
Paul Howe North East Cambridgeshire
Stuart Dobson North East Cambridgeshire
Rahee Ali Broxtowe
Val Purcell Wallasey
Claire Read Norwich
Clive wood Feltham
David Crawford Richmond Park
Paul Ratcliffe Sheffield Heeley
Angela Aston Putney
Richard Hillier Hammersmith & Fulham
Oli Clark Moseley and Kings Heath
Jonathan Elliman Buckingham
Stephen McNair Broadland
Andrew Dickie Norwich North
Mark Cousins Nottingham East CLP
Richard Hepple Broxtowe
Joanna Stobbs Canterbury
Sinéad Connolly Gosport CLP
Dave Berriman Hastings
Caroline de Max Ipswich
Chris Bird South Oxfordshire
Howard Turner Broadland
Rick Cooper Copeland
Sonja Cooper Copeland
John Medhurst Hove
Brita Forsstrom Camden South
Anna Cooper Streatham
Tamiya Johnston Islington South
Roy Blanchard Leeds (South Central CLP)
Ian Loffhagen Dwyfor Meirionnydd
John Roebuck Leeds (South Central CLP)
Richard moore Preseli Pembrokeshire
Liz Flower Dwyfor Meirionnydd
Frances Osborne Chichester
Richard Moore Preseli Pembrokeshire CLP
Hannah Clilverd Edinburgh Southern
Meg compton Exeter
Elsa O'Toole Holborn & St Pancras
Philippa Browning MAnchester Withington
Howard Collins Mid Norfolk
Philip Allaker Ealing
Barbara Dobson North East Cambridgeshire
Catherine Dawson Exeter
Cllr Sharon Mintoff Romsey & Southampton North
Oli Clark Moseley and Kings Heath
Ingrid Jackson-Little Bootle
Sophia McDougall Greenwich
William Davies Filton and Bradley Stoke
Giuseppe Belli LINCOLN CLP
Thandi McNair Bristol West
Stephen Ford South Cambs
Bethanie Collins Mid Norfolk LP
Patrick Maynard-Smith North-East Hants.
Eddie Payne Affiliate member through CWU
Cameron Robinson Northern Ireland
Andrew Clark Islington South & Finsbury
Kenneth O'Connell Truro and Falmouth
Charley Downey Leeds North East CLP
Neil Summers Wansbeck CLP
Brian Doherty Kingston upon Thanes
Maria Angeles Martinez Serrano Garston and Halewood
Jacqueline Sambrook Hendon
Hilary Appleton West Suffolk CLP
Joanna Stobbs Canterbury
Anne-Marie Martin Dover and Deal
Anthony Pettit Labour International
Fraser Britton Bassetlaw CLP
Alan Bean Birmingham, Hall Green
Caroline Watkins Ipswich
K Bannsister South Cambridge
Jeanne Houston Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Ian Gant Westminster North
Leo Marshall Hastings
Angela Gibbins Walthamstow CLP
Peter Ryley Worsley and Eccles South
Andrew Wincott Selby and Ainsty
Clare Sullivan Saffron Walden
Suaad George Exeter
Mark Pattenden lewisham
Phil Lockwood Edinburgh Pentlands
Andy Rimmer Clwyd South CLP
Stephen McGreal St Albans
Alan Hudson Wells CLP
Chris Billing Totnes
Paul long Carmarthen east and Dinefwr CLP
Jane Gilbert Cambridge
Rainbow Colpus Heeley
Robert Grayston South Cambridgeshire
Andrew Dobson Doncaster Central
Matt Smith York Central
Kevin flude Hackney south
Paul Pierrot Charlton
Rosie Brooke-Taylor Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
Debbie Wiles Northampton South
Lee Delahay Cardiff South
Ben Delfont Epsom & Ewell
Aidan O'Malley Islington South and Finsbury
Karen Henderson Labour International
Emily Gordon-Smith Chelsea & Fulham
Andrew Sillis Stourbridge
Claire Conway Exeter
Emily Hai Hendon
SL Ireland Brighton Pavilion
Anna Burrage Labour International
Jean Dillon West Suffolk CLP
Emma Wiberg Swansea East
Clive Hillman Southend West
Karen Goode Newport
Matthew Galtress Broxtowe CLP
Steve Renn Camberwell and Peckham
Margaret Masterman Boston and Skegness
Sally Clayden Gower
Adrian Walls Clwyd West CLP
Chris Atkinson Labour International
Ciaran Farrell Holborn & St. Pancras
Fraser Britton Bassetlaw CLP
Nigel driffield Meriden
Laura Hughes Birkenhead
Karl Royle Shrewsbury and atcham
Kenneth Wright Edinburgh Western CLP
Sarah Rhys Brighton and Hove
John Miller New Forest West
Larry Shulman Hornsey and Wood Green
Celia James South Cambridgeshire
Sue Edgar Banbury
Jenny Allen Filton & Bradley Stoke
Caroline Harper Islington North
Daniel Bassilios Newcastle Upon Tyne Central CLP
Carolyn Devereux Mid beds CLP
Dominic David Brighton
Stephen Loft Milton Keynes South
Rosie Tavener Mitcham & Morden
Patrick Dickinson Hammersmith & Fulham
Brian Weddell East Lothian
Sam Shortt Lewisham Deptford
iain edwards brecon and radnor
Jill Gould Derbyshire Dales
Jude Williams Hall Green, Birmingham
Steve Barber Broxtowe
W. Surtees-Smith Riverside Liverpool
John Clayden Gower
Lynda Scholten International Member France
Adam Ramadan Sutton Coldfield
Stephan Hollingshead Rotherham
Mark Wells (Former Cllr ) South Norfolk
John Morton Meadhan Fìobha agus Gleann Rathais (Mid Fife & Glenrothes)
Mark Williams Hall Green, Birmingham
Geoff plant Labour International
Gillian Bates Ashfield
Tamsin Clayton Hamm &Fulham
Richard Boorn Worcester
Barbara Ramsbottom Sefton Central
Marilyn Leah West Dorset CLP
David maddock Bootle
Nick Davidson Islington North
Mandy Tucker Broxbourne
Joanna Stobbs Canterbury
Judith Rowlands Labour International
Steven Sowden Newcastle upon Tyne East
Dan Finn Portsmouth
Julian Self Milton Keynes
Laura Wright Exeter
Dr Jennifer Robinson Derbyshire Dales
Aidan Enright Shipley
Caroline Williams West Oxfordshire
Joanna Stobbs Canterbury
Sophie Keenleyside Bethnal Green & Bow
Trudi Beaumont Labour International (France)
Barry Chandler Hornsey and Wood Green
Zoe Carruthers North Wiltshire
Richard Layfield Wythenshawe and Sale East CLP
Celestina Robertson North Norfolk
Peter Chidgey-Hallan Lewisham & Deptford CLP
Frances Crook Finchley & Golders Green
Scott Lau Teignbridge
Joanna Stobbs Canterbury
Elaine Ridealgh-Bradshaw Poplar & Limehouse
Mashhuda Glencross Oxford and District
Michael Airey Hertsmere
Anne Cunningham Pudsey
Peter Walmsley Havant
Alisdair Darroch Cambridge
Kathryn Jacklin Sheffield Central
Karen Campbell Chorley
Frank Russell Edinburgh Pentlands CLP
Andrew Thompson Birmingham Ladywood
Drusilla Cole Bishops Castle
Cllr Clifton Weston Bridlington
Paul Barlow Hastings and Rye
Cllr Una Walker Strathkelvin and Bearsden CLP
Jonathan Black Hornsey and Wood Green
Joanna Stobbs Canterbury
chris ramsden peniston
Howard Miller Clydesdale
Emma Robertson Cheltenham
Celia Fogden Somerton and Frome
Vanessa gajewska Kingswood
Milica Plinston Holborn & St Pancreas
David Carter Ealing
Martin Clement North Islington CLP
Barry Fogden Somerton and Frome
Sarah Mooring International
Simon Peter Spencer Derbyshire Dales CLP
Barbara Bowden Enfield Southgate CLP
Hugh Stoddart Streatham
Susan Moore Stafford
Catherine Fenerty Southport
Mick Sheridan Carmarthenshire
Adrian Moore Stafford
James Lavin Bassetlaw
Dave McCall Wrexham
Pete Shotton Manchester Gorton
Ann McCall Wrexham
Joshua Rose Sheffield central
Marie Naughton Manchester Gorton
Christine Phelan Clatterbridge
Jenny Lawrence Hereford
Elise Holland Forest of Dean CLP
Louise Jameson Tunbridge Wells
Jamila Wright Solihull
Paul Davies Norwich
Robert Sugden Hexham
Sally Whiteside Wantage
Amanda Brewer Kensington
Dr David Mawer Alyn & Deeside
Susan Baulch Canterbury and Whitstable
Barry Fogden Somerton & Frome
Catherine Mills Dundee
Ian McDonald Edinburgh Eastern
Sheelagh Abbots Clywd South
Jean Khote Leicester
Nev Bann Liverpool Riverside
Faith Harris Plymouth Sutton
Jill Stevens Hove
andrew fox east yorkshire
Graeme Phelan Wirral South
Felicity Riddy West Wolds
Douglas Dodds Lewes
Kirsty Hartsiotis Stroud
Kirsten Marrs Staines
Nicola Clark Chichester
Barbara Swift Staffordshire
Judit Kimpian Tottenham
Maud Ramadan Sefton
Alan John Spencer Derby South
Gary Tice Liverpool Riverside
Fraser Britton Bassetlaw CLP
David Gow Edinburgh Central
Angela Holt Leeds West
Malissa Taylor-SAKS Canterbury/Whitstable
Anna Coles Canterbury
Katy Legg Gorton
Andrew Dobson Doncaster Central
Candace Reading Tower Hamlets
Frances Lothian Ludlow
Roger William Emmerson Dorset Wareham
Margaret Bleet Rochford and Southend East
Lucy Crockford Telford and Wrekin
Sue Powell Bristol West
Warwick M Davies Clwyd West
Richard Baker Newcastle upon Tyne Central
Debs Heneghan Finchley & Golders Green
Patricia Willmott Shrewsbury
Gail Uttley Berwick upon Tweed CLP
Danny Stannard Barking
Moya Carey Bromley
Steve Lowe Mitcham and Morden
Miles Webber Finchley & Golders Green CLP
Isobel Kerrigan Tunbridge Wells
Maire Clerkin Islington South
Katy Noakes Bristol West
Robert Good Guildford
Philippa Browning MAnchester Withington
Christopher Heneghan Finchley & Golders Green
H Davidson Esher & Walton CLP
Philippa Browning MAnchester Withington
Adam Wilde Nottingham East
Shaun Flood Dewsbury
Pat Ashworth Rochester & Strood
Ivor Gaber Brighton Kemptown
Fraser Britton Bassetlaw CLP
Trish Davies Cambridge
Nancy Hughes Harwich and North Essex
Ceri-Anne Brighton & Hove
Anthony Spence High Peak
Deniz Onder Tower Hamlets
Louise birt Didcot
Cllr Peter Campbell South Thanet
Fraser Britton Bassetlaw CLP
Jemma Tabraham Hackney South and Shoreditch
H G Mansfield Western Isles Labour
Geoff Fordham Suffolk Coastal
Liz Nolan Sefton
Victoria jones Clwyd south
Lindsay peters Sheffield Hallam
Rachael Fordham Suffolk Coastal
Petra Suckling Wellingborough and Rushden CLP
Jane Gaber Finchley and Golders Green
Charles Suckling Wellingborough and Rushden
Lynne Rothwell Don Valley
Liz Grose Pendle
Mark Blagrove Swansea West
Marc Svensson Vauxhall
Nicky Browne Richmond Park
Sara Hall Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Anne-Marie Kramer Hitchin and Harpenden
Jane Speller Calder Valley
Peta Steel Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP
Bridget Chapman Daventry
Nick Chapman Daventry clp
Ian Cornwell Vauxhall CLP
Frances Crook Finchley & Golders Green
Mary White Bath
John Wall Unison member
Julie Cattell Brighton & Hove District Party
Louise Robinson Stockton South
Mike Smith Popular and Limehouse
Rebecca Edge Islington North
Laura Williams Tiverton & Honiton
Matthew Zasada Mole Valley
Kieron Attwood Leicester West
Ann Collinson-Jones Bexhill & Battle CLP
Mike Leggett Milton Keynes South CLP
Sophie Varlow Hackney North & Stoke Newington
John Schluter Guildford
Lindy Barbour Clydesdale CLP
Michele Bull Derbyshire South
David Foster Sleaford & North Hykeham
Rachel creevy Hartlepool CLP
Stephen Garratt Leyton and Walthamstow
Karen Chapman Darlington
Paul Rogers Hinckley & Bosworth
Jan Lennon Shipston on Stour
Sally Brooks York Central
Luke Allum Labour International
Sarah McGrath Bedford
Alastair Painter Broxbourne
Ron Dunn Tatton
Craig Timmins Pudsey CLP
Daniel Barrow Sheffield University Labour Students
Paula Benson Hammersmith & Fulham
David Matzdorf Islington South and Finsbury
Philip Cleary Wokingham
Lynn Breeze Calder Valley
Vanessa von Pralitz Slough
Alvin Wood Oldham
Anne Callaghan Sefton Central
Ericka Moon Grantham and Stamford CLP
Mark Mulgrew Edinburgh South
Ewa Robertson Chingford and Woodford Green
Dario Vigorito Holborn and St. Pancras
David Love Barnsley central
Jenna Thorne North cornwall
Robert Charig Brentford & Isleworth
Jan Herraty Ludlow
Wendy Furness Macclesfield
Sharon O'Dea Richmond Park
Michael Wheeler Wrekin CLP
Gill hagan-green Durham
Russ Ayres Wokingham
Scott Liddell Edinburgh West
Mary McDonald Copeland CLP
Fran Bower Mid Bedfordshire
Claire Curtis-Thomas Luton
Georgina Curtis-Tansley Bootle
Michelle Lee Dulwich and Norwood
Sue Wilson Oxford East
Richard Bateman High Peak
John Shipp Leicester West
Penelope Webb-Anderson Tunbridge Wells CLP
Mark Hale Frome
Helen grimley East Worthing and shoreham
Anke Plummer Milton Keynes CLP
Paul Harrington Labour International
David webster Truro and Falmouth
Ceri Saunders Warley CLP
Jacqueline Hughes Lancaster and Fleetwood
Joby Talbot Hammersmith and Fulham
Gavin Ledger York city CLP
Jason Elliott Calder Valley CLP
Paul Liptrot Tameside
Frank Roche Bishop Auckland
Gill Shepherd Islington North
Isabelle Magis Selby and Ainsty
Brian Mcguirk Sutton, Surrey
Jude Roberts Kensington CLP
Jon Bridle South Bristol
Paul McDonald Chesterfield
Roger Jones Lancaster & Fleetwood
Tom Willecome Cardiff North
Madeleine McKeown Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Ian eastwood International
Sue Painter International Labour Party, France
Philippa Browning MAnchester Withington
John Stubbs Bournemouth East
Andrew Burton Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Phil Crooks South West Bedfordshire CLP
Mohammad Ashfaq Thurrock
Catherine O'Mahony Tower Hamlets
Claudia Gumm Radstock and Midsomer Norton
Mark Turnock Leyton & Wanstead
Simon Spoerer Exeter
Deborah Blackman Colchester
Nick King Hemel Hempstead
Moira Collett Harwich and N Essex CLP
Tim Taylor Hackney North and StokeNewington
Philippa Reid Liskeard
Elizabeth Pannell Tiverton and Honiton
Michael Parkinson Harrow West
Harriette Smart Stourbridge
Deborah Lawrence-Wilson Oxford West and Abingdon
Tanith Oxley Exeter
Monica Cashman Welwyn-Hatfield
DaveTraxson Wolverhampton South West
Barry King Chester CLP
Teresa Fajardo Chester CLP
Roberto King Chester CLP
Steven Bentley Wokingham
Robert Graham Whalley Range
Deborah Lawrence-Wilson Oxford West and Abingdon
Mark Blackburn Shipley
Clare Blackburn Midlothian South Tweeddale and Lauderdale
Francis Eldergill Esher and Walton
Helen Andrews Hampstead
Saxon Spence Exeter CLP
Ayse Bahriyeli Tunbridge Wells
Chiara Bertelli Swansea west
Alistair Roberts Richmond Park
Cllr Doug James Walsall South
Mike Wilson Preseli
Abigail King Warley
Sarah goodfellow Waltham forest
Sarah Coyne Wigan
Carolyn Westwood Newton Abbot CLP
Steven Aplin Gedling
Susan Hammond North warwickshire
Helen Aplin Gedling
Syd Kent Colchester
Malcolm Goodwin Westminster North CLP
Jonathan Eastmond Brentford and Isleworth
Mario Kyriacou Chingford and Woodford Green CLP
Gem Durham Birmingham selly oak clp
Alexandra Withnall Rugby
Timothy Bartlett Gainsborough
Paul Clarke Crewe & Nantwich
Bill Cunningham Edinburgh Central CLP
Susan Rees Coventry
Andrea Lambell Darlington
Ash Lenton Oxford East
Thomas Oates Hampstead & Kilburn
Andy Shirling Hornchurch and Upminster
Julian Whitehead Dorset Mid and Poole North
Rebecca Pamely-Bast Northampton North
Philip Woolley Lewisham Deptford
Jos Steinmann Bristol West
Stuart McGowan Portsmouth
