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World Singles Net invites you to join our ever growing family. Please take the time to fill in our online application, and become an instant member for FREE!!

World Singles Net is all about sharing laughter, joy, conversation, experience and adventures with new and interesting people, just like yourself, while participating in fun activities and events all around the Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia.

We are very confident that NO other Malaysian Singles Events Organizer offer you all of the following, as a matter of fact we are the ONLY Malaysian Singles Events Organizer of its kind! We are located here in the heart of the Kuala Lumpur!

*****Any membership fees?
NOTHING!!! Absolutely FREE! We don't like the idea of making money on members just to sign up, we prefer to charge for our events. That way you can choose how often and how much you would like to spend.

*****Any stipulations?
Currently our events only cater to adults. This means you must be 18 or older to join. Also, note that you will be presented with a waiver that you must agree to, before your membership enrollment is complete. Your waiver agreement is mandatory before you can participate our events.

*****How to join?
Simply fill out the online registration form or the online application can be printed out and submitted by email:
Also, feel free to join through phone by calling +6012 6692977.

What do you have to lose? Join the fun and find your way to a better lifestyle!

We ask that attendees have certain traits in common. Having these common traits have been shown to greatly increase the chance for mutual interest and comfort level.
By submitting this profile you certify the following to be true:
1. You are single and available;
2. You are mentally and emotionally stable;
3. You are in good health;
4. You have never been convicted of a felony;
5. You agree to our terms and conditions and;
6. You understand the information you provided below will remain private and will not be sold or provided to any other company and is for the exclusive use of The World Singles Net.

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Part Three: In order to help us in the planning of each venue for our events and giving more fun and excitement to our members, we request that you complete the following :
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How did you find out about us?
Conditions for Membership The World Singles Net reserves the right to refuse application for membership without assigning a reason, and to cancel the membership of any person for unsocial or improper behavior not befitting The World Singles Net. We strongly encourage that you do not falsify information in the registration process or your membership will be revoked. Remember that membership is completely free, and in return for us giving that to you, we appreciate you giving us accurate information. *Please note your membership details are personal and confidential. We do not sell our mailing lists and your telephone number will not be given to anyone without your permission. You are under no obligation and have the option to resign your membership in the club at any time. *
Waiver: I do hereby absolve, release and waive any and all civil or criminal liability litigation claims or demands against World Singles Net, its officers, directors, leaders, employees and each and every subscriber thereof, which may arise out of or be related to any injury, damage or pecuniary loss to me or any member of my family by reason of involvement in any club or club related activities. The act of accepting this waiver makes the individual solely responsible for his/her safety while on the tour, at the completion of the tour and at all venues throughout this tour. The act of accepting this waiver agrees that the individual, if intoxicated, will not operate a motorized vehicle after leaving any World Singles Net events or tours.
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