2018 SQE State Advisor Agreement
I understand that materials used for HOSA competitive events testing are confidential. I hereby agree to maintain the confidentiality of all testing materials and understand that the security of testing materials is preserved by protecting all items from loss, unauthorized access, or reproduction.

In order to maintain the integrity of the testing and competitive process, I further understand that advisors are not allowed to access tests, enter the testing room at any time for any reason, or view tests at any time. Advisors are not allowed to question proctors about test content.

Maintaining test item security prohibits any advisor or test proctor from the following:
• Unauthorized printing or photocopying of any test items or materials
• Accessing or removing test materials from the secure locations
• Utilizing test items in any form
• Student access to events at times other than their scheduled test times
• Viewing, or allowing others, to view test content

I agree to fulfill the following duties:
• Securing a unbiased proctor that does not have any affiliation with the Health Science/PLTW Biomed class
• Securing substitute proctors to replace the primary proctor in the event of an emergency
• Documenting the proctors using the online system prior to the deadline
• Assuring that all students/teams participating in the same event, compete at the same time but do not sit next to each other
• Collaborating with proctor and testing site to schedule all competitive events during the testing window
• Maintaining the security of the testing environment by prohibiting access to anyone other than competitors, proctors, and IT staff (if needed)
• Assuring that students understand the testing rules in relation to honest and fair competition
• Providing the proctor with 2 blank sheets of copy paper and a BASIC calculator for each Medical Math competitor and one blank sheet of copy paper for each Extemporaneous Poster competitor.

I understand that access to testing will be monitored by Alabama HOSA and inconsistencies will be investigated. I further understand that compromising test security in any way may result in the disqualification of all HOSA members testing at this school. I also understand that it is the responsibility of the testing institution to handle IT issues promptly prior to and during testing.

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