Yale Cognition and Development Lab Summer Internship 2019 Application
This application and all application materials are due by March 3rd, 2019. In addition to completing this response portion, remember to upload an up to date resume or CV and an up to date transcript (unofficial is fine) in the appropriate section; both should be formatted as PDFs. We also require at least one letter of recommendation (you can send more than one if you wish). Please have your recommender email cognition.development@yale.edu with your letter of recommendation by March 3rd, 2019.
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In the following section, you will be asked several response questions. Please keep your answers relatively brief (around 300 words maximum). We recommend typing them out in a word processing program and having one or more people provide feedback before you enter them here.
Briefly describe your primary research interests. What motivates them? *
What interests you about the Yale Cognition and Development Lab? Are there certain researchers or papers that interest you in particular? *
How would your experience and skills make you a valuable lab member? *
Briefly describe one of your favorite psychology experiments, including the task, independent and dependent variables, and results. What should we take away from this experiment? Why is this research important? *
Some of our developmental studies are done on an online platform we run, TheChildLab.com. Although any intern might work with this platform, some skills are a particularly good match for it. Describe any expertise you have with any of the following: video production, website design, working with children, programming, or fluency with multiple languages. For expertise with an online footprint (e.g., your youtube channel with amazing videos, a twitter account you manage with thousands of followers, a website you have designed) feel free to provide a link for us to look at. *
Please upload an up to date copy of your college transcript(s) (Unofficial is fine) in PDF format. Please name your file firstname_lastname_transcript.pdf *
Please upload an up to date copy of your resume or CV in PDF format. Please name your file firstname_lastname_resume.pdf *
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