Bill Coin (BILLS) Airdrop Private-Stage-1
This is the official form for Bill Coin (Bill Crypto) Airdrop Private-Stage-1for BILL (BILLS) tokens. Please read the rules carefully!

We will give 100,000 BILLS to airdrop participants, and for every referral that buys BILLS in the ICO. To participate in the airdrop, please follow these steps:

1. Twitter:
- Follow On Twitter

- Retweet the pinned post!

- Copy and Tweet the Airdrop Information below on your Twitter (Paste the link below):

BILLs Airdrop Private-Stage-1 Airdrop:
100,000 BILLS for participation,
100,000 BILLS for sale ICO referrals.

#Airdrop #Airdrops #BILLS #ERC20 #ICO #FREE

- Copy the link of your BILLS Airdrop Tweet to fill this form.

2. Facebook: (You need to make a post about the airdrop)
- Follow on Facebook:

- Comment on one post.

3. Telegram:
- Join our Telegram community:

- Say "Hello"

- Join our Telegram News Channel:

4. Follow "Just Airdrop" on Telegram:

5. Follow "Just Airdrop" on Twitter:

6. Follow "Airdrop Boss" on Telegram:

7. Fill the form below.


AIRDROP PRIVATE-STAGE-1 ENDS ON DEC 31 2018 11:59 PM (Central Time -6).*
*All tokens will be distributed 1 month after the Airdrop is finished and after verifying the accounts.

Referral tips:
To be approved for the referral, the buyer has to add your telegram user in the "private sale" form at the end of the official page:

**The reference price of each BILLS is $1 (It will not be listed in exchangers to avoid the fraudulent manipulation of speculators). The price will remain $ 1 after the Airdrops are finished.

Private Sale price Stage 1 $0.20 (1000 Participants)
Private Sale Price Stage 2 $0.50 (10000 Participants)
Public Sale Price Stage 4 $1.00 (X Participants)

- Airdrops will be verified before distribution,
- Only referrals buying BILLs in the ICO will be considered.

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