Drexel University Kosher / Shabbat Friendly Housing Interest Form 2021-2022
If you are a new student interested in living in suite-style housing with a kosher kitchen (kashered for you!), and on a low floor in a building where staff are trained to accommodate Shabbat access, please fill out this form by May 20.

Please note: you must also complete your University Housing Application by May 15.

The Kosher Living Suites are located in Van Rensselaer Hall: http://drexel.edu/campusservices/universityHousing/residence-halls/vanRensselaerHall/
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If parent 1 & 2 do not share the permanent address listed above, please share the 2nd address and which parent it is associated with
Who would you like to room with in your suite?
We will do our best to accommodate roommate / suite-mate requests but due to the number of beds and number of suites we cannot make guarantees (Suites accommodate 3-4 students)
Clear selection
Please list the full name and email address of the person/people you are requesting to share a suite with
We ask that suitemates mutually request each other
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Suites in VanR have bedrooms that are typically shared by two people
Please list the full name and email address of the person you are requesting to room with
We ask that roommates mutually request each other
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