Student Survey - Online Class Experience
It is very important to me that you have an excellent experience during these online classes. I really appreciate you taking a few minutes to sit down and think carefully about the questions in this survey. This is completely anonymous. I won't know who said what so feel free to be completely honest. You won't hurt my feelings I promise. I need your help to make this class better. And thank you so much for being my students and for your patience in this challenging situation.
Is there too much homework for this class? *
Not enough
Way too much
How many hours per week are you spending on this class (including video lectures, class activities, and other assignments)?
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How many hours per week would be appropriate to spend on this class in your opinion (including video lectures, class activities, and other assignments)?
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What is the best thing about this online class? *
Is there a Business English topic that is NOT on the syllabus that you think should be included in this class next time? *
Are you able to see and hear the video lectures clearly? *
Do you feel that your professor is working as hard as possible to give you a rewarding educational experience? *
Do you think that the online class experience is better, worse, or the same as a regular classroom experience? *
Overall, how would you rate your experience of my online classes so far this semester? *
Do you have any additional comments about the class? I would love to hear your complaints, concerns, and/or suggestions.
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