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The Ocean.Us team host free beach cleanup events for fellow ocean advocates to join together, and clean our local beaches. Each event is full of excitement, and education. We aim to bring awareness to individuals of the damage that single use plastic is doing to the oceans, and what it means to be part of something bigger. Make Waves and work side-by-side with Ocean.Us for cleaner oceans.

What does it means to be a Ocean.Us Volunteer?
As a Ocean.Us Volunteer you are one of a kind. You bring your own unique personality to join in the exciting movement for a clean ocean, and to stop single use plastic. A Ocean.Us Volunteer is someone that lives in the local community and has a passion for the oceans. They join the Ocean.Us team to help set up events and create a great experience for everyone to enjoy. You can also be a Ocean.Us analyst.

What is a Ocean.Us Analyst?
Ocean.Us analyst are the key to insuring proper recycling, and recording of all ocean debris collected. The recycled material must be rinsed, and sorted properly. Once the material is separated from recyclables to non-recyclables we must weigh and record the amount. With your help we can create awareness and educate the community about proper recycling and the harm of single use plastic.

If you would like to join the Ocean.Us team at our next event, please fill out the form below.

Ocean.Us wants your help Making Waves!

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