All Youth Connecting: Call for Presenters
The 2020 NYEC Annual Youth Connecting Forum will take place June 22-23, 2020, at The Nashville Main Library in Nashville, TN. We are inviting proposals for sessions on both days.

NYEC's tradition is to heavily emphasize discussion and peer learning. In discussion and real-time problem solving sessions, practitioners will facilitate conversations about pressing issues in the youth-employment field. Sessions at last year's All Youth Working Forum included "Methods to Address Youth Disengagement in Education," "Immigration – Where were we? Where are we now? Where do we go from here?," "Environment, Sustainability & Workforce Development," and "Amplifying Your Voice: A Listening Session for Young Adults and Youth Practitioners."

NYEC sessions are either discussion sessions or real-time problem solving sessions. In discussion sessions, one or more attendees lead a discussion on a pressing issue facing the field, drawing on their own experiences and then facilitating a conversation. In real-time problem solving sessions (similar to case conferences), a facilitator moderates and another attendee presents a challenge they facing in their practice; other attendees then problem-solve and come up with a proposed way forward.

If you would like to become a presenter please fill out this form by March 15th. We will respond by early April to give you a status update. Please note that registration fees are not waived for presenters and that we do offer a discounted youth leaders code to encourage youth presenters.

If you have any questions please email

See you in June!
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