Fundraising and Development Certificate Application Form (2021)
Thank you for your application to the 2021 Fundraising and Development Certificate program. Do you have questions before formally applying? Email

While the registration deadline has passed, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the program is full.

The following is a formal application to learn your background and goals, and to have a picture of the nonprofit you represent.

*This program is for current employees or board members who are actively and directly working with the organization's fundraising and development plans.*

Tuition for the Fundraising and Development Certificate is $2500 per participant. A $250 deposit will be due upon acceptance into the program and payment plans are available. There are no internal scholarships at this time.

Once accepted, participants receive an in-depth Fundraising Self-Assessment, to be completed no later than February 5th, in advance of the first class on February 10.

Thank you and please reach out if you have any questions.
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Please explain, in a paragraph or two, your experience with fundraising and development, your aspirations for the future, and how you would benefit from completing the Fundraising and Development Certificate Program at this point in your career. We recommend that you compose your reply in a word processing program, save it, then copy and paste it here.
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