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IF you wanna be hired by Lenny. You need to pass the test just to see if your worthy enough.
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What is your first and last name?
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Why do you wanna be hired?
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Do you have a PC or Mac that you own? (100% Required)
What kind of games would you like to make for the company?
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Can you help spread the company and attract people to come and check out the games?
What other information do you wanna talk about yourself? Do you have special skills, are you a youtuber, etc?
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Will you subscribe to the youtuber SuperFrostLennyMiner?
About how long would you work on a game you are developing? ( Requiring At least 2 or more Hour of work every week.)
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What is your opinion about Game Developing, My Business and My Games.
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What kind of Games would you make?
Do you enjoy Game Developing?
After you submit it. All you have to do is wait until I approve you. I will tell you that you are approved or declined. If you get declined than you can take the quiz again but you have to wait a week first. So all you have to do is wait or impress me!
Please Check Out My Twitter: @FrostMinerYT! Youtube Channel: SuperFrostLennyMiner
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