This form is to be filled by Students who are studying Catechism in Grade 4 (Receiving or NOT receiving First Holy Communion in April 2019) OR other grades intending & approved to receive First Holy Communion in April 2019 at St. Joseph's Cathedral-Abu Dhabi.

A confirmation response and all further instructions will be sent to below email. So please ensure email address is correct.

Register only ONCE to avoid a duplication of entry. However, if needed, you may re-edit your form data from the confirmation mail you will receive.

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Receiving FHC in Abudhabi (~25 & 26 April 2019)? + Email of Baptism Certificate *
If Receiving FHC in Abu Dhabi, Please select 'yes' and ALSO click the below link to Email a clear photo or scan of the Baptismal Certificate with Subject of mail as "[Grade&Section]-[Name]-Baptism Certificate ' eg '4A-Mary Brown-Baptism certificate'
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