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This application form gives us insight into if we will choose you or not to review our new products (worth potentially over $1,000 of inventory) PER reviewer. This is why we have an in-depth application we want you to fill out. If you really want to get free inventory, a little is required on your part.

In exchange, we ask for you to leave an HONEST review of the product. This helps us build an honest reputation, while letting you benefit by receiving high-quality products from us. You would not want to purchase products with fake reviews, nor do we stand for this unethical practice either. We ask that you leave an honest opinion, regardless if the product is free or not.

Requirements: If you win the position to be an exclusive Tempi Reviewer, you will be sent a link and directions to purchase our products. Once they are purchased, leave a review within 7 days of receiving the product. Send us a link to your review and receipt of the cost. We will then send you a reimbursement for the total amount paid via PayPal.

If you have any questions before or during your application, email ask@tempibrand.com or give us a phone call at +1-866-405-7927

Thank you for your time.

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If you have any questions, you can contact us at anytime by emailing us at ask@tempibrand.com or giving us a call at +1-866-405-7927

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