Helen Turley Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland
Eddie Shotton Bristol West
Kim Palmer Doncaster North
Lorraine Barwell Acton Central
Cllr Michael Jefferys West Suffolk CLP
Vanda Greenwood Shipley
Richard Brimble Exeter CLP
Stuart McGowan Portsmouth
Gemma Gregory Broxtowe CLP
Julie Brimble Exeter CLP
Mrs Letchford Hertfordshire North East
Charlotte Sunley Southampton & Romsey
Heather Thompson Sefton
Michael Cater Gosport CLP
Paul Poplawski International
Howard Baker Shepway
Tim Starkey Chesham and Amersham
Doreen Osborne Wokingham
Kerry Willecome Cardiff North
Mark Norman Oxford and District
Kay Southgate South Norfolk
Michael bohan Devizes
Euan Philipps Tonbridge & Malling
Tiina Pelttari Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Alan Renshall Riverside
Sheleagh llewellyn Cardiff west
Graham Anderson East Worthing and Shoreham
Michael Grinham Warley
Shona Bluhm Ludlow
Frances Pace West Ham
Kathy Trevelyan Walthamstow
Mark Eltringham Stockton South
Julia Armstrong Tooting
Tim Davies Abingdon
Michael Sheils Bournemouth CLP
Jane Lawson Greenwich & Woolwich
Natalia Jeremiah Battersea
David Bridges Henley-on-Thames
Michael Davey South Norfolk CLP
Gordon Morris Hexham
Judy Hogg Labour international
William Andrews Hampstead and Kilburn
Naomi Goodman Romsey and Southampton North
Simon Turner Lewes
Jo Rhodes Lincoln
Jim Ellis Chester
Lotte Collett Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Nicola Blunden Canton Ward
Jacob Armstrong Blaydon CLP
Liz Oxburgh Exeter
Serena Ranieri Hackney North and Stoke Newington LP
Stephen Garratt Leyton and Walthamstow
Jean Hill Wallasey
James North West Leicestershire
Tim Woolliscroft Sheffield, Heeley
Sue Hunt Sherwood
Daniel Campion Greenwich and Woolwich
Jo Ingold Leeds North East
Deborah Smith Wyre & Preston North
Felicidad Fernandez Maidstone and the Weald CLP
Stephen Garratt Leyton and Walthamstow
Geraldine Stoneham Exeter CLP
Shaun Trezise Labour international
Ray Stoneham Exeter CLP
James Bretherton Oxford West and Abingdon
Andrew Grant Edinburgh South
Rod Cuming Bolton North East
Rob Morse Exeter CLP
Steve Taylor Chipping Barnet
Keith Lloyd Hackney North and Stoke Newington
John Morton Bury North
Roy Higginbottom Nottingham East
Lisa Jones Stretford and Urmston
Michael Calder Rutherglen CLP
Gary Rice Liverpool Riverside
Dan Wheeler Dulwich & West Norwood
Julie fagan Anfield
Cllr Luke Sills Exeter
Nicholas Boalch Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP
Mark Anderson Bradford
Steve Clifton Withington CLP
David shaw Walthamstow
Michael Ambler Cardiff North
Maria Adlam-Apps South West Wiltshire
David Lurie Hornsey & Wood Green
Teja Hudson Edinburgh North and Leith
Lunnecessary Taylor Wokingham
Emma Morse Exeter
Suzanne Jones Kenilworth & Southam
Roy Talbot Exeter
Juliet Evans Colchester
Clare Harrison York Central
Dr Jason Holdcroft Mid Derbyshire
Gregory Ayre Epping Forest
Jackie Rupert Wokingham
Alan Hunns Islington North
Oscar Franklin Chatham and Aylesford
Eleanor Pole Hampstead
Paul Courtney Clarke Rushcliffe
Liam Perry Cardiff South & Penarth
Tony Skuse Wokingham
David Hill Edinburgh North and Leith
Laurie Coldwell Colne Valley CLP
Hilary Powell Walthamstow
Eve Shotton Withington CLP
Kate Ollis Stockton South
Lucy Sweetman Bath
Jonathan Evans Colchester
Isla Skinner Shipley CLP
Rob Maskell Romsey and Southampton North CLP
Sean Smart Richmond
Louise Armstrong Harwich & NE
Simon Whiffin hastings and rye
Sandra Link Crewe and Nantwich
Chris Gravell Milton Keynes North
Cllr David Howell Chelmsford CLP
Tracey chaudron Norwich south
David Thomas Windsor & Maidenhead
Clare Barton Ross Skye and Lochaber CLP
Matt Burman Roundhay
George Dickson Edinburgh Pentlands
Alessandro Giacometto Wokingham
Dr David Turner Kettering
Frances Bulwer Southwark and Bermondsey
Sarah Lynn Hove CLP
Alan Clark Hull West & Hessle
Ruth Prince Rothwell
John Medhurst Hove
Trevor Thomas Chelmsford
Gordon Miller Pentlands
Stephen Feeney Eltham
Fraser Britton Bassetlaw CLP
Karine Zbinden Sheffield, Hallam CLP
Barry Smith Gedling West
Norma Smyth Ashford, Kent
Avis Mastin Sunderland Central
Fraser Britton Bassetlaw CLP
Nicky Browne Richmond Park
Phillip Fenton Bath
Jacqui Rowe Birmingham Northfield
Jon Jacobs Finchley and Golders Green
Rachel Moore Portsmouth
Neil Attisha Haltemprice and Howden CLP
Duncan Cosgrove Sheffield Heeley
Michael Pevsner New Cross
Steve Dwacon St edmundsbury
Diane Axford Chipping Barnet
Vanessa price St edmundsbury
Patricia Willmott Shrewsbury
MR ANDREW STEELE Crewe and Nantwich
Gareth Baynham Paisley and Renfrewshire South CLP
Arwel Parry Crewe and Nantwich CLP
Claire McIntyre North Tyneside
George Adsett-Knutsen Lewes
Sue Hocking Mid Worcestershire
Levi Roach Exeter
Melanie Strong Islington North
Esther Richardson Nottingham East
Richard Murton East Yorkshire
Susan Bowie Shetland CLP
Steve Bridgeman Birmingham Hall Green
Mark Diamond Isleworth
Nigel Wootton Hitchin & Harpenden
Richard Bannan Windsor
Wayne O'Brien Wolverhampton SW
Mark Hedderly Kensington
Jill Stevens Hove
David Parry Chester & Cheshire West
Mohamed Salam Kamara Tottenham
William Kerr East Kilbride
James Kelly Sydenham
Jeffery Piper Brussels Labour
Victoria Metcalfe Walton
Caroline Glendinning Manchester Withington
Sara Klomps South Hackney
Gelske Huyer South Hackney
Katie Hewitt Shipley
Eugenia Cronin Dulwich & West Norwood
Cathy Russell Newcastle upon Tyne North
Sue Wood-Griffiths Mid Worcestershire
John Dally Shetland
Nigel Atkinson Middlesbrough
Carol Spragg Newcastle West
janet Ashton Pudsey
George Rodgers Southwark
Lucia de Castro Hornsey and Wood Green
Bill Majrowski Tooting CLP
Andy Ching Bristol East
Verity Wislocki Esher & Walton
Peter Smith Newcastle North
Cllr Una Walker Strathkelvin and Bearsden
Rachel McQueen North Cornwall CLP
John Speirs Somerton and Frome
Ken Williams Barley Sheffield
Steve Morrall New Forest
Martha Casey Brighton Kemptown
John Medhurst Hove
Philip Grierson Brecon & Radnor
Kevin Hall Harwich and North Essex
Daniel Stokes Exeter
Pete Eiseman-Renyard Finchley and Golders Green CLP
Mark Gainey Salisbury CLP
Cat Brockbank Penistone and Stocksbridge
Bob Calvert New Forest East CLP
Susan Timmins Shetland
Hugh Macfarlane Mid Fife and Glenrothes CLP
Monica Lanman Finchley and Golders Green
Roger Brown Garston & Halewood
Annie Lawler Westminster
vicky osborne Chester
Samuel Elliott Cambridge
Gemma Maxwell-Evans Northampton South
Fiona Thompson Shipley
Calum Sawford Northampton
Jess england Walthamstow
Reubs J Walsh Sevenoaks
Catherine Mellalieu-Heycock Keighley and Ilkley
Lee Thorpe Walthamstow
Jane Higson Bristol east
Poppy Allen Chingford & Woodford Green
Alex Elliott York Outer
Lee Davies Gateshead East
Samantha Willis Shetland CLP
Ian Brown Doncaster north
Nic Wastell South Leicestershire CLP
Caroline Bray Lewisham East
Ian Higson Bristol East
Patricia Bra Eltham CLP
Fiona Thompson Shipley
Bob Calvert New Forest East CLP
Michael George Watts North Hertfordshire
Jack Rudd Torridge and West Devon
Edward Spence Selby & Ainsty
sarah willett northampton
Tom Ward Walthamstow
arnold willett northampton
Steven Campbell Walthamstow CLP
C A Hobbs Walthamstow
Mazhar Mahmood Walthamstow
Terry Maher Nottingham South
Sophie Brown Nottingham South
Frances Alice Rogers Brent Central
Kim M Grant Corby
Stephen Heycock Keighley and Ilkley
Stewart Grant Corby
Nick Stewart Edinburgh Southern CLP
Peter John Dyson Bradford South
S. von Reiswitz Hackney North & Stoke Newington
Isabelle Magis Selby and Ainsty
john McAllister Harwich & North Essex
Stephen willett northampton
Mark Layden Lincoln CLP
Andrea Belshaw Stockport
Rose Pearson Cardiff West
Jane-Claire Bulmer Colne Valley
Lawrence Welsby Tottenham
Maureen christie Shetland
Camille Savinien Camberwell & Peckham
Stephen Thomson Chichester
Paul Davies Derby North
Simon Glenister Bury St Edmunds CLP
Helen hall Chester CLP
Mark Eyre Stirling
Suki Jones Portsmouth
Alan Haggarty Midlothian
Alexander Belton Stockport CLP
Merryl Wahogo East Reading
Judith Gardiner Bethnal Green and Bow
Graham Smith Walthamstow
Eleanor Marriott Southwark CLP
David Jobbins Brentwood & Ongar CLP
James Hunt Sunderland South CLP
Maggie Schofield Wakefield CLP
Michael Liggins East Oxford CLP
Janet hayhurst Broxtowe
Diana Palmer St Ives CLP
Matt Moore Leeds Central
Neil Turok Cambridge CLP
George Smith Shetlands CLP
Dr Kari Maund Cambridge CLP
Harriet Devine East Oxford CLP
June Eglin-Lowe Liverpool Riverside CLP
Scot McKenzie Bristol South CLP
Paul Vernon Lydiate Rossendale and Darwen CLP
Steve Hawker St. Austell and Newquay
Brendan Walsh Unite Affiliate Member
Cllr Keith Owen Exeter CLP
Anne King Skipton & Ripon CLP
Derek King Skipton & Ripon CLP
Robert Parrish Newton Abbot CLP
Catherine Graham Halifax CLP
Richard Denton Ealing CLP
Heather Trickey Cardiff South and Penarth CLP
Barbara Browning Hastings and Rye CLP
Jim Moody Isle of Wight CLP
Peter Wedlock Clacton CLP
Saul Reid Vauxhall CLP
Gerard McLaughlin Angus South CLP
Karen Fraser Shetland CLP
Guy Swarbrick Wokingham
Jill Stevens Brighton & Hove CLP
Zaheer Mohammed Leyton and Wanstead
Janice Rumbold Birmingham Hodge Hill
Bob Calvert New Forest East CLP
Rosemary McKenna Cumbernauld, Kilsyth & Kirkintilloch East
Daneala Mason Walthamstow CLP
Rachel Tunney Broxtowe
Anna Flaherty Sheffield Heeley CLP
Mimi Edwards Southwark CLP
Graham Hatch Stockton North CLP
Lesley Brown Harborough
Jane Vinall Exeter CLP
John Rumbold Hodge Hill CLP
Andrew Woodward South Staffordshire CLP
Stuart Bowman Hackney South and Shoreditch
Caroline Lewis York Central CLP
Richard Wallace North Staffordshire and Cheshire East Cooperative Party
Mike Challis Central Suffolk
Suzanne Warr Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Hilary Haworth Chesham and Amersham CLP
Richard Brooks Exeter CLP
Lorna crawford North Tyneside CLP
Martin Gawith Nottingham East CLP
Charles Bell Houghton and Washington CLP
Kirsten Layton Exeter CLP
Kate Snook Tooting CLP
Sebastian Halliday St Ives CLP
Mike Cooper City of Chester CLP
Nick Anstead Lewisham Deptford clp
Simon Ratcliffe Coventry South CLP
Duncan Wood Exeter CLP
Kalyani Sandrapragas Barnet CLP
Tim Reading Tower Hamlets CLP
Dave Schofield Stalybridge & Hyde CLP
Stephen Patman Walthamstow CLP
Christopher JK Ward Gedling
Judith Ward Gedling
Jayson K Mackie Gedling
Frederick Ott Eltham
Katie Snook East Devon CLP
Dave McCall Wrexham CLP
Andy Winter Broxtowe CLP
Dennis ford Hartlepool
Bob Woods Cardiff Central CLP
Karen Evans Liverpool Belle Vale CLP
Carol Levene Enfield North CLP
Yvonne Parsons Central Devon CLP
Margaret Brown Washington and Sunderland West
Jessica Thompson York Central
Matt Mitchell Lancaster and Fleetwood
Matthew Vizard Exeter CLP
Ann Shepherd Battersea
Kathy Bartlett Barrow and Furness
Bakul Patki Cantelowes (Holborn & St Pancras)
Linda Piece Delyn
Jacob Smith Cardiff Central CLP
Ian Bounds Cardiff Central
Ian Richardson Lewisham Deptford
Helen Wheeler Colne Valley
Caz Mowe Ludlow CLP
cllr lesley robson Exeter
Anne Bebbington Gosport CLP
Adam Jones Mid Sussex
Mike Freeman Colchester
James Brinning Cardiff Central CLP
Helen Wheeler Colne Valley CLP
Rod Cottam Exeter
Charlie stopps Lewisham Deptford
Anne Barnes Exeter
Danny Murphy Mid Worcestershire
Sue Teddern Hove
David Walls delyn
Eileen Means Bristol West
Tom Waters Colchester
Jan Palmer Nottingham East
Hannah Lyons-Singer Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Sarah Wilding Truro & Falmouth
Jeremy Lynton Poplar & Limehouse
Jonathan Wallcroft North East Somerset
Nigel Stokes Fleetwood and Lancaster
David Long Rochdale CLP
Nicholas G Willatt Exeter
Chris Michael Oxford East
Stuart Eglin Liverpool Riverside
Lynn Parfitt Bristol south
Ian Croiuch Islington South
Peter Sullivan Bethnal Green and Bow
David Boothey Central Ealing and Acton
Fiona Urquhart Labour International
George Nisbet Almond Valley CLP
Huw Thomas Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough
Carole Kendellen Labour International
Jacqui Rowe Birmingham Northfield
Chloe Nadt Camberwell & Peckham CLP
David Barnett Holborn & St Pancras
Daniel Ball Southwark
Gary Litchfield Cannock Chase
Andree Dignon Rushcliffe
Marilyn Carroll Manchester Central CLP
deborah benson south lanarkshire
Abbie Shannon colchester
Debbie Bradley Birmingham, Selly Oak
Lindale Thompson Kensington and chelsea
Dr Jessica George Torfaen CLP
Ruth Dixon Devon Central CLP
Marietta Fourie-Owen Monmouth
Roger Duke Dywfor Meirionnydd
BEATRICE EDNEY Kensington and Chelsea
Jonathan Badger Labour International
Martin Pollard Exeter
Anna Sullivan Holborn and St Pancras
Barbara Harrison Birkenhead CLP
Rob Beard Torbay
Matthew Weinert Walthamstow
Glenn Evans Swansea west
Lesley Young Aberdeenshire West
Gundi Knies Colchester
Shaun Gilmartin Northern Ireland
Les heather North East Cambridgeshire
Christine Buswell East Devon
Lee Kemp Waveney CLP
Gaby Spinks Sheffield Unison associated member
Julian Daffern Nuneaton
Dr Diane Dolley Wyre Forest
Gary Griffiths Bridgend CLP
David Rhys Blackman York Central
Steve Mitchell South Herefordshire
Vince Barry Plymouth Sutton and Devonport
Jo Clarke Chipping Barnet
Susan Dixon Mongomeryshire
Peter Hampson Thornbury and Yate
Janet Brickley Central Devon
Fiona Goble South West Herts
Mal Simons North Warwickshire
Dr Peter Brickley Central Devon
Ray Aplin Central Devon
Ian Young South East Cambridgeshire
Debbie Simone Poplar & Limehouse
Cllr Kevin FitzGerald Rushcliffe
Chris Jenkins Windsor
Mark Allen Exeter
Cian harrington Kilburn & Hampstead
Adrian England North Somerset
Jeremy Cushing Exeter
James Hill Southampton Itchen
Jonathan Middleton Birmingham Northfield
Margaret Cushing Exeter CLP
Matthew Knight York Outer
Paul Wheeler Okehampton
Jane Samson Bath
Tom langford Kenilworth and Southam
Annette Bond Dunfermline
Dick Smith Labour International
Suzanne Nichols Hull and East Riding
Pamela Fellows Calder Valley
Vincent Ash Sunderland Central CLP
Richard Smith Labour International CLP
matt prichard lewisham east
Eve Wilson Leyton and Wanstead CLP
Michael Harvey Braintree Essex.
