Survey: Comfort & Safety in the Cape Town Swing scene
The purpose of this survey is two-fold:
1) to gauge how comfortable/safe people feel in the Cape Town Swing Scene;
2) to bring all members on board towards creating a safe swing scene.

This survey should take you less than 5 minutes.

This is an ANONYMOUS survey.

The Cape Town Swing scene is generally considered a friendly space and the joy of dancing to good music together is the reason that the scene has grown. However, several instances of sexual assault have recently been publicly reported in the international lindy hop scene, where even well-known dancers have been assaulted by high-profile teachers. (Read more here:; As much as we hope that nothing like this has occurred in our scene, we firmly believe that we need to involve everybody in minimising the risk of gender-based violence.

No matter how ‘safe’ we feel in the Cape Town swing scene currently, we cannot ignore this issue, especially given the ways in which sexism and rape culture are built into the normalcy of our society. While sexism is constructed around the inferiority of women, we recognise the additional possibility of violence for non-conforming genders and LGBTIQ. It is crucial that men in our scene become actively involved in building a safe scene (read: Feminism is for everybody: ). Our intention is not to create a culture of paranoia, but rather a collective and proactive effort to working for a safe swing dancing scene!

Join us at our "Feminist Fika + Park Dance" event on 14 January ( where we will have conversations around the issues over coffee and cake, followed by a park dance! Men and women welcome!

What is a safe space? The idea of a safe space is a space where everyone feels comfortable, secure and without fear and it is important to remember that we experience ‘safety’ differently, due to our varied social locations. This also means that there is no right or wrong answer, and we are interested to hear the different ways in which people experience the scene. A safe space can be one where:

○ it is possible to give critical but kind feedback to someone who made you feel uncomfortable in a dance,
○ everyone feels able to refuse a dance they might not wish to have,
○ women can ask men to dance,
○ anyone can request a buddy to walk with them to their car,
○ where no one fears any form of sexual assault.

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