MyMed Developer Contact
This form is for open source developers interesting in helping us launch the MyMed application. We are open to working with developers of all experience levels, so please be candid about your prior work experience. We are also looking to consult with legal or health professionals as well as community members who wish to take a more active role in development.
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Which of the following platforms and languages are you familiar with?
What connections do you have to the problem of medical record-keeping?
What background do you have that you can bring to the app development process? This can be programming experience, personal experience, or educational experience.
Why do you want to work with us?
What is your Github account?
What is your email?
Please list any social media, blogs, personal websites, or other online presence you would like to share with us.
Thank you!
We would like to emphasize that we want to work with as many developers and community members as possible. Regardless of whether we think you are a good fit for our core development team, we hope that you will continue to follow our project and contribute to our discord where we will be crowdsourcing ideas and feedback. We will email you shortly with a list of ways that you can contribute to the project.
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