Edward Crask Hove CLP
Cal Morgan East Devon
Helen Lynn North West Cambridgeshire
George Walker Clwyd north west
Anne Greensmith Lewisham Deptford
Adrian Nicholls Nottingham East
David Morton Stourbridge
Pasco-Q Kevlin Norwich South CLP
Lynn Parfitt Bristol south
Trina Keane Stourbridge
Stephen Jennings Daventry
Lynn Parfitt Bristol south
James Quinn Clydesdale
David Nicholson Lewes
John Morgan-Evans Greenwich & Woolwich
Dr Peter Rankin Henley on Thames
Janet Garner Rossendale
Ciaran Colgan Northern Ireland
Patricia Borlenghi North East Essex and Harwich
Paul Bristow Lewisham Deptford CLP
Jacob Meyer Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Rebecca Birch Leyton and Wanstead
George Gilbert Southampton Itchen
Neil Howarth Rossendale
Nic Oatridge Twickenham
Martin Kurrein Mid-Kent
Gillian Dow Oxford East
Judith Lawson Dover CLP
Mary Gomez Birkenhead
Kathryn Johnson Waltham Forest
Tom Dolphin Brent Central
Alison Lord Walthamstow
C Waltets Cynon valley
Ian Kingston Ealing Southall CLP
Blenard Tika Vauxhall
Graeme pidgeon Unison
Martin Fidler Jones Pontypridd
Ginny Waterd Harwich
Akbey Kalkan Withington
Nick Boddington Lewes CLP
Stevan Walton North Durham CLP
Ian Griffiths Warwick & Leamington CLP
Alison Dorey Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough
Ruth Howdill Leeds west
Mark Arnold Tynemouth
Claudia Milne Hornsey and Wood Green
Mark Stephenson NW Durham
Peter Molloy Easington CLP
Martin Brammer Holborn and St. Pancras
Michael Heery Bristol West
Daniel Fullen Wallington and Carshalton
Nige Beatty MidSussex
David Long Manchester Withington
Gareth King Erewash
Nick Honer Oswestry
Nina Cole Hackney South
Sarah Wood Cambridge CLP
Tony Hodgson Hampstead and Kilburn
Mark hayden Wanstead
Matthew Quaife Tooting
Matthew Brown Southampton and Romsey
Roger Harris Beckenham CLP
Gerard Johnson Lewisham Deptford
Richard Howard Portsmouth
Cormac McDonough Lewisham Deptford
Alan Dickson Hemel Hempstead
Malcolm Garrett Dulwich and West Norwood
Lewis Whitmore Ashfield
Gerald Newman Ealing Central and Acton
Mark Guerin hertsmere
Anthony Nicols Islington North
Mike Cryan Manchester Withington
Shuna Dicks Moray
Vanesa Howard Swansea West
Eamonn McGuinness Bedford and Kempston CLP
Carol Weston Maldon
Jennifer Turner Greenwich & Woolwich CLP
David Howard Swansea West
Claire Barrett Bristol West
Alfred Gliddon Labour International
Magnus Cromarty Bristol south
Richard Moore High Wycombe
justin langley North west norfolk
Brian McGuinness Fylde
Connal Parr Wimbledon
Tom Sapwell South Northamptonshire
Paul Pudney Bedford
John Goldschmidt Hornsey and Wood Green
Alastair Laing Croydon
Hugo Collingridge Manchester Withington
Alex Nisbet Midlothian North and Musselburgh CLP
Kelda Deike Hornsey and Wood Green
Glyn Roberts Derbyshire
Natalie Gomez Epsom & Ewell
Vikki Cryan Withington
Hal Westergaard Bath
Dario Silvestro Birmingham Selly Oak
Louise Pritchard Warrington South
mary van Eker SEFTON CENTRAL
Ted O'Brien Sevenoaks
Amanda Holiday Camberwell
Aaron Cross Broxtowe
Leslie Hill S Coventry
Jon Tarrant Wirral West
Julia faulconbridge Newark
Helen Power Chichester
Colin hutchison Kirkcaldy and cowdenbeath
David Thunder Mid Sussex
Petra Harries Croydon North
Simon Phillips Amber Valley
David Kirton Hackney North & Stoke Newington CLP
Mary Hamnett Frome
Kellie O'Gara Devizes CLP
Nicky Franzen-Vipers North East Hertfordshire
Jennie Woods Chipping Barnet, London
Sebastian Mann Gower CLP
Vit Janik Earlsdon, Coventry
Clare Palmer Islington North
Durand D'souza Broxtowe
Darren John Solihull
Nakul Pande Battersea
Michael Jones Withington
Bobby Silby Hull North CLP
Mark Topham Leeds East
Chris Whiteway yeovil
Robert Armstrong Henley
Quentin Groom Labour International
Louis Pilford Tottenham
Jas Bhalla Hayes and Harlington
Garreth Hayes Hammersmith & Fulham
Catherine Rose Putney
Keith Holland West Suffolk
Jonathan Baldwin Cardiff South and Penarth
Chris POLES Elmet and Rothwell
Lynn Parfitt Bristol south
Rebekah Higgitt Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Dr Stephen J Colwill Islington North
Anne creedy Newcastle north
Matt Webb Leicester South CLP
Dan Browne Walthamstow
Stephen Cornelius Chipping Barnet
Andrew Peck Erewash
Neil Burgess South Hackney
Tom parkinson Hornsey and Wood Green
James Clarke Hertford and Stortford
Kathryn West Bedford and Kempston
Carl Poree Labour International
Allen Creedy Newcastle North
Cllr Brendan Toomey Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney
Adam Ozanne Manchester Withington
Hannah Brentford & Isleworth
Thorunn Helgason York Central
Brian Fairclough Calder Valley
Ian Watson Stockport CLP
Alexander Hay Southampton Test
Jonathan Cook Bedford and Kempston
Martin Good Cambridge
Lynn Manb Gower
Lydia Maher Hastings & Rye CLP
Cllr Ellaine Hurst Sherwood
Cllr Jennifer Raynor Swansea West
Isabelle Gutierrez Croydon North
Helen Berry Arfon
Will Harman Southwark
Christopher Woolls Bermondsey & Old Southwark
Kevin Porter Wolverhampton South West
Gabriele Mangini Edinburgh Northern and Leith
Roger Riddell Buckingham
Richie Young Blackpool north and Cleveleys CLP
Patrick Ormerod Streatham
James Bolton Wimbledon
Gail Nicholls Tamworth
Sean Cooper Ipswich
Mairwen Haldane Liverpool Wavetree
A Cansdale Ribble Valley CLP
James Anthony Horsfield Selby & Ainsty
Louise Goodison South Hackney
Paul Allen Walthamstow
George Campbell-Kelly Goldsmid and Hove Park
Maria Saunders-Mueller Beverley
Naomi Murphy East Northamptonshire
Amanda Taffinder Borders
Kay Buckley Huddersfield
Chris Gannon Bristol west
Corin Ennis Hall Green
Chris Haste Bradford West
Rico Isaacs Oxford East
Annie Robinson Edinburgh South
G Ruggiero Kingswood
Christine Deudney Walthamstow
Lisa Cunningham Bootle
Daisy Khera Perry Barr
Kirsten Rowlands Cardiff South & Penarth
Ronald Nicholls Tamworth CLP
Gary Kyle South Suffolk
Paul Caton St Helens South
Andrew Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Justin Hancock Blaydon
Glenn OHalloran Milton Keynes
Anthony Scott Stalybridge and Hyde
Jack Howard Swansea West
Coralie Morton Blaydon
anne jones Kingswood
Ian Jones South Dorset
Hanna Beyer Member of Unite
Chris Owen Esher and Walton CLP
Heather Milligan Edinburgh Northern and Leith
Eleanor K. Jones Manchester Central
Heather Morris Exeter
Greg Brown Norwich South
Peter Charles Lincoln
Hannah Blackburn Tunbridge Wells
David Lewis Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney
Bruno Cartwright Hertford and Stortford
Jack Enticott Mid Derbyshire
Paul Tuxworth Edgbaston
David Partridge St Albans
Sarah Kilkenny Walthamstow
Steve Maltby Suffolk Coastal CLP
Lyn Ambrose Islington North
Lucy Goddard Lewisham West and Penge
Patrick Young Islington North
Peter Day Shrewsbury
David Forder New Forest East
Angela Barney Heeley
Sarah Cunningham Finchley and Golders Green
Pam Ibbotson Macclesfield
Craig Prescott Burton Uttoxeter CLP
Glynn Winskel Cambridge
Helen Finch Leeds North East
Peter Fletcher Derby North
Colinj Day Bristol West
Delia Shepherd Wiltshire
Steven Tuszynski Delyn
Kevin Carlin Ealing Central and Acton
Delia Shepherd Wiltshire
Chloe Raby Crayford
Thomas Love Pudsey
John Rudd Gedling
Ian Llewelyn Cardiff West
Jan Colley Tunbridge Wells
Patrick Smith Chester
Alison Lister Sleaford and North Hykeham
Satnam Singh Cambridge
Colin Ward South Hereford
Kerry Knight Newton Abbot CLP
Rob Buckley Bromley and Chislehurst
Stephen Wilkinson Hertfordshire
Peter Davies Anglesey
Rachael Hinchliffe High Peak CLP
Mike Ashworth Brentwood and Ongar
Jean Robinson Nottingham South CLP
William Jones Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire
John Hayes Chorley
Dave Palmer Guildford
Paul Radcliffe Derbyshire Dales
David Glennie Bedford
David Dayson Romsey and Southampton North CLP
Yvonne Stretton Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale CLP
Simon Rippon Labour International
Dom Withington North Somerset
David Kennedy South Herefordshire CLP
Moira Potier de la Morandiere Sefton Central
Steve Baker Heeley
Dr Colin Cotter Wimbledon
liz pierce redbridge
Pauline Lisney Labour International
Emma Heseltine Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Cllr Rebecca Knowles Warrington South CLP
Richard Devereux Bristol North West
Damian Ward Richmond Park CLP
Stuart Kenny York Central
Tim Gutteridge Edinburgh North and Leith Labour Party
Sue Vandevelde Stratford-on-Avon CLP
Peter Miller Labour International
Alasdair Thomson Bishop Auckland
Julia Turpin Calder Valley
James Green Wirral West
David love Barnsley central
Ian Blades Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland
Peter Clayton havant
Simon Watson Maidenhead CLP
Jim Chapman Enfield Southgate
Michael Donithorn Tonbridge and Malling CLP
Paul Cook Cambridgeshire South East
Emma Pearson Gainsborough CLP
Angela Blades Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland
Simon Prentis Cheltenham
Kevin Winfield-Pantoja Barnsley
Nic Finch Cleethorpes
Andy Burge Hertford and Stortford
Jesse Scott Labour international
Ann Campbell Enfield Southgate
David Cotter Suffolk Coastal
Cllr Jennifer Raynor Swansea West CLP
Benjamin Wharton Harrogate & Knaresborough
Michael Hilland Putney
John D Turner Birmingham Perry Barr
David Hamilton East Kilbride
Shane Reynolds South Leicestershire
Thomas Smith Harrogate and Knaresborough
Paul Prior Newcastle-under-lyme
Robert Pettitt Crewe and Nantwich CLP
Isobel Chick Winchester CLP
Lynda Scholten Labour International (France)
John Hodgson Nottingham North
Sanjeev Kumar Tottenham
Mike Hobday St Albans
Cllr Graham Kendall Copeland
Terry Morden York Central
Nina Dluzewska Chesham and Amersham CLP
Ann Marie Islington North
John Connor Arun & South Downs
Vivienne Carroll Tatton
Tom Chapple Telford CLP
Penny Griggs Nottingham East
Dr Nick Hall Westminster North
Alex Bellem Darlington
Matthew Lees Hornsey and Wood Green
Richard Rawles Lewisham West and Penge
Benjamin Roberts Colchester
Carolyn Brown Ching ford and Woodford Green CLP
Tom Price Westminster CLP
Sue Lloyd Greenwich and Woolwich CLP
Elaine Connor Arun & South Downs
Tracey Page North East Somerset
Sue Munroe Charnwood
Martin McKee Lewisham East
Louise O'Connor Barking
Danielle Sinnett Bristol South
David Whalley Macclesfield
Kevin Page North East Somerset
Seb Thirlway Bristol West
steve atkinson hallam
liz atkinson hallam
Graham Fox South East Cornwall CLP
Tony Williams Horsham
Steve Tyler Banbury & Bicester
Martha Woolley North West Bristol
Charles Kirk Maldon
Hazel Seidel Colne Valley
Ray Walker York Outer
Lynn Parfitt Bristol south
Teresa Klinowska Cheadle CLP
Jacqui Rowe Birmingham Northfield
Jack Pulman-Slater Brecon and Radnorshire
Arthur Nield Newark & Sherwood
Neil McKay High Peak
Micheal Cowell St Albans
Malcolm Doolin Leyton and Wanstead CLP
Linda Marric Stoke Newington
Ian Coupe Worsley & Eccles
Cllr Warren Morgan Brighton Kemptown
Stephen Marchant JP Wells
Emma Feltham Lewisham east.
Leo Watkins Fulham and Chelsea
Paul Evans Coventry North East
Stephan Hunt Angus
Tamara Thomas St Ives
Alexander Case Camberwell & Peckham CLP
Austin McCormack Bournemouth CLP
Mary Macfarlane Leeds North East
Tony Williams Watford
David Baxter Cardiff West
David Hodgson Blaydon
Celia McCormack Bournemouth CLP
Paul Oldham Wigan
Gary Ferguson Edinburgh South
Joan Crouch Oxford West and Abingdon
Newton Armstrong Bethnal Green & Bow
Mark Hancock Ross, Skye and Lochaber
Sarah Mohun Honiton & Tiverton
Marion Richardson St Albans
Colin Crouch Oxford West and Abingdon
Bronwyn Enright Camberwell & Peckham CLP
Kate Feltham Hemsworth
Paul Bradley Kenilworth and Southam
Emile Greenhalgh Croydon North
George Por Brighton
Martin Penny Labour International
Gavin O'Carroll Southwark
Vanessa Howard Swansea West
Barbara Terziyski Hertford and Stortford
Rob Brennan Hornsey and Wood Green
Mick Watson Edinburgh South
Dominic Luff Wells
Maria Larrain Islington North
Iain McKendrick Edinburgh Southern
Jenny Allan Glasgow North
Kate Willsher Cambridge
Heather Clark Edinburgh Central
Peter Callery Warrington North
Graeme Douglas Vauxhall
Marie-Laure O'Shea Brent Central
Anthony Nicols Islington North
Dani Phipps East Oxford
denise meredith Twickenham
James Paul Turner Brighton Kemptown
Nick Gellatly Huntingdon
Rosemary Hindle Labour Intermational
David Harper Lewisham Deptford
Rachel Gilmour-Evans Leicester South
Steven Warwick South Holland
Alison Ireland South Lakes Labour
Susan Hughes Clwyd West
Sian Davies Islington South and Finsbury CLP
Vince Littler Kettering CLP & ASLEF TU Affiliate
Patricia Spencer Tatton
Calix Eden Lewisham West and Penge
Barnie Page Southwark
Catherine Bird St Ives
Benedict Binns Norwich South
Ruth Fillery-Travis Brighton
Maresa Elliot Harrow West
Katie Hopkins Barnstable
Jane Hemming Ruthin
Katherine Nickoll Harborough CLP
michael smiles newcastle central
Ekaterina Kostadintcheva Lewisham West and Penge CLP
Philip Pearson Hackney South and Shoreditch
Reza Middlesbrough
George Hall Selby & Ainsty
Geoffrey Napthine Leyton and Wanstead CLP
Michael Whitworth Oxford West and Abingdon
Meredith Hopkins Mole Valley
joe hall Bristol West CLP
Nora de Leeuw Harrow
Tamsin Morris Nottingham East
Matthew Leigh Oxford East
Duncan Dickie Macclesfield
Michael Mofidian Clydebank and Milngavie CLP
Sigi Leigh Putney
Lynn Parfitt Bristol south
Julian Kinderlerer Sheffield central
Dalia Wyatt HITCHIN
Jane Banham VAUXHALL
Patricia Stadié Labour International, Cologne, Germany
Grahame MacMullen Bromley and Chislehurst
Dr Chris Sanders Ealing & Acton
Tom Gray Holborn & St Pancras
Emma Cheatle Holborn and St Pancras
Andrea Power Bootle
Javed khan Avon
Richard Mills Fareham
Steve Ostler Eastbourne
Stefan Elbe Brighton & Hove
Deborah Tye International
Jan Dickson Edinburgh south
Daphne Giachero Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Aidan Moss Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
Mike Hall Salford and Eccles
Kornelis Sietsma Milton Keynes North
Jacob Fredrickson Bristol West
Kevin Murphy Dulwich and West Norwood
Andy Morse Ellesmere Port and Neston
Rosalind Hall South Cambridge
David Blyth Labour International
Samuel Caddick Sefton Central
Marion Mountain North Tyneside
Jane Parsons Lewisham West and Penge
Dave Boxall Bath
Natasha Sutton Williams Islington North
Michael Thomas St Ives
Lloyd Day South Suffolk
Philip Mountain North Tyneside
Genni Schmitt New forest east
Jane Ostler Eastbourne
Dawn Muspratt Watford
Georgina Ibata Runnymede
Elisabeth Roth Cardiff North
John Box Telford CLP
Nina Cartwright Newport East CLP
Louise Hutchinson Sutton, St Helens
Chris Gannon Bristol West CLP
Gary Pepworth Thornbury and Yate
Chris Jones Labour International
Sean Healy Hastings and Rye
Silvana Avram Huntingdon Cambridgeshire
Rob Harding Exeter CLP
Jane Burch Eltham
Rachael Rainbow Arundel & South Downs
Andrew Murphy Hackney South and Shoreditch
Tim Easton Yardley, Birmingham
Sandy Sharples Stretford and Urmston
Geoff Parsons Vauxhall
Sean McKenna South Cambs
Freya Cumberlidge Wells
Vivienne Fleet Peterborough CLP
Rebecca Dumbell Wantage CLP
John Mochan South Cambridgeshire
Alan Watt Glasgow Kelvin
Liz howells North Wiltshire
Gregory Atkins Somerset and Frome
M Pears Labour International
josephine gordon Hampstead and Kilburn
Helen Greaves Holborn and St Pancras
Carolyn Deby Hackney North & Stoke Newington Lea Bridge
Hazel Richards West Norfolk
Jon Clark Sheffield Central
Rachael Bewick Wells
Matthew Taunton Norwich South
Annemarie La Pensee Garston and Halewood
Salome ash Cheltenham
Andrew Uttley Wakefield CLP
Nick Read West Ham
Susana Romani-Paez Guildford
Rose rigby Liverpool West Derby
Tia Jobbins Durham
