In order to improve the fleet partner experience, we will be launching a driver-partner feedback/referral channel, FleetREFER, where you can receive feedback on a driver you would like to employ or provide feedback on a driver who was previously employed by you.

We will do this by connecting partners with one another so that they can share feedback on a driver-partner.
Would you like to be part of FleetREFER?
By completing and submitting this form, I authorise Uber B.V. to share my personal information (Name, contact number, and email) for the purpose of giving feedback on any driver that has driven on the Uber App under my Uber Account. I understand that Uber will only share my information or provide me with another partners details for the legitimate business reason of providing/receiving feedback on a driver. I will not (nor allow another to) use this information in a manner that is deemed illegal, illegitimate, or for any other purpose
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How do I request feedback from another partner?
We will launch a form in the next few days which will allow you to request details for your new drivers, previous partners so you can get a reference or give feedback. We will let all partners know once this form goes live.
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