APPLICATION: Demystifying the Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) Interview | INDUSTRY Virtual Product Workshop
This application is for those interested in the INDUSTRY Virtual Workshop focused on Demystifying the Jobs-to-be-Done Interview. Because of the very limited number of participants, participation is by application only.

This workshop includes both pre-workshop and post-workshop assignments, along with an invitation to an exclusive Q&A session once you've had a chance to digest the information.

To strengthen your JTBD interview skills, this workshop includes:
- A deep review and discussion of the key JTBD frameworks.
- An outline of the tips and tricks used to conduct and debrief the JTBD interview.
- A hands-on live demonstration of an actual JTBD interview

Specific techniques shared in this workshop are meant to help participants:
- Get people to remember facts.
- Ask engaging questions and find the “energy” of motivation.
- Decode the interview into the Forces of Progress and the timeline.

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April 7th: 9 am – noon EST
April 14th: 4 pm – 7 pm EST
April 30th: noon - 3 pm EST
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