Katherine Donegan Islington North
Majid Al-Khalil Filton and Bradley Stoke CLP
Adrian Williams Hammersmith CLP
Sarah Hau Bootle
Tony Sheldon Stockport
Hazel Richards South West Norfolk
Ray Lewis Wimbledon
Chris Chew Broxtowe
Richard Langford Unite union member
Deri hughes-roberts Hastings and Rye CLP
Adam Brown Kensington & Chelsea
John wondwood Walsall south
brian binnersley Telford
David Richards South West Norfolk
Elizabeth Tyler York Central
Satyan Dharamshi Newham
Richard Brooke Oxford East
Alison Burton Brighton
Ged Wright Southport
Lee Gordon Vauxhall
Angela Rodgers Carlisle
Will Metcalfe Twickenham CLP
David Sambrook Thanet, south
Natalie Armstrong York Central
Allan Kelly Ealing central & Acton CLP
Di van Ruitenbeek Rossendale and Darwin
Mark Pringle Westminster North
Gareth Hughes Sth Derbyshire clp
Paul Armstrong York Central
mark copsey elmet and rothwell
Dan Rosenberg Tottenham CLP
Aaron Mehar Slough
Nils Edstrom Perry Barr CLP
Belinda Walker Folkestone and Hythe
Alan Langley St. Helens south & Whiston
Colin Williams Huddersfield
Andrew Rose Labour International
J eggleston Brentwood
Nigel Thornton Islington South
Steve Burdekin West Hertfordshire
Rebecca Playfoot Swansea West
Janet Seymour Harrogate and Knaresborough
Lucy Harrold Islington North
Simon Griffiths Bridgend
Patricia Denison Woking CLP
Charlotte Page Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Dayne Dougan Blyth CLP
Steve Parker Withington
Peter Clary Aldershot
Richard Ian Carling Cambridge CLP
Ian Wilson Lewisham Deptford
Rupert Johnson Bromsgrove
Ruth Felstead Bromsgrove CLP
Sebastian Moore Islington North
Edward Anstead Surrey Heath
Inbali Iserles Cambridge
Ann Stone North Northumberland
Guy Fletcher-Wood Oxford East
Titus Leskov South Lakes
David Hamer Norwich South
Lesley Holroyd Aberconwy
Dean Reeves North East Cambridgeshire
James Walsh hemel hempstead
Lee Winstanley Garston & Halewood CLP
Peter North Liverpool Riverside
Elisabeth Amnegard Chesterfield
kevin murray henley
Adam Buckles Brentwood South
Jill Barton Manchester, Withington
Bob Shaw Gorton CLP
Craig Dickson Midlothian
Stephen Goldenberg Ealing Central
sarah coleridge henley
Brian Stewart Manley South Northants
Cllr Jeff Fletcher St Helens North
sam conran Islington South
Neil Sutherland Salisbury
E. Tombros Leeds North West
Timon Hughes-Davies Central Devon
Neil Jones City of Chester
Catherine Duric Walthamstow
David Mildon Brentford and Isleworth
Robert David John Cardiff North CLP
Jacky Holliman Guildford
Joe Farnworth Brighton Kemptown
Kate Shaw Gorton CLP
Glyn Evans Aldershot CLP
William Burgeson Harrogate and Knaresborough
Will Leyland High Peak CLP
Heather Liverpool riverside
Jerry Stokes Stafford
Darren Parnell Bournemouth West
Tim Roe Lambeth
Duncan Williams Carmarthenshire
John Taylor Wallington and Carshalton
David Cox Birmingham Selly Oak
Sarah watson Kilburn
Molly Corlett Hampstead & Kilburn
Suzanne Atkins Edgebaston
Robert W Jump Pendle
Carole Riley Guildford, Surrey
Hilary Jenkins-Baldock Maidstone
Tomos Clarke cardiff south and penarth
Suzanne Cox Birmingham Selly Oak
J Hardie Clwyd South
Sherif Hanna Hornsey and Wood Green
Mike Parker Newport West
Clare Wilson South East Cambridgeshire
Deborah O'Donoghue Eastbourne
Dr Harry Milton Fulham
Dr N Munro Mid-Derbyshire CLP
Thomas Howarth Kirklees
Ian Bartlett Chesham and Amersham
Cllr Louise Mitchell Walthamstow CLP
David Rapp Welwyn Hatfield CLP
Kay Hamilton Tiverton
Carrie Paechter Leyton and Wanstead
Ella Hart North Islington
Cllr David Albone North East Bedfordshire CLP
Jaime Amezaga Newcastle upon Tyne North
Lewis Bingle Sunderland Central
David Thomas Rochdale
Stuart Thompson Ludlow
Melissa Mostyn Aylesbury
Gemma Jarman Hornsey and Wood Green
Judith Tigerschiold Norwich South
Nick Leonard Portsmouth
Alec barr WAkefield
Rob Lang Mitcham & Morden
Tom McAughtrie Sheffield Hallam
Heather Oldfield Holme Valley
Debbie Bannon Southport CLP
Diane Butler Rugby CLP
Hugh Raven Skye, Lochaber & Badenoch
John Bannon Southport CLP
Peter Martin Aylesbury
Anthony Pitcher North Dorset
Charles Cutting Amber Valley C L P
Laura Dubinsky Kilburn and Hampstead
Alison Hosler Central Devon
Geoff Sinclair Islington South
Simon Redding Chesterfield
Sabrina Huck Tottenham CLP & Young Labour National Committee
John Bond Oxford East
Lucy Pearce Enfield North
Stan Kidd Skip ton and Ripon
Colin Ayres Stoke on Trent
William Bowman Carmarthen west and South Pembrokeshire CLP
Wiliam Rees Ceredigion CLP
Paul Armstrong York Central
Dan Fisher Coventry North West
Luke Fenton-Glynn Calder Valley
Anna Hayward Huntingdon
Helen McKenzie Hackney South and Shoreditch
Margaret Adams Hertford & Stortford CLP
Simon Wilson Twickenham
Catherine Guy Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Kenneth Whyte Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Niki gandy Cannock chase
Gabriella Davies Stoke-on-Trent Central
Daniel zona Hendon
Daniel Hignell Brighton & Hove
Christina Lupton Islington North
Richard Neal Chelmsford
Joel Haddley Makerfield
Michael Marsh-Hyde Tottenham CLP
Lindsey Heggarty Lochaber
Sean Tapper Bournemouth East
Matthew Stevenson Leicester South
Suzannah Taylor Bexhill & Battle
Rosemary Hindle Labour International
Rsje Cox Exeter
Michael Jackson Southport
Davide Sands Islington North
James Burrough Hornsey and Wood Green
Max Langham Hill South Hackney
Madeleine Morris Welwyn Hatfield
Tony Heggarty Lochaber
Joshua Saxby Walthamstow CLP
Steve Bennett Golcar
Mike Godfrey Bristol West
Vincent Loates Chatham
Stefan Kazassoglou Liverpool Riverside (CLP)
David Scofield Southend West
Paul Agar Blaydon
Colette Boughton Withington
Peter Mitchell Tottenham
Gareth Rees Brecon and Radnorshire
Tadeusz Gwiazdowski Manchester Withington
Karen Flynn Cheshire West and Chester
Shona Raffle-Edwards Huddersfield
R Sheasby Clwyd South
Moira Coombes copeland
Craig Kettlewell Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland
Bridie MC Creesh NI
Andy Campbell Lincoln
Alan Mayes Cambridge
Emrys Jones Dulwich and West Norwood
Gideon Benari Finchley and Golders Green
Louise Mor Bolton West
Andrew Clarke Hackney North & Stoke Newington
Roberto Rincon Greenwich & Woolwich
Andre Brown Lewisham Deptford
Colin Gleeson Hornsey and Wood Green
Anna Marks Lewisham Deptford
Michael A Dawes Montgomeryshire
Craig Morton Coventry North East
Sue Cohen Bristol West
James Hoyle Loughborough
Michael Vale Hartlepool
Anthony Bird Camberwell & Peckham
Owen Spottiswoode Dulwich & West Norwood
Graeme Hawker North Kelvin CLP
Dr Oliver Lewis Cities of London and Westminster
Matthew Symonds Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Joanna Pearce Lewisham West and Penge
Linsey Farnsworth Erewash
Kim Grais Leeds West
Violeta Bel Hove
Georgina McLeod Forest of Dean
Lesley Kettlewell Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland
Judith Morris Montgomeryshire
Ereni Skouta Edinburgh Central CLP
linsey Farnsworth Erewash
Nick Holborn & St Pancras
Rebecca Carter Dillon South West Devon
David Robertson Liverpool Riverside CLP
Anita Mannion St Albans
Mercedes Scanlon South West and Gibraltar
Catherine-Axa Wilkins Kingswood
Carl Hodler Hove
William Culver-Dodds Harrogate & Knaresborough
Caroline Southwick Wallasey
Mick Carpenter Loughborough
Terry Lawrence Bromsgrove
Gerard Gudgion Gorton Manchester
Ray Collingham Hackney North & Stoke Newington
Andy Warren Lewisham Deptford
chris mcwatters Holborn and St Pancras
Kerena Marchant Mole Valley
Nigel Vivian Richmond Park
Alexandra Kolot Bolton
Dewhurst Antonia Aberconwy
James Morrissey-Scoot St. Albans
Nnaemeka Glover Hornsey and Wood Green
Angela Rodgers Carlisle
Kathryn Woods-Townsend Romsey and Southampton North
Calvin Malham St Austell and Newquay
Joel Davis Brent Central
Luke Owen Newcastle-under-Lyme
Philippa Hurd Battersea CLP
Lina Johansson Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Leanne Lloyd-Tolman Torfaen
Raymond Lindley Faversham
Dominic Newbould Milton Keynes North
Catherine Gibbons Weston super mare
Natasha Grange Exeter
Elaine McDonald Croydon North
Eric linin Medway
Ben gwilliam Todmorden
Greg Hancock Exeter CLP
Ele Carpenter Lewisham West & Penge
Gillian Adams Loughborough
John Sabin Battersea CLP
Matthew Rudd Cities of London & Westminster
Joao Florencio Exeter CLP
Jim Oldham Portsmouth
Samantha Riddle Hackney North
Oscar Archer Leeds Central CLP
Alison Jones Sheffield South East
Alun jenkins Aberavon
Guillermo Schkzamian Uxbridge and South Ruislip
Leise Cooper Hitchin and Harpenden
Andrew Clarke Hackney North & Stoke Newington
Stephen Baillie South West Norfolk CLP
Julie emmanuel Hertford and Stortford
Malcolm Pyperm Wirral South
Diana Boyd Brighton pavilion
Daniel Phelan Chelsea & Fulham
Peter Chamberlain west devon and torridge
Sara Welbrock Putney
Matthew Tanner Bristol West
Tim Bryan Hackney South and Shoreditch
David James Oxford west
R Sowden Grantham and Stamford
Su Reid Richmond, North Yorkshire
Carolyn Warburton Taunton
Ilonka van Rijn Wakefield East
John Foster Beckenham
Jennifer Hagan Bootle
Peter Hunt Hitchin & Harpenden
Richard Shepherd York Outer CLP
John Myles Wimbledon
Michael Mokrysz Dewsbury
Alexandra Brind Dulwich and West Norwood
Matt Salts Wimbledon
Mark Cooper Birmingham Edgbaston
Mark gray Northern Ireland
Richard Gibbon Portsmouth
John Clark Cardiff South and Penarth
Nicola Griffin Stretford & Urmston
Charlotte Disley North East Somerset
Nigel Hay Henley
Megan Dwyer Southport
Nick Maloney Brighton
Michael Booth Crofton Park
Isabel Page Edinburgh Central
Daniela Caselli Stretford
Peter Quantick Pontypridd
Sophie Argiros North Herts
Walter Dudley North Cornwall
Anthony Noun Islington North
Duncan Laverty Coventry
Lisa Cunningham Bootle CLP
Janice Wells Leytonstone & Wanstead CLP
Andrew Barnett-Jones SW Herts
Rodrigo Lebrun Camberwell & Peckham
Stuart Dodgson Saffron Walden
Carolyn Wright Halifax
Eve Wilson Leyton and Wanstead CLP
David Tidey Chatham and Aylesford
Nicky Priaulx Cardiff South and Penarth
John Pettitt wellingborough
Graham Southall South Wirral
Richard Brown Cambridge
Jess Princeton Hitchin and Harpenden
Cllr Colin Inglis West Hull & Hessle CLP
Anna Mottram Westminster
Imogen Tyreman Labour International
Dr. Adam Spencer Nottingham North
Kate Kendall Dudley South
Lorna hosler Hackney south and shoreditch
Jeremy Yate Conwy
Nafisa Sayany Hitchin and Harpenden
Lee Parker Penistone & Stocksbridge
Unai Tens Battersea
Sally Humphries Rushden
Gregg Smith Sunderland Central
Annie Hawksley Hull West and Hessle CLP
Dagmar Hilton Newcastle-under-Lyme/staffordshire
Peter Raynor Swansea West
Jonathan Undy Edgbaston CLP
Rahid Khan Bermondsey & Old Southwark
Louise Ellis Crewe and Nantwich
Lucy Estill Exeter
Nahid Khaliq Islington North
Joseph Morris Canterbury and Whitstable
Ellie Coden Hackney North
Anne Irfan Barnet
Duran Seddon Islington North
Michael Ward Wirral South
Steven Spa Sheffield central
Judith Davies Gateshead
John Gosler Bristol West
Bjorn Simpole Sevenoaks
Anna Rae-Scott Hounslow
Elizabeth Musk York Central
Paul Bridgen New Forest West
Jim Fryer Sheffield Hallam
Peter Skelton Colchester CLP
Matthew Blower Hornsey and Wood Green
Tony White NE Herts
Roger Woods Birmingham Hall Green
Natalie Radcliffe Wigan
Guru Singh Loughborough
Ian Vaudrey South Dorset
Peter Fairhurst Knaresborough
Ian Powell Hackney South
Stephen Garbett Huntingdon
Sema Gurlek Wealden
Ben minogue Withington
Rosie Denham Exeter
Rosa Hoekstra Hornsey and Wood Green
Mike Moore Scarborough
Andrew Clarke Hackney North & Stoke Newington
Luna Dizon Hackney South & Shoreditch
Noam Bleicher Oxford East
John Fletcher Coventry South
Alison Sloan Shrewsbury & Atcham
Morgan Le Gall-Roberts Hackney and Stoke Newington
Stephen Ralph Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley CLP
Richard Stone Stafford
John McLeod Tottenham
Alex Colling Edinburgh Central
Jonathan Hartley Bury St Edmunds CLP
Jonathan Underwood Central Bedfordshore
Brian Burdett Bedworth and Nuneaton
Carole Ralph Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley CLP
Colin Bloor Dagenham & Rainham
chris Cheetham West Lancashire
Alun Lloyd Newport East
Janet Woods Birmingham Hall Green
Ryan Brierley West Ham CLP
Daniel Elstein Leeds West
David Fernandez North East Hampshire
Ethin Hanley Milton keynes
stephen harrison Littlehampton
Alison Redshaw-Boxwell Hexham
Lucy Heard Bristol west
Matthias Rich Bath
Juan Jose Medina Ariza Longford Ward
John Dennis Winchester
Susan Bailey Hemel Hempstead
Jennifer Ronconi Swansea West
Mike Howarth Skipton and Ripon
Nicholas Simon Newcastle upon Tyne North CLP
Jim Vogiatzis Islington South and Finsbury
Mark Thomas Unite
Andrew Williams Edinburgh North
Kerry Gilchrist Shipley
Alex Allcock High Peak
Corrina Kingan South Ribble CLP
Roger Woods Birmingham Hall Green
Douglas Hughes St Austell and Newquay
Cllr Olwen Foggin Exeter
Daniel Fordham Leyton and Wanstead
Nicholas Ferns Colne Valley
gerald foggin exeter
Cat Overton Poplar and Limehouse CLP
Rosanna Cox Old Bexley and Sidcup
Justin langley North West Norfolk CLP
Milry Travasso North Tyneside
Richard Martin Twickenham
Toni Love Doncaster north
Chloe Wallace Leeds West
Christine Gilmore Edinburgh Northern and Leith CLP
Julia Robertson Ayr
Sue Taylor Sleaford and North Hykeham
Can Salahi Islington North CLP
Chris M Leicester West
Catherine Broadhurst Rugby
Colin pearson Cleveland
Luis C. Silva Vauxhall
Mike Meylet Halewood and Garston
Colin Rea Exeter
Kate de korte Bath
Ian Lancaster Twickenham
Christopher Lowe Derby North
Robert Eastwood Brighton Pavilion
Eryl Bray Ceredigion
Roger Thomas Luton South
Graeme Hoskin Reading West CLP
Nick Hostettler Streatham
Dr Volker Patent Bedford
Caroline higgitt Edinburgh North & Leith
Brendan Canavan Kirklees, West Yorkshire
Jonathan Waller Warwick
Marisol Smith Brighton Pavilion
Pamela Rathbone Hackney North
Kathryn Fisher NW Leicestershire
Nigel Ward Wolverhampton South East
Richard Arden Staffs Moorlands
Linda Hughes St Austell and Newquay
Tony Wood Bristol West
Richard Leeming Camberwell and Peckham
Ralph Salmins Welwyn Hatfield
John Rooksby Rushcliffe CLP
David Isaacs Central Suffolk and North Ipswich
Cllr Tracey Biggs Worcester
Frederic Dick Islington North
Sion Hopes Cheadle
Kirsten wright Tottenham clp
Stephanie Mather Norwich CLP
Karen Jones Dudley South CLP
Robert Lloyd Vale of Clwyd
Robin Hogan Beaconsfield
Anthony Brown Cardiff Central
Jonathon Monger Bracknell
Will Heilpern Cities of London and Westminster
Patricia King West Lancashire
Mark Fowle Lewisham East
Steve Ball Birmingham Ladywood
Anna M Batchelor Hexham
Lydia Snodin Ealing Central and Acton CLP
Paul Richardson Torfaen
Simon Butler SE Cambs
Mervyn King West Lancashire
Nigel Platt Guildford
Amedeo Felix Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Vicky Mundy North Somerset
Bev Morris Worcester
Chris Stead Morley and Outwood
Lindsey Stewart Vauxhall
Ben Soesman Bristol East
Mark Boothroyd Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Tony Moss Richmond Park
Dave Campbell Walthamstow
Barbara taylor suffolk coastal
Richard Benjamin Shrewsbury
Oliver Hinton Newcastle upon Tyne Central
Louise Merrin Bootle CLP
Juliet Molteno Beverley and Holderness
Stephen reid Guildford
Claire Thompson Southampton test
Sarah Ibberson Shrewsbury
Tom Hubberstey Dulwich and West Norwood
David Hance Hove and Portslade
Clem Rutter Rochester & Strood
Tom Bloodworth Wigan
Joan Bolton Kettering
Megan Mackney New Forest East
Paul Richardson Torfaen CLP
Oliver Spindlow Sheffield south east
J Clifton Brighton and Hove
Cian harrington Kilburn & Hampstead.
