Campaign Success Coding Sheet
1.1) Coder Name
1.2) Case ID *
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[DROPPED] 1.4) Object
What was the target asked to do in the main goal? (4= internal class; 3= internal indiv; 2=external class; 1=external indiv; 88=multiple; 99; see codebook for full description of categories)
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2.1) Goal Description
Copy and paste the clearest and most specific textual description for the main goal.
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2.2) Assertive or Defensive Goal
2= assertive; 1=defensive
2.3) Outcome Description
Copy and paste textual descriptions for outcome of the main goal. (99 = no information available)
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2.4) Goal Achievement Level
3= full; 2=partial; 1=none; 99=insufficient/unclear outcome information
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