Yorkhill & Kelvingrove Cycle Village Proposal - Trader's Engagement
As you may be aware, in partnership with Glasgow City Council, Yorkhill and Kelvingrove Community Council has been successful in advancing its Yorkhill & Kelvingrove Cycling Village proposal through the first stage of Sustrans Scotland’s Community Links PLUS competition. In the first community led proposal of its kind, it proposes several walking, cycling and public realm improvements for the area – namely segregated cycle lanes, wider pavements, improved crossing points, new directional signage and enhanced public spaces which are sensitive to the needs of the community, whilst making the community a more attractive place to spend time and money.
The Community Council has already undertaken several positive consultations with the community and wish now to capture the specific views of traders within the community.
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How do the majority of your patrons access your business?
The cycling village concept will make the area more attractive to spend time and money in
My business would benefit from walking and cycling improvements in the area
The cycling village concept has the potential to make businesses more accessible and inclusive for those with disabilities (visible & invisible), elderly and those pushing strollers
The cycling village concept has the potential to improve air quality and reduce noise in the area
There are 3 distinct areas within our community: Yorkhill, Finnieston and Kelvingrove. Our consultations have identified ‘Gateways to our community’ in the following areas, please select one from each area which you feel is most appropriate:
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Please identify which streets could be made better to encourage people to spend time and money in (Tick all that apply)
Please identify what would improve the streetscape (tick all that apply)
Please use this space to identify any ideas/needs you have regarding the project:
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