Bonnie Mitchell Totnes
John crick Plymouth moor view
Brian Robinson Bristol West
Tess Ansell Monmouth
Vee Hazel Grove
Anita van Eijndhoven Wantage
Rebecca St Johnston Guildford
Christopher Read Hornsey & Wood Green
Anne Bateman Exeter
Guy Hatton Rochester & Strood
Steve Hawthorn Kettering
David Lawlor Holborn & St Pancras
Mark Genney Bethnal Green and Bow
Terry Rickhuss Southport
Sarah Ibberson Shrewsbury
Helena Riches Mid Norfolk
Susan Lawlor Holborn & St Pancras
David Sylph York Central
Paul Brocklehurst South Norfolk CLP
Joanna Greene Northants
Daniel Ehrlich Hornsey and Wood Green
Andy Newton Arfon
terry williams carmathen west and south pembrokeshire
Stefania De Simone Chingford and Woodford Green
Ruth Keynes Brighton and Hove
David Roffey Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Michael George Watts Letchworth
Geoff Ayres Leicester West CLP
Sue Hudswell Calder Valley
Chris Evans South East Cambridgeshire
Debra Whitehead Telford and Wrekin
Barry Brinklow Hornsey & Wood Green
Stephen Hurley Tooting
John Searby Brighton and Hove
Andreas Mueller Bristol West
Kelly Tanner Mid Devon
Nathan Adams Sheffield Heeley CLP
Deborah Andrews Stratford upon Avon
Paul Haworth Broxtowe
David Kerry Wentworth and Dearne CLP
Steven Green Leeds NW
Rick V. Holborn & St. Pancras
Juliet Harris Hastings and Rye CLP
SJ Briggs Lewisham Deptford
Carole Poirot South Norwood
Charlotte Elderfield Wantage & Didcot CLP
Keren Abse Islington North
Pamela calder Vauxhall
Joel Newsome Putney
Keren Abse Islington North
Sebastian Verghese Eltham
Sarah Ibberson Shrewsbury
Theresa Jauregui Reigate & Banstead
Adam Pottage Wakefield
Sarah Ibberson Shrewsbury
Steve Lubbock Dulwich and West Norwood
Katrin Boehm Hackney South and Shoreditch
Emma Vallintine Kingston & Surbiton
Andrew Fenton Oxford West and Abingdon
John Harwood Blackpool North & Cleveleys
Julie Wintrup Newbury CLP
Linda Kinnaird Chelsea & Fulham
Viviana Sciara Islington North
Stephen Phillips Gower CLP
Barbara Pearson Colne Valley CLP
Mike Dyson Cambridgeshire South
Peter Newby Lewisham West & Penge
Vince Edwards Coventry
Sion Hughes Lewisham East
Denise Sumpter Islington South
Katharine Hobbs Dulwich and West Norwood
Sarah Craner Leyton
Garry Lyons Selby and Ainsty
Steve Robinson Congleton
Ben Surman Hastings and Rye
Chris Green City of Chester
Sally Mays Central Devon CLP
Carey Harvey Camborne, Redruth & Hayle
Robert Harvey Camborne
Chris Jardine Northern Ireland
Sarah Ibberson Shrewsbury
Julie Beverly Plymouth Sutton and Devonport
Andrea Horth Hornsey & Wood Green
Faraz Mardakheh Hornsey and Wood Green
Rob Wreglesworth Bury South
Jonathan Mundy Walthamstow East
Nigel Pacey Twickenham CLP
Maria Coleman Vale of Glamorgan CLP
Nina Dluzewska Chesham and Amersham CLP
Cllr Barry Henley Birmingham Selly Oak
Luke Rudderham-Cozier Twickenham
Gertrude MacFarlane East Lothian CLP
Simon Hopkins Falkirk
Stephen Montgomery Streatham
Peter Hoffman Finchley & Golders Green CLP
Emma Lowton Nottingham East
Sam Hogarth Tynemouth CLP
Sue Waller Finchley & Golders Green CLP
Abimbola Adeleke Manchester Blackley CLP
Dr Peter Wilby Rugby
Vivienne Rivis Skipton and Ripon CLP
Diane Asensio Hartlepool
Philip Baldwin Skipton and Ripon CLP
Andrew Faulkner Milton Keynes North
Hazel Edwards South East Cambs
Katherine Gahagan Southend-on-sea
Charlotte Troman Aldridge - Brownhills CLP
Belinda Chapple Enfield Southgate
Stewart Harcourt Bath
Frances Carey North West Cambridgeshire
Dominic Gallagher Chelsea & Fulham
Deborah Cohen Hampstead & Kilburn
Gilda HOLZMAN Harrow East
Emma Fieldhouse Brighton pavilion
Eleanor Lakew Kensington and Chelsea
Chris McCray Union affiliate through USDAW
Timothy I Mullen Stoke-on-Trent South
Edna Mullen Stoke-on-Trent South
Jane oberman Brecon and Radnorshire CLP
Natalie Hulley Macclesfield
Dr Neil Wigglesworth Lewisham West and Penge
Ben Monks Hammersmith & Fulham
Zoe Charlesworth Wokingham clp
Joe Barker Reading East
Joe Barrell Tottenham
Keiran MacDermott Lewisham Deptford CLP
Lawrence Jurman Cotswolds
Kaveh Moussavi Oxford West and Abingdon
Sonia Au-Yeung Lewisham West and Penge
Darryl Telles Hove
Chris Brighton Kemp Town
Edward Underwood Chichester
Blanche McIntyre Vauxhall
Susan Mitchell Whitley bay
Avril McWhinnie Midlothian Tweeddale and Lauderdale CLP
Patrizia Lillus Islington North
Tomas Folke Cambridge
Martin Humphrey Twickenham CLP
Ivette Hernandez Richmond Park
Sara Gifford-hull East Hampshire
Peter Finegan Withington
Julie Dalphinis Ilford North CLP
Jonathan Hughes Tatton CLP
Filipe Alcada Tottenham
Corinna Creasy WalthamstowClp
Lisa Duddridge Warrington North
Paul Clayton Wallasey
Pete Harris Fareham
Alasdair Murray Richmond Park
Rick Bland tottenham
Jessica McKenzie Bristol West
Sonia Alani Hammersmith & Fulham
Paul Doran Cambridge
Alan Patterson Harrow
Helen Best Tatton CLP
Geoff Maguire Eltham
Mary Heycock Tottenham
Peter Wilson Luton South
Mark Curry Hastings and Rye CLP
Sonia Alani Hammersmith & Fulham
John Davies Redditch
Gillian Davies Redditch
Cristiano Cantore Vauxhall CLP
Rowan Lyon Sheffield Central
James Newman Croydon Central
Andrew Winmill NE Essex
Alan Gracie Hornsey and Wood Green
Joseph Gilford Islington North
Sarah Kirk Vauxhall CLP
Joel Johnstone Croydon Central
David Towse Arfon, Gwynedd
Christopher Beale Erdington
Leslie John Adkins Southwark
Mark Ellingham Hampstead and Kilburn
Christopher Finlay Edgbaston Birmingham
Peter Gaffney Manchester Central CLP
Nader Khalifa Cambridge
Natania Jansz hampstead and Kilburn
Tim O'Neill Exeter
Maude Dews Lewisham Deptford
Alison Towers Heywood and Middleton
Ruby O'Shea Hampstead & Kilburn
Graham Pressler Brigg and Goole
Karen Evans Liverpool Belle Vale CLP
Anthony Hull Leyton and Wanstead
Laura Clarke Bath
Jack Pilgrim Liverpool riverside
Brian Corcoran Edinburgh Central
Clare Wilkie Aberdeen Central CLP
Anthony Hull Leyton and Wanstead
Wasim Mir, CLP merton Merton
Dan Hall Hitchin and Harpenden CLP
Andrew Apostolou Chipping Barnet
Mr R Bignell Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Philip Bray Hastings
jenny ruskin Bath&Northeast Somerset
Joseph Hayward Bolsover
Madhav Lala Holborn & St Pancras
Roger Tonge Hackney South & Shoreditch
John Kohut Brent Central
David Phillip-Pritchard North Norfolk
Helen Phillip-Pritchard North Norfolk
Joseph Slowey Brandwood
Paul Amann Liverpool Wavertree
Rory A Clark Newcastle upon Tyne North
Aidan Bell Wimbledon
Catherine Brown Leyton & Wanstead
Adam MacRae Hove and Portslade
Pip Hamilton Wimbledon
Paul Sewry Truro & Falmouth
Paulo Goncalves Hackney North & Stoke Newington
Matthew Passman Leyton and Wanstead CLP
Emily Bird Maidenhead
Samuel Lewis Lewisham West and Penge
Eamonn Griffin Louth and Horncastle
Daniel Villar Oxford East CLP
Ben Jones Labour International
Kane Deffley North East Derbyshire
Oli blackaby Hornsey and wood green
Linda Duclaud-Williams South Cambridge
Matt Whiley International
Patrick Young Crawley
Dr Jonathan Guest Bristol West
Peter Vernon Shrewsbury & Atcham CLP
Tobias Rankin Tavistock Devon
Ursula martin Blackburn
John Webb Westminster North
Alan Pearman Rotherham
Christine Montgomery Cambridge
John Darwin Sheffield Hallam
John Wood South Dorset
Liam Murray Newcastle North CLP
Carole Coote Pontypridd
Les Price Warwick and Leamington Spa
Cliff Robinson Hove
Manuela Thomae Southampton Test
Hedley Woods North Somerset
Helen Oxlade Eastleigh
Conal Dunn Brecon & Radnorshire
Daniel Gorevan Dulwich and west norwood clp
Stephen Roberts Kenilworth and Southam CLP
Toby Johnson Leeds NE
Karen Wallis Bath CLP
Christine Howell Reading East CLP
j robertson south holland
Chris Street Poplar & Limehouse
Sally Campbell Edinburgh West
Sarah Else North East Cambridgeshire
annabel shaw Tiverton and Honiton
Ali Naqvi Croydon North
Jeremy Brand Brighton and Hove
Clive Odom Isle of Wight
Colm Whaley Stockport clp
Kevin Burdekin Gower
James russell. Burton
Vicki Behm Warwick and Leamington
MartynPeters Hereford South
Alison Foster Erewash
James Powney Brent Central
Mari Withecombe Cardiff North
Martin Browne East Devon
Matthew Studley Bristol North West
Richard Butlin Streatham CLP
Ian McDonald Preseli Pembrokeshire
Orla Fee Vauxhall
Vicky Ley Sutton Coldfield
Robin Valk Sutton Coldfield
Artur Chworostowski East Ham
Tony Boardman Congleton
Alexander Massey Sherwood
Lucy Blake Norwich South
Robert Halstead Leeds West CLP
Nicholas Thomson South Norfolk CLP
Keith Brewster Sefton
Paul Jagger Sheffield Hallam
Robert Epton Brigg
Seamus MacBride Streatham
Holly Lewis Sutton & Cheam CLP
John Wood Twickenham
Oliver Morgan Sevenoaks CLP
Sharon Charity Devizes
Jonathan morgan West worcestershire
Alan Davies Tatton
Judith Bell Bath & NE Somerset
Michael Fourman Edinburgh Central CLP
Bob Hall Gosport
John Collins Copeland
Bridget Ismail Hove and Portslade
Chris Cooke Makerfield CLP
Christopher James Ealing Central and Acton
Nicola Civico Newcastle East
Emily Sas Northampton North
Andrew Brown Lewisham Deptford
Terry Dixon Lutterworth/S Leics
Peter Dinham Devizes CLP
Cinzia Scorzon islington South and Finsbury
Toby Collins Southall Ealing
Lisa Ingleby Worcester CLP
andrew painter Chipping Barnet
Liz Charles Bishop Auckland
Dr Daniel Swan South Norfolk
Robert Geaney Tunbridge Wells
Clare Singleton Kensington
Martin Wright Totnes clp
Terry Dixon South Leicestershire
Pete marsh South East Dorset CLP
Justin Scargill Huddersfield
Patricia Hulme Rushcliffe
Gavin Maughfling Walthamstow
Hilary Scargill Huddersfield
Nick Maiden Chester
Massimo Usai Wandsworth
Jamie Lewis City of Chester CLP
Andrew Myers Enfield North
Andrew McCulloch Newark
Michael Wood Richmond Park
Ian Hunt Taunton Deane CLP
Graham smith Camberwell and Peckham
Sara McDonnell Shacklock Chingford and Woodford Green
John Boston Somerton and Frome
Andrew Bristow Chorley
Clare Wilmott Bassetlaw CLP
Debbi Stanistreet Liverpool Riverside
Greg Williams Sherwood
Alison Drury Westmorland and Lonsdale
Mary Boston Somerton and Frome
Peter Mack Warwick and Leamington
Richard Hurren Leeds North East
Sophie Hirsch Holborn and st Pancras
Chris O'Brien Romford CLP
Isabel Manley Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Claire bagnall Brighton and Hove
Tom Sulston Labour International
James Mack Horsham
Sue Tangney Cardiff West CLP
Bill Amer SE Cornwall
Dr Andrew Ryder Buckingham CLP
Cllr Edward Davie Dulwich and West Norwood
Stuart Cameron Holborn and St Pancras
G C Lucy Labour International
Dr Jonathan Guest Bristol West
Daniel Price Wirral
Jane Leitner New Forest East
Jude Goslyn Withington
Keiron Walsh Bury North
Phil Weston Wakefield
Joe Flannery Islington North CLP
Josh Saunders Eltham
Rachel Jones Leyton and Wanstead CLP
Alexandra Goss Doncaster Central
James Duke Hornsby and Woodgreen
Lucy Brandt Hove
Frances Easterbrook Islington North CLP
Wendy Damon Chatham and Aylesford CLP
Paul Venner Wrexham
David Jones Totnes
Adam Elvins Redditch
Paul Davenport Rotherham
john burrell Tewkesbury
Ashley Baker Fareham CLP
Steve Goslyn Withington
David Ward Ashford
Sue Walton Faversham
Robert Green Lewisham
Hannah Jenkins Tonbridge and Malling
Mark White Stockton North
Anne Perkins Easington
Cllr Matt Clifton Milton Keynes South CLP
Sam Allen Bristol North West
Chris Patten Hornchurch and Upminster
Tim Whelan Ealing Central and Acton
David Pack Ealing Central & Acton
Carmen Appich Hove and Portslade
Shelagh P Dobson South East Cambridgeshire CLP
Di Sinclair Warwick & Leamington CLP
Martin Bare Pudsey CLP
Claire Fisher Colchester
Nikki Sved Exeter CLP
Dr. Heinrich Ruschen Maldon CLP
Thomas Wood Shipley CLP
Tamara Bibby Bishop Aukland
David H Dobson South East Cambridgeshire CLP
Sophie Fowler North Thanet
Mark Robinson Brighton Pavilion CLP
John Caruth Lewisham, Deptford
Brian Lynch Northampton
Esther else Shirley
Denise Abel Brentwood and ongar
Anne Perkins Easington
Kate Doubleday Don Valley
Fiona Millar Holborn and St Pancras
Helen McNeill Wirral West CLP
Paul Davies Norwich South
Michelle Hennessy Guildford, Surrey
Rebecca Pizzey Harrow West
Cllr Eric Goodyer Berwick Upon Tweed
Kev Hainey Dumfriesshire CLP
Karen byrne-roberrs Kemp town Brighton
Katherine Edge Edinburgh Northern and Leith
Simon Hemmings Mid- Derbyshire clp
Paul Robinson Midlothian North and Musselburgh
J Hallett Blake Thanet South
Victoria Wilson Herne Bay
Richard Scott Portsmouth
Jack Hale Salford
Caroline Stuart Rutland & Melton
Helen Mitchell Ilford South
Neil Brading Witney
Laura Segan Totnes
Roger Saunders Beverley & Holderness
Lillian Zwarts Mitcham and Morden
Marie Benton Kingston and Surbiton CLP
Pauline Arnold Garston & Halewood
Victoria Bruff Barnsley Central CLP
Paul Mullin Camborne & Redruth
Hannah Fisher Streatham
Lorna Byatt South Dorset
Paul Sartim Andover and North West Hampshire CLP
Marianne Lihannah Stroud, Gloucestershire
Susan Collins Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Kate Stevens Hornsby
Heather Birt St Albans
David Doubleday Don Valley
Ryan Mason Camberwell & Peckham
GORDON LYEW Birmingham Ladywood
Lisa Hepple Stoke on Trent North
Eve Cowan York Outer
Ella Jefferson Barnet
Mark Collins Walthamstow
Faisel Sadiq Sutton & Cheam
John P Cooper Exeter
Tom Chalmers Spelthorne CLP
Graham Kilbey Buckingham CLP
James McDougall Oxford W & Abingdon CLP
Kathryn Walker Milton Keynes
Susan Collins Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Marguerite Hoerger Arfon
Chris Hastie Warwick and Leamington CLP
Jessica Naish International Labour
Kat Galbraith Bromsgrove
David Emmott Garston and Halewood
Lesley Kazan-Pinfield Truro & Falmouth
Hazel Chowcat Folkestone and Hythe
Susan Collins Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Stewart Hesse Walthamstow CLP
John Chowcat Folkestone and Hythe
Susan Vickerman Bradford West CLP
Soraya Cotwal Lewes
Eunice Bowles-Roberts International
Richard Fay Gorton
James Cheseldine Stroud
Will Bowden-Green East Oxford
Nigel Duckers Vauxhall
Paul Johnson Vauxhall
Joshua Searle South Norwood
Alex Farebrother-Naylor Walthamstow CLP
Laura De Vito Bristol North West
Karen Payne Exeter CLP
Cavan Scott Kingswood
Sharon Bott Leamington Spa
Karen Downham Elmet & Rothwell
Catherine Parker Manchester Central CLP
Rohan Barnett Maidstone & Weald CLP
Ian Downham Elmet & Rothwell
David Hawkins Exeter CLP
Arjun Mittra Finchley and Golders Green
Vincent Feiner CAMBERWELL AND Peckham CLP
Glyn James Northampton North
Joanne McCarron Bath CLP
Sandra Tait Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Phil Owen Bristol South
Helen Pickering Leeds NW
Boris Wojtan Cheshire West and Chester
Bernard Keeling Hall Green Birmingham
Bill Stern Bath
Ian Doyle Stroud CLP
Simone James Northampton North
Lynne Whitfield Bath
Anne Menneer Camborne, Redruth & Hayle
Jason Holt Birkenhead CLP
Paul Hield North Somerset CLP
Jane Nicholas Streatham
Michael Watts North Hertfordshire
Clem Pavey Tottenham CLP
Chris Fitall Stevenage
Nicolas Light North Dorset CLP
Silvia Marson South East Cambs
Ian Batten Birmingham Northfield
Jonny Shipp Islington North CLP
Susan Goff North Herts CLP
Julia Daniel Chippenham CLP
Anthony Barker North West Leicestershire
James Baker Lewisham West and Penge
Tom McVeigh Walthamstow
Sophie holt Birkenhead
Norman Shackley Spelthorne
Darrell james Rhondda
Eunice Bowles-Roberts International
Terry Messenger Chipping Barnet
Mary Podesta Pudsey CLP
Tracey Howson Wigan
Anita Fox Twickenham
Tina May South West Befordshire
Fran Slater Manchester Gorton
Scott Millar Chipping Barnet CLP
Robin Lawson Gateshead
Elizabeth Macleod York Central
Christina Koning Cambridge CLP
Charlotte Stevens Brighton Kemptown
Sue McCarthy Leyton & Wanstead
Martin Jameson Stockport
Hannah Crawford Leighton Lancaster and Fleetwood
Alastair Campbell Edinburgh west
Reuben Symons West Ham
Anna Lintner Bethnal Green and Bow
David Evans York Central
Yvonne Lawson South Shields
Jamie Dobson South West Surrey
Rebecca Kilner South Cambridgeshire
Barbara Morris Vale of Glamorgan
James Lawson South Shields
Danny Golding York Central
Paul lanham Islington south
Emma Harris Carr Leeds North West
Tom Mansfield Lewisham West and Penge
Susan Suleski Woking CLP
Dave Wilson Canterbury
Mathilde Nielsen-Earle West Ham
Daniel Patrick Coventry
Toby Taylor Clwyd West
Tudor Davies Bridgend CLP
Eric Schofield Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough
Julia McCaully Monmouth
Rich Bright Brighton & Hove
Françoise Wavertree
Cllr Pamela Davies Bridgend CLP
Joy Robinson Hove and Portslade CLP
Tim Jones Brighton Pavilion CLP
FRANCES BILL Brighton Pavilion
Dorothy k m Smith Lewes
Stuart Parker Went worth &Dearne
Elizabeth Roberts Alyn and Deeside
Savitri Holmstrom Newcastle East
Alan Pearson Bury St Edmunds
Moy Lewis-Logie Twickenham
Blake Brooks Tooting
Carl Evans Hollingdean and Stanmer
Mark Hedderly Kensington
Kara Sultan * Unite
Val Parker Wentworth and Dearne
Adam Clark Sheffield Central
Shane Rooney Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Carl Evans Brighton Pavillion
Raffaella Buck Dartford
Philippa Moreton Canterbury
Jacqueline Latif Putney
Peter Williams Stafford CLP
Cllr Brian Mawby Torfaen CLP
Andrew Potts Leeds West CLP
Paul Trynka Greenwich & Woolwich
Clive van Hilten Runnymede and Weybridge
Michelle White Dulwich ANEKA West Norwood
Maria Fraser Sefton Central
Emily Watson St Albans
David Hughed Tatton
Pete Milne St Albans
David Goss Doncaster Central
Phil White Dulwich and West Norwood
Davd J Parsons Lewes
Alan Slomson Leeds Central
lynn pettitt wellingborough
Stephen Church Norwich South
Martin Hogan Brighton & Hove CLP
Sally Burke Walthamstow
Eileen Rossendale and Darwen CLP
Mary Stow Hammersmith
