Pen Tribe Introductions
I have 6 questions to help me get to know you better, and I really appreciate you taking a moment to answer them.
When it comes to lettering / calligraphy, what's the single biggest challenge you've been struggling with? (Please be as detailed and specific as possible.) *
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How would you describe your level of proficiency? *
How are you using lettering / calligraphy? *
What other ways have you used to learn lettering / calligraphy in the last six months? *
What's your favorite way to learn lettering / calligraphy? *
Last question: if I was to create a paid program on one of the following topics, which of these are you most likely to have signed up for if it was already available? *
Last step: What's your best contact information so I can make sure you're notified about new lettering / calligraphy goodies when they're made available? (Optional)
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