2024 Sponsor Contact Information
The sponsor, representing the witness, support and prayers of the entire Church, acts as a
spiritual companion while the candidate journeys toward completion of initiation. Sponsors
represent in a personal way the witness and support of the parish community. It is recommended
that the candidate early in the preparation process choose a sponsor. While “it is desirable that
the sponsor chosen be one who undertook this role at Baptism” (CCL #893), it is equally
important that the sponsor be one with whom the candidate can frequently and comfortably meet
with, talk, pray, question and share doubts and insights. The sponsors can fulfill this ministry by:

• Being a “role model” of witness and example as a Catholic Christian.
• Sharing his/her own faith story with the candidate.
• Assisting the candidate in the discernment process to know whether he/she is called at
this time to make the Confirmation commitment.
• Accompanying the candidate to candidate/sponsor sessions, retreats or liturgical
• Introducing the candidate to the dimension of service in the life of the community, and
supporting him/her in some form of service.
• Presenting the candidate to the Bishop at the Confirmation liturgy, attesting to the
candidate’s willingness and readiness to celebrate the sacrament.

To perform the role of sponsor, it is necessary that a person fulfill the conditions stated in the
CCL #874:

1. be interested in the spiritual well-being of the candidate;
2. be no less than 16 years of age unless the bishop allows otherwise in particular situations;
(We need to be aware that many sixteen-year olds do not have the maturity needed to do
3. be a fully initiated Catholic who leads a life in harmony with the faith and the role to be
4. participate regularly in the sacramental life of the Church including weekly Sunday Mass;
5. not be the father or the mother of the one to be confirmed.

Sponsors need to meet with their candidate four times before Confirmation. Three meetings before they are Confirmed and once after Confirmation.

There will be a Sponsor Completion form online to fill out after the four meetings with your Confirmation Candidate.

Once the candidate has been fully initiated, the sponsor’s task is one of ongoing support, which is as important in many ways as all the efforts during the preparation period. However, it is less structured and informal. The sponsor could:

• Inquire periodically on the new member’s efforts and success in living out the commitment implied in Confirmation.
• Offer suggestions and assistance in helping the newly confirmed to become an active member of the faith community.

Sponsors who are not members of Our Lady of the Holy Souls Church please call your Church and have them send us a letter that you are a member in good standing.

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