George Houghton South Islington & Finsbury CLP
Louise Grant Buckingham
nader fekri labour international
Paul Kindred Torfaen
Graham Bett Rutland and Melton CLP
Paul Pieroni Glasgow Kelvin
Robert O'Dowd Putney
Coralie Farmer West Bridgford
Josh kaldor-robinson Brighton Kemp Town
John Milway Sittingbourne & Sheppey CLP
Jennifer Gristock Folkestone and Hythe CLP
Mark Roper Hackney South & Shoreditch
Sonia Critcher Winchester CLP
Pip Roddis Leeds North
Emma Cordingley Twickenham
Ben Dessau Lewisham Deptford
David Mitchell Ilford South
Nick Fisher Aberdeen Central
Richard Anstis Leatherhead
Wayne Hazzard Wimbledon CLP
Denise O'Toole North Wiltshire
Richard Pemberton Lewes
Gigliola Sulis Leeds North West
Jean Scott-Barr Reading East
Pat Worthington Poole
Fiona Williams Hammersmith and Fulham
Dr. Robert Simon Hornsey and Wood Green
Tim Helm Wythenshawe and Sale East
Kim Reynolds East Reading
Martin Worthington Poole
Lee Daley Selby
Liz Clutterbuck Islington North
Zoe Paramour Hornsey & Wood Green
Margaret Combley Selly Oak
Jenny St John Warwick and Leamington CLP
Catriona Wallace South Cambs CLP
Jacqueline Latif Putney
Michael Canavon Thurrock
Gareth Baglow Cardiff West CLP
Aaron Rajania Stoke Newington CLP
Mr Richard Kaminski South Norwood
Matthew Waters Southampton Itchen CLP
Tim Paramour Hornsey and Wood Green
Marion Canavon Thurrock
Helen Burns Richmond (Yorks) CLP
Dilys Cordingley Twickenham
Ms Naomi Britton South Norwood
Stephen Boy Twickenham
Dr Jeremy Jacobs Braintree
Jim Goodchild Calderdale
Olivia Clayton Lincoln
Sean Dodds Newcastle upon Tyne North
Alastair Campbell Holborn and St Pancras
Joe Huckle SW Wiltshire
Glynn Swift North Shropshire CLP
Mr John S Roberts Arfon CLP
Mr Christopher Gardner Northampton South CLP
Helen Hood Edinburgh Southern
Alice Barford Calderdale
Michael Hardacre Hazel Grove
Gordie Cavill Sheffield hallam
Michael Hargreaves Cambridgeshire South-East
Chrostopher Byrne Bristol West CLP
Oscar Struijve East Devon CLP
Kathleen O'Hanlon Elcoate East Devon
Martin Davis Twickenham
Cllr Bernard Collier Brent Central
David Heaton York Central
Romana Cacchioli Brent north
Nicki Stott Lower Stoke Coventry
Gordon Gillies Southampton Test
wol brown south norfolk
Tom Walton Gainsborough CLP
Stephen Elcoate East Devon
Andrej Popovic Bournemouth East
Adam Crowe Withington
Tania Harrison Hornsey & Wood Green
Joanna Brown Reading East
Andrew Mitchell Islington North
Martin Bygate Buckingham CLP
Saul Faust Bournemouth
Jeremy Goode Tatton CLP
Owen Ravenscroft Hertford & Stortford CLP
Deborah Fulgoni Huddersfield
Chris Barson North Somerset
Magi Young Exeter
Nick Shelton Shipley
Anna Prasad Tottenham
Louise Marshall Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Paul Prentice Lewisham Deptford CLP
Jackie Brown South Norfolk
Brigitte Roberts Sutton & Cheam CLP
Hugh Greenland Lewisham Central
Alec Hartley Norwich South
Dan Woodhouse Penistone and Stocksbridge CLP
Dorothy Jones Islington North
Jaspa Stritt St Ives
Kathleen Greco Banbury and Bicester
Michael Shaw Vauxhall
Christopher Lodge Bishop Auckland CLP
Margaret Hepworth Warwick and Leamington CLP
Cliff Jones Sefton Central
Roger Francis Hammersmith CLP
Angus Myles Dunblane and Clackmannanshire CLP
Jenni Eaton Reading East
Richard Trimby Twickenham
Simon Evans Manchester Withington
Jill carter Ealing north
Gareth Oughton Exeter
Neil Laister Cambridge
Ben Whittaker Islington North
Jo Casey Stockport CLP
Elizabeth Shorrock Manchester Withington
Colin Engel International Branch
peter clark Torquay
Paul Henderson Bristol East
Mary Drummond Rochdale
Gerry Lawson Labour International CLP
David Pirie Somerton and Frome
Tariq Sadiq Cambridge
Una Turner Canterbury CLP
Giulia Vivaldi Hackney South
Tony Benson Bristol East
Kathleen Hartley (Mrs.) NORWICH SOUTH CLP
Robert Lawson-Peebles Central Devon CLP
Marguerite Hoerger Arfon
Louise Whittle Bristol East
Mike Harrison Stretford and Urmston CLP
Stephen Tippett Walton and Hersham
David Ham Vauxhall
Jessica Meek Brighton Kemptown
Helen Rose Caton Hughes Kenilworth & Southam CLP
Dr Thomas Parker Islington North
Chris Evans Wakefield
Judith McKee Westminster North
Arthur Kendrick Putney
Klaus Lachowytsch Islington south
Phil Kelly Islington North
Elizabeth Loxley Alyn and Deeside
Pauline Stafford Leeds North West CLP
Andrew Lucas Cotswold CLP
Andrea Solza Chelsea and Fulham
Paul Goose Oxford West and Abingdon
Lorna Woolley Walthamstow
Venetia Rainey Islington South and Finsbury
William Stafford Leeds North West CLP
Roger Vandevelde Stratford-on-Avon
Brian Jones Monmouth CLP
Peter Martin West Worcestershire
Gordon Weetman Henley
Elizabeth allan Stratford-on-Avon
Richard Priestley Wythenshawe and Sale East
Bob hughes Kenilworth and Southam
Alan Moore South Suffolk
Roger Davis Leeds North West
John Walton Gainsborough
Piers Culpan Bristol West
Julia Eisner Islington North
Sue Lewis Vale of Clwyd
Aaron McLoughlin Brussels. Labour International
E Fraser Manchester Gorton
Carolyn Walton Gainsborough
Ron Farenden Labour International
John Welsh Wrexham
Patrick Allinson Cardiff North
Lesley Roberts Ellesmere Port and Neston
Andrew Hodge Hove
Anita Cassidy Sevenoaks
Jeffrey Henderson Leeds North West
Andrew Plenderleith Gordon
Adam Taylor-Foster Lewisham West & Penge CLP
David Walker Rother Valley
Garry Parvin High Peak CLP
Diane Miller Streatham
Alison Ridley Pudsey
Mary Wimbury Clwyd West
Mr J Talbut North West Leicestershire
Jack Bristow Exeter
Angus Burns Camberwell and Peckham
Diane Miller Streatham
Robert Larter South Cambridgeshire
Fran bottoms Milton Keynes
Ben Hemingway Islington North CLP
Alexander James Moore, BscEcon (Aber), MA (Hist) Solihull
Flora Feyertag Islington North CLP
David Willey Manchester Central
Keith Sharps Saint Helens CLP
Jon Trew Vale of Glamorgan
Susan Reed Birmingham Northfield CLP
Fern Coster Newport West CLP
Nicola Goodchild Finchley and Golders Green
Ronnie Tremlett Brighton Kemptown
Alexandra Ayres Bristol North West CLP
Chris Sherwood
Barney Fishwick Tooting
John Sullivan Hendon
Carol Hull Sheffield, Hallam CLP
Nicholas Barth Ealing Central and Acton
Glen Plant South-West Surrey
Stephen Green Greenwich and Woolwich
Claire bagnall Brighton and Hove
Adam Inkpin-Leissner Hollingdean & Stanmer
Liz Crow Bristol North CLP
Vanessa Fuery Argyll and Bute
Anthony Sands East Yorkshire
Tony Ibbetson Stockton South
Sarah McCarthy-Fry Isle of Wight
Andy Howarth Milton Keynes CLP
David Williams North East Derbyshire CLP
Elizabeth Talbot North Tyneside
Graham Dawson Tynemouth
Philippa Griffin Ealing Central and Acton
Robert Meacock Alyn and Deeside
Tony McCarthy Isle of Wight
Tom Burke Nottingham East CLP
Anne Newton Hazel Grove CLP
John Hull Sheffield Hallam
Alice Taylor Oxford West and Abingdon
Des Waters Lewisham East CLP
Teddy Bourne Hampstead & Kilburn
Bill Phillips Harrow West CLP
Marcy Leavitt Bourne Hampstead & Kilburn
Ben Harris Islington North
Martin Prazak Islington North CLP
Philip Cole Barnsley Central
Chloe Barker Jarrow CLP
Ashley Beck Dulwich and West Norwood
Flavia Mancini Hampstead and Kilburn
Cate McLauchlin East Devon
Julia Shay Witney CLP
Ed Rhodes Labour International
J McLellan Tiverton and Honiton CLP
Rob Stacey Braintree
Roger Riddell Buckingham CLP
Tom McGarry Ipswich CLP
Michael mulvihill Jarrow
Jacob Bloodworth Wigan
Sarah Rhodes Labour International
Helen S Montgomeryshire
Catherine BlIr Birmingham Selly Oak
Catherine Carr Copeland
Emma MacLennan Ashford
Terry Rourke North West Durham CLP
Owen Lloyd South Bristol
Rhiannon Davies Leeds NE CLP
Guy Colchester
Tim Gent South East Cambridgeshire CLP
Julia Resenterra Honiton
Anjna Khurana Islington North CLP
Elizabeth Cahill Plymouth Sutton and Devonport
Cllr Sarah Southworth Bury North CLP
Heather Kincaid Coventry North West
Katharine Scott Halifax CLP
Wesley Rykalski Tottenham CLP
Keith Day Eastleigh
Stefanie Burke Exeter
Jonathan Staples Bury North CLP
James Southworth-Staples Bury North CLP
Barrie McCallion Dumfries and Galloway
Nigel Hullah Swansea West
Lara Little Wyre & Preston North
Stuart Harrison Tamworth
Tom Wotherspoon Twickenham
Nick Pollard Wavertree
Jeremy Murphy South Thanet CLP
Jessica Campbell Affiliate Member via USDAW
Stephen Halley Lichfield
Dr Bill Warburton New Forest East
Jennifer Cousins Birmingham Selly Oak CLP
Sarah Pollard Wavertree
John Bowers Leeds North-West
Diana Neslen Ilford South
Chloe Ingram Tooting
Annemieke Waite North Somerset
Belle Yang Holborn and St Pancras
Adrienne Groen Croydon North
Shaun Villiers Everett Rochford and Southend
Rebecca Mooney Oxford West & Abingdon
Colin Hughes Kenilworth and Southam
Paula McDiarmid Lewisham West and Penge CLP
Christopher Cannon Richmond Park
Jenny Hollingsworth Gedling
C G Pearce Sutton Coldfield CLP
Norman Jope Plymouth Sutton and Devonport
Ben Francis Hammersmith
John Williams Dorchester & District
Helen Shakespeare Sheffield Hallam
Paul Allam Sittingbourne and Sheppey
J. Nascimento Manchester Central
Lisa calder bristol west
Helen Carson Sefton central
Verity-Jane Keefe Hackney South
Paul Taylor SW Wiltshire
Piers Bizony Chippenham
Emma Finch Vicky Foxcroft, Lewisham & Deptford CLP
David Powell Crewe and Nantwich CLP
Alan Scrimgour Richmond Park CLP
Allen Prowle Cleethorpes CLP
Rob Combley Sheffield Hallam
Iain Palmer Bristol West
Ruth Bartlett North Norfolk
Dr A Hudson Bristol North West CLP
Emma Hunter Sheffield Central CLP
Cathy Elliott Tooting CLP
Sam Mackinnon Lancaster
Jo Atkey Plymouth Sutton and Devonport
Nigel Johnson Bridgwater and West Somerset CLP
Mrs Caroline McGann Somerton and Frome CLP
Malcolm Hecks Thornbury CLP
Tim Bartlett North Norfolk CLP
Alan Wilkinson Warwick and Leamington
Jennifer Hall North Durham CLP
Jaime Massanet Nicolau Rhondda CLP
Rachel Taylor North West Durham
John K Poat Exeter
Neil Wellman Bristol West
Nick Wood Newton Abbot CLP
Daniel Nucinkis Mitcham and Morden
Anne Yoxall Totnes
Shayoni Lynn Cardiff Central
Matthew Bowles Norwich South CLP
Vic Wright Halifax
Anthony Ferner North Leamington
Charles Brown Walthamstow CLP
Jamie Hentall MacCuish Harrow West
Julia Waltham Woking
Ricky Savage Erdington
John mitchell Bedford
Anne Phipps Penistone and Stocksbridge CLP
Andrew Aiers Birmingham, Hall Green
Angharad Davies Cardiff West CLP
Leah Watney Norwich South
David Robosn Hampstead & Kilburn
Jez Cutler Richmond Park
Judith Gibbon Portsmouth
Nigel Doggett Wealden
joe ifill-hosier hove
Peter Leigh Middleton Southampton Test
Richard Hector-Jones Manchester Withington
Gemma Laws Old Bexley and Sidcup
Sean ellman Manchester Withington
Luis Bustamante Bristol West
Iam Burn South Shields
Linda Kirby West Derby, Liverpool
Olly Price Walthamstow
Caroline Smith South Thanet
Francis Boyle Central Devon
HJ Peters Lewisham West & Penge CLP
Rebecca Roache Wantage
Anthony Lewis Torfaen
Xavier Leret Hertford and Stortford
Suzanne de Emmony Streatham
John McGlade Nottingham East
Dr Damian Mather Bury North
Helen Smith Bradford West
Jon Mac Newton Abbot CLP
Dina Mehdi Castle Point CLP
Amanda Powell Lewisham Deptford
Charles West Sheffield Central
Laura Kelly Dunlop Glasgow Anniesland CLP
Michael Coulson Walsall North
John Leech Denton and Reddish CLP
Muriel Carrodus Central Devon
Charles West Sheffield Central
Amanda Gosling Canterbury
Amy Cufflin Tottenham CLP
rhieta prowle Cleethorpes CLP
Graeme Fox Withington Manchester
Charles Tate Congleton
Sally humphries Withington
Gareth Davies Cardiff South and Penarth
Imogen Davies Oxford East
Linda Bygrave West Dorset
Christian Brown Hampstead and Kilburn
Judy Payne Newcastle upon Tyne North
William Mailes Kensington CLP
Colin Anderson Doncaster Central CLP
Diana Robertson Manchester Gorton
Paul Ayres Windsor
Colin Hamilton Loughborough CLP
Ben Cooper Totnes CLP
Jonathan Wong Hammersmith
Louise Tippett Unite member
Judith Roberts Wirral West
Stuart Thomson Totnes
Joyce Bragg Calder Valley CLP
John Orr Eastbourne
Elaine Hepburn Lewisham Deptford
T Taylor Clwyd West
Simon Spoerer Exeter
Melanie Price Kenilworth and Southam
Guy Harper Walthamstow
Roger Davies Bristol East
David mcClean South Antrim NI
Martin Gladdish Croydon Central
Dr Lloyd Pietersen Filton and Bradley Stoke
Chris Wright Derbyshire Dales
Peter Inman High Peak
Brian Hazeldine Richmond (Yorks)
Cynthia Farenden Labour International
Abi Huxtable Southend West
Bill Macleod York Central CLP
Andrew Taylor Hertford & Stortford CLP
Niklas Lusser Ealing Central and Acton CLP
Christopher Gunn Stretford and Urmston
Andrea Baines Withington
Lee Mooney Wirral South CLP
Lisa Campbell Bromley & Chislehurst
Niklas Lusser Ealing Central and Acton CLP
Bill Richardson charnwood CLP
Joan Pears Labour International
Vivienne Martin Birmingham, Yardley
Vivian Woodell Witney
Pat Fawcett North-East Derbyshire
Andrew Fawcett North-East Derbyshire
Sandra Sage Clydesdale
HIlary Corr Isle of Wight
Kevin Taylor Reading East
Victoria Brownless Newcastle Under Lyme CLP
Sarah Mattocks Wealden
Donald MacKay Dunfermline
Peter Scott Tooting
Kit Power Milton Keynes
Jenny Almeida Streatham
Ann Styles Hammersmith
Paul Luna Witney
James Alston Orpington
Andrew Jardine Scarborough and Whitby CLP
Christopher Cooper Worcester
Sylvia Meller Weston-super-Mare
Katharine Brooks Ealing Central and Acton
John McFarlane Northampton North
John Wilkinson Twickenham
william james colchester
Stephen Ackhurst Vauxhall
Claire Morrish New Forest East
Sheila Ryde-Weller Wealden
Jeremy Maris Brighton Kemptown
KWAME GRAVES-OKOKON Dulwich and West Norwood
Sheila Curran Preseli Pembrokeshire
John Sykes Keighley CLP
Raphael holmes Brighton
Aidan Jenkins Uxbridge and South Ruislip CLP
Mike Magowan Braintree CLP
Penny Maris Brighton Kemptown
TC Callis Walthamstow
Romy Medina Brighton Kemptown
Sara Jane Tipton Bradford West CLP
Mari Sved Hampstead and Kilburn
Tobias Rankin Torridge and West Devon CLP
Leah Naylor Canterbury
Adam Moll Tooting CLP
Julia Bird Battersea CLP
Liz and Clive Bandy N.E.Beds
Stephanie Sirr Broxtowe
Carol Pinnell Wakefield CLP
Chris lomas Mole Valley
Randy Banks Ealing Central and Acton
Christopher Sherlock Bromley and Chislehurst
Mike Greenaway Gower CLP
Michael Mitchell Lewes
John Langley Rushcliffe
Siân Neilson Swansea west
Erik Arnold Brighton
david hill braintree
Owen Bevan Mitcham and Morden
Helen Jardine Scarborough and Whitby CLP
Jonathan Reeve Islington North
Graham Harrison Bath
Teodora Petranova Oxford East
Judith Wardle Witney
Martin Daykin Twickenham
Alan Diamond Nottingham East
Myfanwy James Oxford West and Abingdon
Caroline OConnor Manchester Central
Phil Almond Leicester South
Chris Curling Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Sue Bradshaw Gower
Duncan hollowood Chichester
Raili Frost Hackney South
Paul Gledhill Pendle
Alex Heshmaty Bristol West
Fraser Walters North East Derbyshire CLP
Lucy Langley-Palmer Bristol East
Peter Bradley Cardiff North
Rebecca Carter Didcot
Gary Powers Barnsley
John Lawrence Witham CLP
Elly Walters North East Derbyshire CLP
Joseph Coote-Cowling Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
Brian Underwood Chichester
John Howard Maidenhead
Siobhan Kennedy North West Durham
Mark Jephcott Altrincham & Sale West CLP
Alex Underwood Chichester
Robin Fisk North West Leics
Deb Hermer Islington north
James Cosstick Bristol North West CLP
Odilon Marcenari Cardiff Central
Katharine Scott Halifax CLP
Jennifer Lineham Broxtowe
Ray Brown Westminster, London
Sarah dewis Hampstead and Kilburn
Alex Greer Wansbeck CLP
Mary Bowles Brighton and Hove
Thomas Longerich Lewisham West and Penge
William Gordon Stourbridge CLP
Denise Smith Chesterfield
Isabella Earle Lewisham, Deptford CLP
Kate Harris Twickenham
Joanne Beale South East Cambridgeshire CLP
Janet El-Rayess Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Vivien Fowle City and Westminster
Alan Horrox Hornsey & Wood Green
Gerald Garth Turner Crewe and Nantwich
Michael Whitehead Brighton and Hove
Joe Gluza Cambridge
Judith Anderson Cardiff Central
Trevor Lindsay Northern Ireland
Gnisha Bevan Bristol North West
Patrick Joyce (Warks CC candidate) Rugby CLP
Bill Norman Washington & Sunderland West
Irene Lindsay Northern Ireland
Kevin Kewell Portsmouth South CLP
John Hull Sheffield Hallam
Harriet Hughes Brighton
Jem Grimshaw Bristol west
Jozef Gluza South Cambridgeshire CLP
Sabine Brotherton Birmingham Yardley
Will Vigar Southampton Test
Liv Franzen Bristol West
Jonathan Bartlett Reading East
Chris McCleary Richmond
Liv Franzen Bristol West
Alison Bettle Witney
Jacqueline Howell Wellingborough
Di Collard Wolverhampton South West
Jerry Ramsbottom Chingford and Woodford Green
Thomas Andrew Broadbent Enfield Southgate CLP
Margaret Whittaker Blaydon
Jim Knowles Warrington South CLP
David Warren Edinburgh Central
Ruth Williams North East Hampshire
Martin Healy Thurrock
Tazeen Ali Edinburgh Central
Peter Churchill West Dorset
Hazel Knowles Warrington South CLP
Simon Aldridge Hornsey and Wood Green
Anne Currie Loughborough
Thomas Zunder Newcastle East CLP
Stephen Thomas Cannock Chase CLP
Alasdair Steane Isle of Wight
Deborah McFadyen Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley
Helen Jackson Manchester Withington CLP
Jacqueline Howell Wellingborough
Simon Wells North East Bedfordshire CLP
Jacqueline Howell Wellingborough
Richard Hugh Storrs Fox Derbyshire Dales CLP
Peter Collard Wolverhampton South West CLP
Mohamed El Kassmi Westminster
Gillian Thomas Cannock Chase CLP
Cllr David Gibson Brighton and Hove
Gurtej Sandhu Hackney South & Shoreditch
Victoria Davies Portsmouth North CLP
David Parry Filton & Bradley Stoke CLP
Derek Lennard Ìslington South.
