Summer 2018: Eikaiwa Courses Sign-up Sheet
Let’s Discuss SDGs & Human Rights in English!

・各回受講の場合:3,500円(学生は3,000円。学生証の提示をお願いします。) ※各回、当日お支払い
・4回券 大人 - 11,000円 (2,000円割引) 生徒 - 10,000円
・8回券 大人 - 21,000円 (7,000円割引) 生徒 - 20,000円

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Human Rights issues while improving your English language skills. We look forward to your participation!

And remember, there is a discount for students and you can save money by buying a multi-lesson coupon.
・Fee for each lesson:¥3,500 General(¥3,000 Students. Please bring your Student ID)*To be paid before each lesson
・4 lesson coupon, Adults - ¥11,000 (save ¥2,000); Students - ¥10,000
・8 lesson coupon. Adults - ¥23,000 (save ¥5,000); Students - ¥20,000

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