Ecomate HR interview
We are looking for passionate, brilliant, creative and proactive professionals, willing to face challenges in a competitive environment. Working for an early-stage startup gives you the the opportunity to shape the future of the company and actively contribute with your own ideas. A dynamic job in a fast-growing market and an opportunity to create the future of sustainability.

We look for candidates that meet the following criteria:

- WORK FOR EQUITY ONLY (at this stage we are all co-founders, therefore we only need other co-founders)
- European residents only, fluent in written and spoken English.
- Experienced with Google Drive Apps (gdocs, gsheets, etc..).
- Ability to work with a team and communicate with efficiency.
- As we deal with B2B customers, we require a formal attitude, good manners and business communication skills.


1) You have understood our business (
2) You have read our pitch:
3) You have registered on the platform (use BETA99 referral code). Play around a bit with the assessment/report (to activate the report you need to fully answer and submit a module)
4) If you cannot find anything to improve, or if you do not have the courage to make bold statements and speak your mind, we believe you should not work in a startup, so please refrain from applying.

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