Tim Wilson Tottenham
Gwen Heeney Birkenhead CLP
Kelvin Lewis Merthyr Tydfil
Matt Ellis Walthamstow
Laura Wright Manchester Withington
Cherill Scott Tooting
Samm Haillay Newcastle East
Nick Patrick Norwich South CLP
James Lickfold Gedling CLP
Simon Dubbins Bedford CLP
Donna Rustage Colchester
Barry O'Mahony Richmond/Twickenham
Margot Williams Hereford & South Herefordshire
Ulrik McKnight Lewisham West and Penge
Jean Fardoe Hereford & South Herefordshire
Cheryl Parker Dover
Sir Julian Priestley Plymouth, Sutton and Brussels Labour
Portia Tremlett Brighton Pavilion
James Ellis-Jones Hackney North & Stoke Newington
Jonathan Rippin South Northants
Tim Eard Liverpool Riverside
Ivor Perry Loughborough
Steve Potter Preseli Pembrokeshire
Veronica Haidar Chipping Barnet
Kate Spencer Nottingham North
Mr Gavin Barker Truro
Andrew Dinwoodie South West Devon
Vicki Millward Derbyshire Dales CLP
Steve Haywood Lewisham East
Michael Hopkins West Ham
Martin Hughes Dwyfor Meirionnydd
Tom Campbell Leeds west
Gillian Waddington Chichester CLP
Anna Sirius Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Zuned Ahmed Tottenham
Vincent Booth Hyndburn
Catherine Finnecy Maldon District CLP
Christine Lovett Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Ann Hollstein North West Hampshire
Daniel Titley Ceredigion
Ray Chater York North
Cllr John W Bunker Bridgend
IAIN BAUGHAN Leicester West
Paul Nelson South Edinburgh
Celia Chater York North
Carl-Ludwig Campbell NE Hampshire CLP
Jeff Tottenham
Michael Conley Oxford West and Abingdon
Katerina Ward Ashford
Wendy Clark Harrogate
Ms Sarah J Stevens Hertsmere
Simon Leyton South Holland and Deepings
daniel curshen Holborn & st pancras
Matthew Lewis Pontypridd
Mark Poulton Torfaen
Suzanne Smith Hornsey and Wood Green
Virgil Waters-Zegna Sittingbourne & Sheppey CLP
Caroline Baker St Ives
Ruth Deyermond Cambridge CLP
Simran Cheema Walsall North
Giles Downes East Ham CLP
Michael Cooper Haltemprice & Howden
Susan burke Wokingham CLP
Jonathan Palmer Streatham
Tim Kelly Weaver Vale
Gabrielle Taylor Altrincham and Sale
Jane Berthoud Islington North
Andrew Byles Manchester Withington
Sophie Swainger Exeter
Joan Davies Colchester
Ceri Edmonds Twickenham
Leanne Crabb Southend West CLP
Colin Furlong Romsey and Southampton North CLP
Martin Wrighty Wythenshawe and Sale East
Colin Furlong Romsey and Southampton North CLP
Dr Glenys E Law CLP Hornsey and Wood Green
Kate Wilcox Stroud
Fiona Cameron Heeley
Megan Fisher Hackney South and Shoreditch
Nicholas Dalton Totnes CLP
Gillian Kemp Witham CLP
Hugh Osborne Colne Valley
Darren Guerin Hackney South and Shoreditch
Wade Mansell Thanet North
David James Northern Ireland
Catherine Williams Bassetlaw
Christine Parkinson Birmingham Selly Oak
Sarah Little Reading East CLP
P A Hunter Sunderland Central
Ruth Battrick Bristol west
David Parkinson Stirling
Ian James Cambridge
Eddy Knasel Bristol West
Rachael Fox East Leeds
Neil Hufton Sunderland Central
Jason welsby Hereford and south herefordshire CLP
Martin Huckerby Camberwell and Peckham
Susan Gilman High Peak CLP
David Bettle Witney
Justina Cruickshank Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Andrew Clough Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Kim Gould Exeter
Philip Murray Cardiff North
Andrea Boden Stourbridge
Barry Johnson Broxtowe
Norbert Fabian Duisburg / London, PES
Sally Reeve Exeter
Damon Hoppe Stone CLP
Rob Tanner Oxford East
Christy Lewis Clwyd South
Diana Hornsby Chelsea and Fulham
Tom Serpell Wealden
Ian Middlehurst Spelthorne
Christine Jeffery Bristol South
Michael Hornsby Chelsea and Fulham
Lindsay Burstall West Dorset
Arbaz Khan Rotherham
L Briginshaw Watford
Andrew Stillman West Dorset
Cllr Terry Hurst Sherwood
Nathaniel Drake York Central
Paul Hughes East Yorkshire
Isabel Weller Islington South
Laura Jones Milton Keynes North CLP
Jane Pimlott Islington North
Ruth Samuels Hertford and Stortford
Terence W Gillespie Vale of Clwyd
Michael Parry Colne Valley
Joanna Jones Keswick
Mary Phillips Isle of Wight
Lynda Froud Milton Keynes North
Janos Bruck Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Beverley Stanford Witney
Marian Beaver Rushcliffe
Sandi Sinclair North West Norfolk CLP
Emilie Fournet Tottenham
Ron Roberts Bethnal Green & Bow
Richard Beaver Rushcliffe
Philippa Puzey-Broomhead Broxtowe
Benjamin Pester Tottenham
Stephen Smith Witney CLP
Elliot Delahaye Exeter CLP
Alex Bull Lewisham west and Penge
Dr Rachel E Holmes Cambridge
Owen Eastwood Brighton Pavilion
Marnie Yuen Mitcham & Morden CLP
Gordon McIntosh Leicester South
John Porter Mid Derbyshire
Harriet Ward Rushcliffe
Jamie wrate Dulwich & West Norwood
Christopher Ward Rushcliffe
Sue Harris Redbridge
Rosie Wilson Newcastle North
Simon Wood Basildon and East Thurrock
Stephen Wood Bristol West
Chris Davis Barnsley East
James McGrenera Islington South and Finsbury CLP
M R McQueen South Swindon
Simon Coleman-Smith Southampton & Romsey CLP
Barbara Allen Wavertree, Liverpool CLP
Celestin Nde Exeter
Dawn Moores York Outer
Robert Davidson Tooting CLP
Michael Ramchand Wokingham
Alastair Brown Rugby
John Drake Poplar and Canning Town
Joan Higgins Sefton Central
Jane Golding Labour International
Nicholas Cox Warrington South
Mr D Foster St Helens South and Whiston CLP
Penny Layton Hornsey and Wood Green
David Arnold Beaconsfield CLP
Kate Neilan Mitcham and Morden CLP
Paul Hodson Labour International
Jean Cathcart Weetwood
Celia Harris Richmond Park CLP
Andy Hoare Basingstoke CLP
Hywel Morgan Beckenham CLP
Sue Davies Labour international
Chris Stainsby Ealing Central & Acton
David Arnold Beaconsfield CLP
Daniel Sved Exeter
Ben Frost Cardiff South and Penarth CLP
Anne Cleary High Peak CLP
Richard Speight Arfon CLP
Ben Richards Hackney South and Shoreditch
Jane Blethyn Cardiff South
Anna Towers CLP Southwark, London
David Arnold Beaconsfield CLP
Sue Tanner Oxford East
David Arnold Beaconsfield CLP
Lorraine Phillips Hove CLP
Deborah Talbot Harwich and North Essex
David Cooper Elmet and Rothwell
Hugh Williams Stratford-On-Avon CLP
Emily Tilly Harpenden & Hitchin
Anne Sassoo Vauxhall
Liz Gallacher Milton Keynes North
Beatrice Kindred Bristol East
Alexander Harrowell Hornsey & Wood Green
sandra paterson Glasgow Cathcart CLP
Philip Dangerfield Sittingbourne and Sheppey
Neil Cathan Leeds North West
Nick Phillips Liverpool Riverside
Jeremy Herrin Lewisham Deptford
Teresa Heapy Oxford East CLP
Robert Courtney Dartford
Annalise davis Tooting
Rachel Totton York Central
Caroline Newbold Coventry
Vivian Finn St Helens North
Antoinette Hage Westminster North CLP
Simon Ellis Lewisham West and Penge
Antony Flower Dulwich and West Norwood
Teresa Regan MAnchester, Withington CLP
Anne Sassoo Vauxhall
Elzbieta Brown Rutland and Melton CLP
Damian Hayes Warwick
Anne Sassoo Vauxhall
John Steele Vale of York
Martin Long Makerfield CLP
Maggie Theed Preston Park Brighton
Harriet Phillips Cambridge
Richard Elliott Lewisham Deptford
Karin Hessenberg Sheffield Central
Brian Fillis Streatham Hill CLP
Sue Mullan Portsmouth South
Ruth Everild Haynes Ceredigion CLP
Wendy Twigger Brighton pavilion
robert bazalgette Carmarthen East and Dinefwr CLP
Richard Murphy Erith and Thamesmead
Lou Hart Wells
Cal Hewitt Canterbury and Whitstable
Mrs J Daniels High Peak CLP
Hannah Greaves Chichester
Robin Parrish Sheffield Central
David Tracey Bury
Colin Knight Ceredigion CLP
Sheena Lewis Taunton Deane
Nathalie Bourgeois Henley-on-Thames
Matthew Cleghorn Wealden
Chris Aston Stratford-Upon-Avon
Vanessa De Carvalho Tooting
Mimi Tucker hackney north and stoke newington
Helen Edmunds Basildon
Flora Daniels copeland
Dave Regis Central Devon
Denise Robinson Broadlands
Christine Dymkowski Streatham
Layla Croll Heeley, Sheffield
Tom steer Hornsey and wood green
Timothy Norris South West Hertfordshire
Jane Holgate Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Simon Loynes Edinburgh Southern
Adam Vernone Reading East CLP
Kathleen Bostwick Barnsley Central CLP
Clara Dekker Harwich and North Essex
Adam Cresswell Lewisham East
Angela Cleeve Bristol South CLP
Elisabeth Talbott Brecon and Radnorshire CLP
Jack Saunders Weaver Vale CLP
Timothy Pullen Richmond Park CLP
Max Eilenberg Islington North
Keith John Dicken Worcester
Sharon povey Wrexham
Christina Emmett Bosworth
Elspeth Crummay York Central
Marie-Christine Viljoen Holborn and St Pancras
Olwen Davies Waverny (East Anglia)
Roger Bird Bristol NW
Dr Dominik Zenner Islington South & Finsbury CLP
Mark Horseman Stockton North
Anthony Woods Ealing Southall
Catherine Saunders Stockport
Keith Reader Islington North
Chloe Bullock Brighton
Paul Fryer Torridge
Sarah Ibberson Shrewsbury
Julie bishop Dover & Deal
Paul Howard Davies Clwyd South CLP
Robert Hutchinson Cambridge
Maureen Wade Twickenham CLP
Richard McIlwraith South West Surrey CLP
Alexander Kasprzyk Broxtowe
Richard J. N. Copeland Stevenage CLP
Cllr peter Barnett Walthamstow
Bryan Nelder Stone
Lynda Broughton Mid-Worcestershire CLP
Georgina Gowans Sheffield Central CLP
Napoleon Stratogiannakis North Hackney
Ben Carpenter Merritt Darlington CLP
Andrew Bowie Cambridge
John Holmwood Northfield
Elisabeth Daviie Halifax
Gurminder K Bhambra Northfield
Lucy Dawes Newham
Harry Scurfield Leeds North West
Michael Gwynne Dyer Holborn and St. Pancras
Martin Lovatt Wolverhampton South East CLP
Diane Joyce Reading East
Simon Cotter Manchester Withington CLP
Glen O'Hara Bristol South
Mark Crail Epsom & Ewell
Simon Green Leeds North West
Elliot Carter Worcester
Michael Richards Cynon Valley CLP
Borna Radnik Kingston Upon Thames
Janet Gibbon Islington North CLP
Mike McNulty Wantage
Ian Bullock Brighton, Pavilion CLP
Paul Wilkin Saffron Walden
Nikita Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Alec Wealdon
Sue Naylor Shipley
Hilary Burgess Stroud
Janet Wilkin Saffron Walden
Andrew Phillipson Torridge and West Devon
Evelyn Dodds Lewes
Valerie Unsworth Birmingham, Northfield
patsy wilkes North Norfolk
Max Haward Hornsey and Wood Green
Sara Newman Wealden CLP
Helen Franklin Newbury
Brendan Wyer Broxbourne
Karen Ramsay Edinburgh Central CLP
Cllr John Tanner Oxford East
Amanda Allsop South Thanet
Ian Jobson Wansbeck
Enrico Soresini Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Paul Scannell islington North
Kitty Dinshaw Cities and Westminster
Timothy Lees Chester
Judith Dormer International France
Adam Burns Bethnal Green and Bow
Bob Tivey Witney CLP
Paul Riley St Helens South
Fung Wah Man Islington North
Sue Stephenson Sth Holland & The Deepings
Richard Quinn Birmingham Hall Green
Jo Wood Labour International CLP and Brussels Labour Branch
Roy Stephenson South Holland & The Deepings
Claire Fewster NW Durham CLP
John Pollitt milton keynes south
Gillian Bate Herefordshire
Robert Lenzie Hitchen & Harpenden
Stuart Hunt Leamington Spa
Linda Goldsmith Streatham
H Hamilton North Hertfordshire
Gillian Leach Skipton and Ripon
Isobel Findlay Labour International
Mr S Tynegate City of Chester CLP
Mark Garland Richmond Park CLP
Ian Bottrill Dwyfor Meirionnydd
Peter Leach Skipton and Ripon
Martin Rogers Brighton Pavilion
Paul Dornan Islington North
Cllr Ian Dunn Lewisham West and Penge
Felicity Dawson Bromley and Chislehurst
Chris Jones Coventry North West CLP
Iain Noble Sheffield Central
Alan Cox SW Surrey
Mohendra Kundu Ilford South
Catherine Townsend Islington South
christopher holden South Ribble CLP
Christine Browne East Devon
Richard Sherwin Maidstone and the Weald
Susan Bullock Brighton Pavilion CLP
Barbara maddox Exeter CLP
Roland Powell Aberconwy
Harry Bell Gateshead CLP
John Coutts Devizes
Dr George W S Burwood Brighton Pavillion
Jim Steel East Renfrewshire
Jonathan Davidson Coventry South CLP
Pam Baldwin Walthamstow CLP
Thomas Drew Manchester Central CLP
Kathryn Hellier Leigh
Debbie Cox Faversham & Swale East
Annette Gurney Selly Oak
Dr Michael Littledyke South Hams
Beth Noakes Holborn & St Pancras
Jean Fernandes Westminster North CLP
Ed Stafford Lewisham East
John Adey Central Devon
Allan Fisher Edinburgh East
Betsie A M Cleworth Durham
Alex Brett Enfield Southgate
Hubert Johnson Mitcham & Morden
Raymond Noble Buckingham
Bernadette Hayes Leicester South
Keith Burnett Rutland and Melton
Neil Devine Weston-super-Mare
Fay Young Edinburgh Northern and Leith
Nan Reid Eastbourne
David Hamilton Newbury
Andrew Davison Sleaford
Lynette Gwyn-Jones Brighton Pavilion
Lorna Zumpe Islington North CLP
Ian Stephenson Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough
Miles Fleet Eltham
David Purchase High Peak
Dawn Passmore Swansea CLP
Dr Anne Bore Sheffield Central
David Kemp Lewes
Lisa Zychowicz Calderdale
Kim Stephen Camberwell South
Cllr Stephen Hellier Leigh
Andrew Nelson Oxford West and Abingdon
Kathy Hamilton Newbury
Emma Swift Edinburgh North and Leith
Kirsteen Sullivan Linlithgow & East Falkirk
Oriana Ascanio Exeter CLP
Damien White East Herts
Sue WInter Camborne & Redruth
Lesley Mercer Poplar and Limehouse
Paula Kahn Islington South
Kim Harris St Ives Constituency Labour Party
Peter Hore Dulwich & West Norwood
John Rowan Edinburgh North&Leith
Belinda Pyke Labour International
Sally Sweeney South East Cornwall
Bettina Hasan Streatham
Sianne Shepherd Halesowen & Rowley Regis
Robert Douglas Carmarthen East and Dinefwr
Sarah Davies Warwick and Leamington
Paul Herbert Yeovil CLP
Cat ffrench Leicester City West
Dawn River Selly Oak
Cllr Jason Fojtik Stratford on Avon
Nigel Moss High Peak
Dan Frydman Edinburgh Northern & Leith CLP
David Parish Tynemouth
Bridget jennings Oxford east
Rachel Muers Leeds North West
David Ballard Isle of Wight
Kim Rae Windsor CLP
Anne Shore Vauxhall
Roy Chantrell Ynys Mon
M D King Derby North CLP
Jose Sanchez Southend
Maria Heffernan Gorton CLP
Tom Booth Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Maggie Coulthard Labour International
Hilary Scargill Huddersfield
Jan Austin-Whiteside Liverpool Wavertree
Jennifer Down High Peak
Fiona Webster-Lee Norwich north
Geoff Holland Islington North CLP
Suzanne King Derby North CLP
Stuart Richardson Brighton Pavillion
Clare Smith Penistone and Stocksbridge
Roger Suckling Nottingham East
Anne J McCluskey Edinburgh Northern & Leith
Gillian McIver North Islington
Dave Burt North Dorset
Margaret Chantrell Ynys Mon
Esmee Stimson Waveney CLP
Colette Hart Epsom and Ewell
Trevor Moores Ealing North
Mary Wynne Maidstone & Weald
Patricia Whitworth Exeter
Denise Willis Southport
Quentin Cornish Bury St Edmunds CLP
Meryl Rowlinson Shipley
Shaun Kelly South Hams
Andrew Milnes Bishop Auckland
Patrick Hutton Edinburgh Northern and Leith
Marc Woodman Brighton and Hove
Paul Jamrozy Westminster
Simon Bacon Bristol West
Eleanor Passman West Ham
John Beech Welwyn Hatfield
Gordon Craig Glasgow Pollok CLP
Pauline Cowen Derbyshire Dales
Donna Dougsl-Stupart Edinburgh Western
John Holford Nottingham East
Alastair Stupart Edinburgh Western
Cllr Julian Bell Ealing Central & Acton
Gordon Rice Stroud
Helen Ruddock Littlehampton
Marie Claire Shankland Stirling
Penny Noble Ealing Central and Acton
Megan Dwyer Southport
Rachel Gallagher Newcastle East
David Pugh Caerphilly
David Browning Twickenham
Tariq Persaud Parkes Hastings and Rye.
