HIST 1978D Initial Questionnaire
Dear class,

Thank you for your interest in HIST 1978D: Contested Histories of Colonial Indochina.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to get a sense of the different academic backgrounds, learning principles, and personal goals that students will be bringing into the classroom. Please note that some responses will be shared with the group during our first week to encourage dialogue around our class values and expectations for one another.

Please fill out this interest survey by Sept 8 12AM EST, and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday September 9, 3PM EST. Zoom Link:  https://brown.zoom.us/j/95010092284

Looking forward to meeting all of you,
Professor Nguyen
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Year and Concentration(s) *
Describe your background knowledge of Southeast Asia. (There are no prerequisites for this course, it just helps to know) *
Why are you interested in taking this class? Is there anything that you'd particularly enjoy exploring in this class? (Maybe a text, activity, or learning experience listed in the syllabus — maybe something that wasn't listed in the syllabus, too) *
Reflect: By taking this course, I seek to accomplish...
Reflect: I think that I am particularly good at...
What are some learning principles you think would be good for this class to observe? (List as many or as few as you would like) *
What time zone will you be learning from, and how easy or difficult will it be for you to attend the original 3-5:30 PM EST meeting time? *
For students learning in EST / Providence time, would you be willing to move the meeting time earlier or later in the day to accommodate peers from other time zones? If Yes, please *
If we could shift the class meeting time sometime on Wednesday or Thursday, please complete this "When2meet" link. https://www.when2meet.com/?9707504-qKx15 Feel free to add any other additional notes in this space below. If you decide to drop the course, please delete your When2Meet entry. *
Please share any preferences or concerns regarding the technological mode of class meetings, discussions, and assignments. For example, asynchronous activities, synchronous zoom meeting sessions, google docs collaboration, Canvas discussion boards, research for final paper, etc
Any additional questions, comments, or concerns?
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