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Ginny's Planet is a social enterprise. We aim to build a world where nobody is considered to be the odd one out on the basis of differences. We are nurturing a network of aware empathic, diversity respecting individuals. We do this through conversations, workshops, dolls, action figures, stories, games, vedios, and much more!

Ginny is our lead character. She helps you spread the message of human diversity and agree with the thought that children (& people!) should be accepted and valued for who they are! Ginny has a radial club hand. Therefore, her right hand and arm is different from the left arm. She has 9 fingers and wears specs to manage problems with her vision. He stories help you know her and her world. She is here to explore, have fun, make mistakes, and learn.

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4.Who is Ginny?

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Ginny's Planet is for aware, empathic, diversity respecting individuals who believe in asking questions instead of following stereotypes
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