Jennifer bidgood Cambridge
Harry Pitts Bristol South CLP
Thea Bradbury Reading East
Anthony short Stockport
Carlos Pires Vauxhall
Chris Boddington North Somerset
Ruth Stanley Sheffield Hallam
Ann Kelly Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Chris Houghton Salisbury
Glynn Morgan Bury North
Robert Guyton Cambridge CLP
Duncan Craig Hornsey & Wood Green
Judi Walton Cambridge
Hayley Frye Farnborough
Sarah Macleod Edinburgh Northern & Leith
Tony Bryer Edinburgh South
Chris Kingsland Hastings & Rye
Jonathan Lewis Leeds NE
Catherine Halcrow Hackney North & Stoke Newington
Michael Miah Folkestone and Hythe
Ruth Oliver Hove
Greg Delaney Brentford & Isleworth
Stuart Richardson Brighton Pavilion
Gwynneth Lewis Leeds NE
I Wallis North East Somerset CLP
les maden south norfolk clp
Karin Capes Cambridge
Michael Harding Brecon and Radnorshire
Margaret Ashton Eastleigh CLP
Veronica Davies Tewkesbury CLP
Maitreyi Maheshwari Islington North
Robert R Kay Cambridge
Karen Ratcliffe Congleton CLP
Sheena Gilby Edinburgh Northern and Leith
Alison Campbell Edinburgh Northern and Leith
Adam Leys Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Simon Harrison-Morse Weston-super-Mare CLP
Jane Grant Mid Devon
Dave Simpson Calder Valley
Simon Bacon Bristol West
Stuart Budd Bristol North West
Tanya sewell Basildon
Justin Beament Central Devon CLP
Christine Boynton Edinburgh Northern and Leith CLP
Derek Reed Islington North
J Thorp Portsmouth
John Webb Bath CLP
Lesley Davies Ipswich
Elizabeth Rainsford-McMahon South West Devon
Elaine Pomery Welwyn Hatfield
Mike Barrett Vauxhall
Louise raffo Maidenhead
Alex Josephy Bethnal Green and Bow
Sara Turner Battersea CLP
Gary Clarke Isle of Wight
John Turner Battersea CLP
Michael Ingram Tooting CLP
Patricia Duncan Wythenshawe and Sale East
Pat Bell Gateshead
Annie Hatley Norwich South
Caroline Keenan St Ives CLP
Roberta Buchan Edinburgh Northern and Leith
James Bowe Cambridge CLP
Tom Campbell Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP
Kate Oakley Vauxhall
Trisha Lee North Wiltshire CLP
Gill Reed Ealing & Acton
Ozlem Onaran Kingston and Surbiton
Engelbert Stockhammer Kingston & Surbiton
Dr Nicholas Williams Labour International Germany
Craigie Watson Edinburgh Northern and Leith
Louise Meehan Mid Sussex Labour
Shangara Singh Enfield North (CLP)
Laura Hughes Tatton CLP
Fred Steward North West Leicestershire
Neil Adams Islwyn CLP
Tracy Grant Brighton
Josh King Lewisham West & Penge
Charles Mossman Central Devon
Emmanuel Lebaut Islington South
Joanna Thomas Birmingham Hall Green CLP
Elizabeth Rowan North Tyneside CLP
Eden Gray Holborn and St Pancras
K King Ealing Central & Acton
Morwenna Kemp BATH
Roy Kettle Hitchin
Benjamin Baruch Finchley and Golders Green
Dalvir Singh Labour International CLP
J P Steadman Hampstead and Kilburn
Ian Jones Northfield CLP
Tim Schofield Wakefield
Paul Wood Wythenshawe and Sale East CLP
Michèle Leys Holborn and St Pancras
David Hornbrook Bethnal Green and Bow
Barrie Mahoney Labour International
Colin Leys Hornsey and Wood Green
Christopher Tong Rochester and Strood CLP
Patrizia Congedo South East Cambridgeshire
Richard Meehan Mid-Sussex
Wallace McDowell Kenilworth and Southam CLP
Lucy Findlay Exeter
Patricia fuejo Harrow West CLP
Brian Watmough Canterbury
Linda Newman Sefton Central
Mark Munson Harwich and North Essex
Christopher Whitty Cannock Chase
Martin Linklater Wallasey
John Tangen Greenwich
Billy McLean Salford and Eccles CLP
Charles Kozeny-Pelling Oxford West and Abingdon
Cllr Paul Sales Cambridge CLP
Betty Anne Noir Ceredigion
Matilda Stannard-Moore Norwich South
Jim Rumble Neston and Ellesmere Port
Jean Brant Selly Oak
Geoff Sheddick Beaconsfield
Mike Teasdale Twickenham
Joshua Hale Oxford and District
Kate Leys Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
Sheila Watson Hornsey and Wood Green
Sarah Bates Folkestone and Hythe CLP
Duncan Laverty Coventry
Andrew Trigg Hornsey and Wood Green
Nick Headland South Norfolk
Sarah McCarthy Sherwood Nottingham
John Willett Dunstable
J Schamp Holborn & St Pancras
Gillian Barber North West Hampshire
Jane Clifford Brighton & Hove
Patricia Somerset Eltham CLP
Anja Griffioen Hornsey and Wood Green
Donna Pilcher Mole Valley
Mark Lister Gloucester
James Roche Stevenage CLP
Stephen Barrett Richmond
Thomas Williams Lewisham East
Isobel Cole-Hamilton Holborn and St Pancras
Hardeep Singh Southampton Test CLP
Paul Tipler Bristol West
Ian Taylor Lewisham, Deptford CLP
Benjamin Fairweather Canterbury
Sean O'Neill Bristol North West
Anthony Phillips South Cambridgeshire CLP
Douglas Boynton Aberdeenshire East
Carol Ivory Cardiff South and Penarth
Laura Martin Hitchin and Harpenden
Christopher Nial Islwyn
Patrizia Congedo South East Cambridgeshire
Richard Ion Lancaster and Fleetwood
Christina Rice Stroud CLP
Rachael Morris Rochester and Strood CLP
Stewart Lansley Dulwich and W Norwood
Cllr Claire Isbester Northwest Hampshire
clare dineen falmouth
John Quill Hemel Hempstead
Henry Goodman Banbury CLP
Stuart Rolley Melton and Rutland CLP
Angel Brooks Finchley and golders green
Keith Pinney Winchester Clp
Dr John Fraser Finchley and Golders Green
Ruth Steadman Hampstead and Kilburn
CAROLINE J MAST St Austell and Newquay CLP
James Todd Edinburgh Western CLP
Ben Barrett Richmond Park CLP
Sharon Butker North Wiltshire
Paul Bowron Birmingham Hall Green
Maureen Stephens Portsmouth South
Sharon Butler North Wiltshire
Michael King Totnes
Phil Hewitt Stockton South
Mark edwards Windsor
Bridget Pratt Hertford and Stortford CLP
Andy McEwan Whitstable
Katja Richters Tottenham
Gary Carter Hayes and Harlington
John Davies Cardiff West
Claire Hamnett Oxford East
Edward Clayton Associate Member, Bectu
cllr val slater Shipley
Anashua Davies Old Bexley & Sidcup
Jenny Owen Sheffield Central
Elizabeth Hart Wimbledon
Geof Rayner Islington North
Pauline Bird Mid Devon
Cathy Elliott Tooting CLP
Derek Bond Walthamstow
David McKnight North Reading
Mike Aldred Mid Devon
Helen Elias Coventry South
Cllr Joanne Simpson Vauxhall
Cllr Jack Hopkins Vauxhall
Tracy Duggan Whaley Bridge
Clark Renney Harlow
Michael Noble Ilford North
Stephanie Dawson Meriden
Sue Fenton Calder Valley
Stephen McKenna Greenwich Woolwich
Galloway Bell Huddersfield
David Geary St Albans
Pete marsh South East Dorset CLP
Gina Glover Islington North
Mr S M J Cook Finchley and Golders Green
Luisa Attfield Finchley and Golders Green
Tabitha Taylor Central Leeds
Alex rofaila Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Phillip Ash Lichfield
David Robertshaw York Central CLP
Alan Watkins-Groves Sleaford and North Hykeham CLP
H Rivers Brentford and Isleworth CLP
Andi Studer Walthamstow
Graham Knibbs Dover
Angela Fellows Nuneaton
rita Taylor sedgefield
Sanj Sharma Hackney South and Shoreditch
David Lovelace Old sidcup and bexley
Helen Taylor Oxford West and Abingdon
Gail Violaris Peckham North, London
Michael Sutton Garston and Halewood
Lisa English Wokingham
Dustin Banks Brighton, Hove
Michelle Streeter Alyn and Deeside CLP
Zoe Waterman Vauxhall
Simon Harrison Caithness, Sutherland and Ross
Kevin O'Connor Norwich South CLP
Claudia Higgins Milton Keynes CLP
Gabriel Early Saffron Walden
Margaret Gamage Cheadle
Humphry Smith Bethnal Green and Bow
James Bryan Hexham
James Ferry Brandwood
Andrew Byles Manchester Withington
Michael Taylor Oxford West and Abingdon
Ken Fox Leeds North West
Daniel Barry Battersea
Nick Boyd Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Rob Palk Leicester West
David Howarth City of London
Julia Burrows Tottenham
Murray Glickman Ilford South
Sarah Grenville Norwich South
Arthur Shenton Tiverton
Richard Worth Leeds Central
Mark Rainbird East Surrey
Lisa Parry Cardiff North
Andrew Tyas Sheffield Central
Neil Attewell Solihull & Meriden
John David Simnett Tynemouth
Philippa Hurman Brentford and Isleworth
Patrick Costello Labour International
David Lepper Brighton Pavilion
David Gibb Dumfriesshire CLP
Colin Aldridge Mid Beds
peter jones swansea west
Christopher Finlay Edinburgh North and Leith
Lynda Marsh Chichester
Rosi Edwards Hall Green, Birmingham
Jan Worrall Havant
John McNeill Weaver Vale
Patrick Duggan Walthamstow
Jon Parry Rugby
Jinny keatinge Stoke Newington
Cllr Andrew Hinchliff Aberconwy
Joy Townsend Holborn and St Pancras
Glain Fox Leeds North West
Pieter Baeten Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
Rose Tremlett Brighton Pavilion
Lyn Watkins Epping Forest CLP
Liz Swift South East Cambs CLP
Barry Jones Mid Sussex
Gerry Newnham Welwyn Hatfield
Bob Maynard Exeter
Maurizio Morriello Westminster
Josie Barrett Broxtowe CLP
Chris Lee Worcester
Fred Ake Loughborough
Graeme Salmon North Shields
Andrew Mackmurdo Torbay
Jon Gill Sheffield Central
Corrina McHale Stone
Z Haider Birmingham Hall Green
Frank Sullivan Salford & Eccles CLP
Ormond Simpson Kenilworth and Southam
Richard Latto Garston and Halewood
Stephen M Whitehead Brixton and Streatham Hill
Janis Hasteley Bath
Simon Thomas Vauxhall
Emma Bandey South West Surrey CLP
Meg van Rooyen Warwick & leamington
Alan Laird Richmond Park CLP
Alex Jacobs Hornsey & Wood Green
Adrian Duthie Elmet and Rothwell CLP
Helen George Dulwich & West Norwood
Anthony Faramelli Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Claudia Higgins Milton Keynes CLP
Joanna Clarke Camberwell and Peckham
Robin Stoker Islington North
Ruth Craggs Vauxhall CLP
Ruth Russell Holborn and St Pancras
Huw Spanner Bath
Jason Lewis Warley
Mike Sheehan Colchester
Rhys Griffin Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Fiona Assersohn Wantage
Anne Sassoo Vauxhall
Roger Watkins Epping Forest CLP
Danny MBALA - APPOH Croydon North
Tatiana Kidder Lewisham West and Penge
Jenny Spearman Chingford and Woodford Green CLP
Inge Hansen International
Jack Kidston North East Hertfordshire
Dagmar Ulrich Greenwich and Woolwich
John Worthington Leyton & Wanstead
Alice Hoyle Bath
Alicia Bickerstaff Vauxhall
Gerald Higgs Cities of London and Westminster CLP
Janet Sisson Bolsover CLP
Dean Yateas Warley West Midlands
Huw Champion Bolsover CLP
Tristan finn South hackney and Shoreditch
Kim Mulji Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Suzanne Woodiwiss Bury South CLP
Deborah Perkin Cardiff Central CLP
Alderman Hugh Malyan Camborne Redruth and Hayle
Cesar Queruz Labour international
Helen Read Norwich South
Seana deCarne Westminster North
Richard Smith Bedford
Mark Skeet Kensington
Taidgh de Carne Westminster North
Helen Kingstone Brighton Pavilion
Chiara Tornaghi Coventry South
Richard Stewart Streatham
John Taylor Maidstone
Heather Taylor Maidstone
Georgina Craig Wokingham
Linda Grant Leicester West
Cynd Willey Newark and Sherwood CLP
Matthew Fulton Hackney North CLP
Lynne Armstrong Bognor Regis and Littlehampton
Andrew Thompson Cambridge Labour Party
Anthony Phillips South Cambridgeshire CLP
Karn Purvis South West Norfolk CLP
David Lilley Bognor Regis and Littlehampton
Sean Ryan Winchester
Alan Ingram Birmingham Yardley CLP
David Devereux Mid Beds CLP
Venetia McEllin Windsor
J F Kazer North East Hertfordshire CLP
Wendy Perrin-Waite Folkestone and Hythe
Noelle Catherine Orlandini Oxford East
Tom Taylor Holborn and St Pancras
Elizabeth McWilliams South East Cambridgeshire
Mike anderson Islington south
Diane O'Neill Maldon CLP
Jenny Bateman Havant CLP
Robert Black Nottingham South
Marion Doyen Warwick and Leamington CLP
Chris Sinha South Norfolk CLP
Colin Sigee Henseler Bury South CLP
Lauren Rosenberg Tottenham CLP
Chris McGovern Twickenham
Linda Grant Leicester West
Steve Sewell South Norfolk
Linda Grant Leicester West
Geoff Innes Shipley
Vera da Silva Sinha South Norfolk CLP
Dr Karen Postle Fareham
John Arthey Streatham
Emily Wright Camberwell & Peckham
Prof. Tony Postle Fareham
Rebecca Atkinson Dulwich and West norwood
Naomi Turner Shipley
Anthony Deal Bury St Edmunds
R Whittaker Somerton and Frome CLP
Adeola Agbebiyi Buckinghamshire CLP
Abdiwali Duale Ealing North CLP
Linda Grant Leicester West
Bill Collibs St Austell & Newquay
Patrick Higgs Dulwich and West Norwood
R Whittaker Somerton and Frome CLP
Alex Pearson City of London and Westminster
Jeremy Pritlove Pudsey
Therese Pearson City of London and Westminster
Patrick Lilley Cities of London & Westminster
David Yahuda Hackney South
Lisa Holmes Grantham & Stamford CLP
Mary Emerson S Norfolk
Terry Lawley Greenwich and Woolwich
Neil Barton Maidenhead
Chris Myers Bath CLP
Kim McGavin East Kilbride CLP
Laura J Molyneaux Labour International (Los Angeles)
Vittorio Martino Hammersmith and Fulham
Bob Kitchen Barnet
Sarah Lee Runnymede & Weybridge CLP
Anne Theroux Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Tim Powis Hornsey & Wood Green
Marie-Laure O'Shea Brent Central CLP
Jonathan Perkin Staffordshire Moorlands
Rob Orton Leicester South
Sonia Nerys Edmonds Swansea West
Patricia Webb Bath CLP
David Trevanion South Norfolk CLP
Andrea Klein Hornsey and Wood Green
Martin Clark Poplar and Limehouse
Ann WORSLEY Eccles and Salford CLP
Frank Degis Holborn and St. Pancras
David John Hicks International Labour Party
Jan Alsmeyer North Tyneside
Steve schifferes Hammersmith and Fulham
Desmond Gayler Harrow West
Tamara Lowe Bedford
Diane corrister Newport Wales
Hope Dickson Leach Edinburgh North
Callum Hoare Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport
Tim Bassett Milton Keynes North CLP
Martin Nesbit Bethnal Green and Bow
Valerie Vessey Hertsmere CLP
Stephen Aves Exeter
Daniel Le Dosquet-Bergquist Hackney South & Shoreditch
Zowie Recchi North Durham
Catherine Wells Bury North
Florence Wells Bury North
Joe Earley Witham
John Turner Thornbury & Yate CLP
Stephen Daly Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Peter Evans Newcastle Central CLP
Mrs J Latif Putney
Trudy Enticott Mid Derbyshire
Robin Dunn Hornsey & Wood Green
Daniel Powis Wellingborough CLP
Robert Carr ealing
Martin McCallion Hackney North and Stoke Newington
John Rohde Bristol North West
Chloe Morris Hexham
David Singleton Putney CLP
Martin Lamb Doncaster North CLP
Vanessa Shand Perth and Kinross
Peter Shand Perth and Kinross
Stan Coats Torridge and West Devon CLP
Margaret Jazwinski Bury North
Chris Heckels Newcastle North
Paddy Grant aberdeen south
Martin Kaufman Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Jonathan Burrows Lewes
Louise Turff Finchley and Golders Green
Shelley Green Longlands Ward CLP
Mal Standing BRIGHTON, Pavilion.
Shelley Green Old Bexley and Sidcup
Michaela Galvin Rochdale
John Fisher Lewes
Angel Brooks Finchley and golders green
Jodie Barwick-Bell Blaydon CLP
Chris Kelly Epping Forest
Sophie Atherton South Thanet
Brian Dempsey Heywood & Middleton CLP
Brigitte Anton Northern Ireland
Naomi Quant Eltham
Helen Burnett Reigate and Redhill
Tom Namgauds Trafford
Helen Veitch Hove
Heather Jones West Ham CLP
Megan Morrison-Sloan Camberwell and Peckham
Janice Jackson Liverpool Riverside
Karen Barter Orpington CLP
Catherine Sharp Northern Ireland CLP
Marie Greenwood Hackney
Stephen Elves Faversham and Mid Kent
Beverley Taylor Dulwich & West Norwood CLP
Bob Hale Bethnal Green & Bow CLP
Nick Griffiths St Austell
William Hill Winchester CLP
Sheila Spencer Newcastle Upon Tyne East
Deborah Gill Oxford East
Steve Bell Clydesdale
Marian Vaduva Harrow
Caroline Hutchinson Cardiff North
John R Harris Labour International
Tariq Abdulla Manchester Central CLP
James Cooray Smith Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
Venetia McEllin Windsor
Joshua Robinson Welwyn Hatfield
Cllr Adam Wilkinson Calderdale
Dominic Blythe Hull North
Ann Welch Swale
Marylin Dixon Warwick & Leamington

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